• Loving the CEO (bundle of five romance novels) by Noelle Adams

    0 out of 5

    By: Noelle Adams, Judy Angelo, Samantha Chase, Stacey Joy Netzel, Ana E Ross

    A corporate takeover, a sexy rival, a potential gold-digger, a marriage of convenience…just another day in the life of a hot CEO.

    From USA Today bestselling authors Noelle Adams and Stacey Joy Netzel and Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestselling authors Judy Angelo, Samantha Chase, and Ana E Ross, Loving the CEO is a bundle of five contemporary romance novels featuring sexy, business-tycoon heroes and the women who love them (318,000 words, over 1000 pages).

    A Negotiated Marriage by Noelle Adams: Three years into a marriage of convenience, Molly falls for her own husband when sex becomes part of their business arrangement.

    Billionaire’s Island Bride by Judy Angelo: During her island vacation, college student Erin ends up blackmailed into marriage with a billionaire bad boy.

    Catering to the CEO by Samantha Chase: Cassie is determined to best jaded CEO Adams in a business deal, and the rivalry quickly becomes heated…in more ways than one.

    More Than a Kiss by Stacey Joy Netzel: A kiss with Sadie on the set of a commercial sparks the interest of self-made millionaire Zach, until he begins to suspect she’s nothing but a gold-digger.

    The Mogul’s Reluctant Bride by Ana E Ross: Rivals Kaya and Bryce will do anything to keep the children they both love–and anything includes getting married.

  • The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club by Duncan Whitehead

    0 out of 5

    Something is not quite right in the leafy Savannah neighborhood of Gordonston.

    As the friends and fellow members of her afternoon cocktail club gather to mourn the death and lament the life of their neighbor, Thelma Miller, not all is what it seems.

    As friends vie for the attention of widower and mayoral candidate Elliott, jealousies surface and friendships are strained. An old woman with a dark secret plots her revenge for a perceived wrong done over thirty years before, a once successful children’s writer is haunted by memories of the past and aspiring model Kelly Hudd has just won the trip of a lifetime.

    Soon secrets are revealed and an intertwined web of deceits and lies surfaces in the middle class neighborhood where a killer lurks, but is anyone really who they seem to be? A mysterious old man in Argentina, an Italian count parading the streets of Paris and a charitable nephew recently arrived from India add to the remarkable assortment of characters in this story of intrigue, deceit and revenge. What is the secret a retired accountant is trying to hide and just why did former showgirl Carla Zipp really have plastic surgery?

    As twists and turns lead the reader to a conclusion that they won’t see coming and a sucker punch ending that will leave readers breathless, the Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club’s top priority remains the need to chastise the culprit who refuses to ‘scoop’ after his dog walking sessions in their treasured park.

  • The Killing League by Dani Amore

    0 out of 5

    Retired FBI profiler Wallace Mack uncovers a competition among active serial killers and learns that he and a woman whose life he helped save, are the grand prize.

  • Soul String, Book One by Casey Clifford

    0 out of 5

    Determined to attain her education and career goals, Brenna discovers the man to love at the wrong time and an enemy who swears vengeance. This book begins Brenna’s journey through her in a series which covers twenty years. Five star reader reviews.

  • Up with Lo by Roman Dee Hellwigi

    0 out of 5

    It’s one thing to be down, but to be lonely, alienated and surrounded by inferior, but enviable, peers is something else. Lo’s is a unique world, built on infinite time and finite friendships. Elusive kindred spirits; some gracefully feminine, some haphazardly masculine- all are temporary by design- coming and going from his so called playground until they’re swept away by the endless sea of time to drift safely on the warm, calm waters in his heart.

    Jack, Lo’s best friend in 21st century New York City, recommends a change of scenery. “Look big guy– All of this endless eternity shit is a real buzz kill… Find yourself a new zip code!”

    Feeling melancholy and too disillusioned with his remarkable situation to resist Jack’s advice, Lo reluctantly moves his favorite barcalounger into a penthouse apartment in Harlem, half past it’s prime, but a quarter ’til his unforeseeable future.

    A future that scrutinizes the blood and guts of second chances.

    Lo befriends his curious downstairs neighbor, young Antoine, along with three different women; women distinctly shaped by their culture, generation, and uniquely personal experiences, but complete in their dedication to the adolescent black boy with a deformed hand and a fearless soul that smells distinctly of warm popcorn.

    Lo’s bond with Antoine and his mother, Clementine- a woman who’s innate female essence reminds Lo of “Sin mixed with Sunday morning”- quickly begins to tear down and rebuild his obsolete, monotonous existence, mentally and physically, from the ground up, in an unimaginable way.

    A way that sends Lo pin-balling back and forth through time and place on a violent, sensual, sentimental trip. In search of answers to a mysterious antiquated object, found purely by accident, while mindlessly going through the motions of just-another-day-at-the-office at Sotheby’s.

    The discovery forces Lo to revisit people and places long gone from his past.

    Some loved and cherished.

    Others stone cold dead by his own hand, and buried unmercifully in the vast graveyard of his subconscious.

    Retracing events and reluctantly taking accountability for who he once was, who he still is, and the sacrifices he’s willing to make for the taste of a life admired from afar, a life that so many men take for granted.

    Full of gnarly passion, brazen human emotion, raw awkwardness, chummy dynamics, quirky hope, deep seeded secrets, and plain old fashioned embarrassment, devotion and homegrown redemption.

    Lo’s journey through a modern day present to reflect on his increasingly relevant but ancient past takes on a life of it’s own, reminding the reader that the devil’s in the details, and escorts us, bourbon in hand, to a scintillating place that any decent, hard working mortal man would gladly give what’s left of their 401k to visit.

  • Doing It Wild by Clarissa Wild

    0 out of 5

    Rich girl Grace Bennett is forced by her father to get engaged with a guy of his choosing, so he can expand his company. She wants to escape this unwanted marriage and runs away from home, only to meet handsome, funny and hardworking Finn Wood. Getting a taste of freedom, it’s a hot night together with him Grace will never forget.

  • The 360 Degree Heart by Maja Dezulovic

    0 out of 5

    A lighthearted but enlightening love story told through poetry and dialogues. If you’ve ever been in love, you will find something to relate to in the profound meanings which lie beneath the text.

    The story is based on 360 degrees or a full circle. Love comes, love progresses, the fire burns out, love dies, new love begins and so the cycle begins again. It is an inevitable but enriching part of life. Relive the enchantment and find yourself encapsulated by the rhythm of each verse.

  • The Fulcrum Files by Mark Chisnell

    0 out of 5

    The young, charismatic Ben Clayton was one of Britain’s brightest boxing prospects, until the day he slammed a left hook into a fragile chin. Sickened by the consequences he turned away from the ring, and found solace in the arms of the beautiful Lucy Kirk.

    On the 7th March 1936, after almost two decades of peace in Europe, Hitler ordered the German Army back into the Rhineland. It was a direct challenge to Britain and France. Still unnerved by the slaughter of the Great War, the politicians wavered. The French Army stayed in its barracks, while the aristocratic British elite watched from their country retreats.

    History was balanced on a knife edge, and MI5’s Fleming White knew that if the German challenge was ignored, Hitler’s grip on power would harden like setting steel. The result would be a bigger, bloodier war for which Britain was not ready. It was an outcome that White would do anything to avoid.

    The ruthless spymaster pushed his pawns around the board and soon just one man could make the difference between war and peace, victory or defeat. And that man was Ben Clayton. Thrown into the maelstrom of plot and counter-plot, into a world of mysteries, murder, spies and traitors, Ben must battle not just to survive, but to protect all that he loved and held most dear – Lucy.

  • Lethal Believers: The Innocents by G Mitchell Baker

    0 out of 5

    Someone has been hurting children and Danta vows to find them. As the sinister Mantid Tranquil rises to protect its criminal maneuvering, Danta is empowered by those from other dimensions to honor his commitment and defend The Innocents.

  • The Great High School Love Game by Marcia Carrington

    0 out of 5

    High school junior Amy has a dilemma – she yearns for someone special to keep her company, but her shy, self-doubting nature is proving a major problem for her. Only making matters worse for Amy, the school fancy dress gala is just weeks away, and no one has asked her to be their date. It looks like Amy may well be twiddling her thumbs at home the night of the ball, without a date. An unexpected encounter with easy-going sports star Jake, though, may just change all this, but deep down, Amy’s unsure if Jake really likes her, as he’s giving her mixed signals. Amy can’t work out whether Jake really is the nice guy he seems to be, or just another sweet-talker, with only one thing on his mind.

    As if Amy isn’t confused enough already enter the very enticing Chad and Francine, who have a secret, if very seductive, agenda on their minds. The seemingly confident Chad and Francine, though, have always wanted Amy and Jake, but, have never had the courage to admit it to them. Alluring Chad, Jake’s t-shirt ditching sporting rival, and sly drama queen Francine, spurred on by Amy and Jake’s blossoming friendship, will try anything to have them, but a certain little secret may just get in the way of them achieving their dream…