• Vampire’s Need by Amy Rachiele

    0 out of 5

    Fleeing for her life, Sybrina leaves behind everything to escape the dark and ominous creature that killed her family.

    It wants to finish what it started.

    Sybrina stows away aboard a clipper ship and poses as her recently murdered brother, Paul.

    The year is 1866, an age in which science is a man’s game.

    Can Sybrina solve the mystery of the creature that exsanguinates it victims?

    Romantic Historical Paranormal Fiction

    Formerly titled :Sybrina

  • Blood Red: The Complete First Season by Vivian Wolkoff

    0 out of 5

    This Complete First Season includes ALL EIGHT EPISODES in the Blood Red –Season 01! Save over 60% over buying the single episodes!

    Evie Williams lives a boring life – and she likes it that way. Her world is very black and white. Routine is good. Excitement is bad. She’s happy to play by her self-imposed rules. After all, they help her keep her abusive, stalker ex-boyfriend at bay. Or so she believes…

    But there’s more to the world than Evie could possibly imagine. Elves, vampires, witches and pro-Humanity terrorists are very real – and she can sense the danger they pose to her and others. Worst of all, they just realized how precious Evie’s gift is.

    As the world Evie never imagined possible closes in on her, Chris, the vampire in charge of studying Evie, is getting more and more interested in her… and it has nothing to do with his loyalty to his vampire father.

    Blood Red: The Complete First Season is a story of unlikely heroes, damsels who refuse to be in distress and political conflicts solved by fights to the death.

  • by Velvet DeHaven

    0 out of 5

    Sofia Capriola has just returned from a semester abroad when she runs, quite literally, into Simon Treviso, an alluring and otherworldly Humanities professor at her local university. The sudden intensity to which she is drawn to him is startling, but even more so when she discovers there is more to the man than she would have ever imagined. The sexy Italian is an incubus!

    Sofia learns that Simon has suppressed his dark, animalistic side for over six hundred years – but when he recognizes her as his mate, the lock he keeps on himself begins to weaken. Determined to encourage and release true his nature, Sofia must also navigate the dangerous new world opened to her – after all, Simon isn’t the only creature who goes bump in the night.

  • Billionaires After Dark Collection by Vivi Anna

    0 out of 5

    Tired of the same boring billionaires? Looking for danger and intrigue? Then be prepared for The Werewolf Liaison: Part One and The Vampire Affair: Part One and Two, one’s got claws and the other fangs but both are here to please in any way possible.

  • Satisfying Extortion by Natalie Acres

    0 out of 5

    Suzette Phillips has not only managed to gain the attention of a killer, but she also manages to attract three bad-asses who seemingly believe she belongs to them. As if her situation couldn’t be much worse, Suzette discovers she’s mated to these bikers and they’re racing against time to consummate their claims.

    Kurt, Marcus, and Blaez are known for bedding the ladies and tracking extortionists. Vigilantes with a blood thirst for stopping a killer, these biker-shifters are doomed for change the second they stumble upon their mate, but spotting her and claiming her are two different beasts altogether.

    To complicate matters more, Marcus and Blaez can’t escape their seedy recent past. When the extortionist strikes again, he smacks below the belt with harrowing truths. Soon, a club prospect falls victim to the very villain the MC has tried to destroy. And Suzette must decide if she will embrace her fated love or fight it every step of the way.

  • The Vampire Diaries: Mystical Christmas (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Susan Smith Alvis

    0 out of 5

    Klaus and Stefan are tearing through the South collecting hybrids and leaving a trail of dead bodies behind them. Unable to reach Stefan any other way, Elena devises a holiday plan to lure Stefan back home where he belongs.

    Damon thinks Elena is wasting her time and fears the worst. He and Stefan no longer celebrate Christmas, but if Klaus approves Elena’s request, Damon will support her by giving her what she wants—a traditional Christmas.

    What Elena wants and what she gets are two different vampires altogether. Elena approaches Klaus and asks for Stefan’s release, even if it’s only for one Christmas weekend. Klaus agrees, but his terms and conditions are nonnegotiable.

    Soon, Elena is holed up in a snow-covered chalet with the Salvatore brothers and Klaus, an original vampire with an unusual agenda. And he’s gone to great lengths to find out who Elena really loves.

  • Falling: A journey to Submission by S. Hall

    0 out of 5

    Tori Kassidy is in trouble. She's in too deep with some pretty nasty demons. If she doesn't get some extra cash soon… well, death will be the least of her problems. Desperate, she takes a second job working for the infamous Jericho Worthington. Things go from bad to worse when she discovers that Jericho is not only a vampire, but a vampire who is convinced that she belongs to him. What's a girl to do? Everyone knows how the vampires treat their mates. Is death by demon better than submission to a vampire? Trapped between a rock and a hard place, Tori must discover who she really is and whether she is willing to submit to her captor.

  • Vampire, Unaware by Abbie Zanders

    0 out of 5

    Be careful what you wish for…

    Morgan Donovan wishes things were different. Unhappy with her dead-end job, tiny studio apartment, and non-existent social life, she decides to leave it all behind for the chance of a new life and a fresh start.

    A near-fatal car accident along the way wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was becoming part-vampire without her knowledge or consent.

    Master vampire Jason Blackthorne likes being alone. At least that’s what he wants everyone to believe. Secretly, he wishes for something to make his immortal existence worth living again.

    When Morgan is brought unexpectedly into his world, he may have just found what he has been looking for.

    There’s only one problem: Morgan would rather stake herself than be like him.

  • Passionate Bites: Hot Tales of Vampire Romance by Travis Luedke

    0 out of 5

    Ten hot vampire romance novels by NY Times & USA Today bestselling authors.

    A limited offer–a steeply discounted price.

    Only available until Jan. 2015

    Full novels

    Passionate Bites is a paranormal romance collection loaded with sizzling hot alpha-males & badass heroines. From vampires to werewolves to witches & demons, these dark, sensual tales of romantic suspense weave a tapestry of intrigue, desperation, betrayal, & enough steamy desire to satisfy every taste.

    Over $40 in bestselling vampire romance! BUY NOW at incredible discount!

  • Her Bark His Bite: Rise of the New Shifters by A.E. Grace

    0 out of 5

    They went looking for justice. They never expected to find love…

    Curvy wolf shifter Lillian van Buren never believed in monsters… not real ones, anyway. When she learns that vampires exist, and that one of them has fed on a child, she vows to hunt down the heinous, fanged bloodsucker, and bring him to justice.

    She soon finds herself allied with a gorgeous, enigmatic vampire, but he’s got a tad too many secrets. Using him was part of her plan, but falling in love with him never was…

    Isaac Reed has been outcast by the vampire society. He’s broken a cardinal rule, and if he can’t bring a rogue child-feeder to justice, he won’t just lose his freedom, he’ll lose his life.

    He tracks down a shifter who has information he needs, but he never expects to feel a storm of attraction when he first lays eyes on her. To his own surprise, he finds his cold heart thawing…

    Her Bark His Bite is a paranormal romance that sees the delicate balance of the supernatural world thrown off-kilter. A battle between species is brewing. Will Lillian and Isaac’s budding love survive it?