• How to Talk to Girls in Night Clubs – Get Her Number without Saying a Word (Dating, Pick up, Seduction, Flirting) [Kindle Edition] by Amanda Jones marketing

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    This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to grab a girl’s attention, make a good impression and finally get her number-all without having to talk so much.

  • Four Fantasies by Anna Kinlan

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    Four steamy fantasies in four historical settings:

    Led Astray

    Anselm is a young novice at Worston Abbey. If he is to become a monk, he must maintain his vows. He follows the Vow of Obedience when Brother Cedric sends him to the luscious local herbalist, Ysabel, but once there he find his commitment to the Vow of Chastity is severely tested.

    Petals and Pistons

    Now that her husband Edgar is dead, Mrs. Adelaide Portsmythe is on a mission. She will travel up the Amazon in search of the fabled orchid, Queen of the Night. Like all good Victorian ladies, Mrs. Portsmythe is sensible, demure and modest. Until she meets the devilishly wicked Captain Rodriguez, that is. By the end of the voyage Adelaide has discovered that seeking pleasure is a goal in its own right.

    Perfect Skin

    A gang of marauders raid the town of Elleshire on market day. Aisla runs for her life but is abducted and trapped in a cave with the brigand’s anonymous leader. She wakes up blindfolded and naked on furs in front of the firelight. The brigand proceeds to use her perfect skin in very creative ways – and not at all how Aisla expects. Just who is this unusual man?

    A Gifted Physician

    What ails the lovely Lady Mary? She has taken to her bed and lies about in the ornate four-poster, complaining of fever and weakness. She insists that only the handsome physician, Edmund, can cure her. And there is only one cure she seeks. Edmund tries to resist, but the Lady is most persistent.

  • That Knife Won’t Help Me Now: A Novel by Oliver Queen

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    I want to touch him but if do, I’ll die.” I guess that’s all part of the fun”. Tegan Michaels was happy with her simple life. However, everything changes after a boy falls through the ceiling of her school’s bathroom; a boy who is much more than he seems.

    Not a vampire or werewolf story, but the story of two people trying to come to terms with life, death and everything inbetween.

  • Rock Star Down (The Psychic Registry) by William Leslie

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    What happens when a pop-music princess turned reality-TV starlet is the prime suspect in her husband’s murder? They call in Nathan Miller, an enigmatic ex-cop gone private detective. Why Miller? Because he’s a psychic. And because he’s the best.

    Join Laurel Comfort, a beautiful young investigator with the City Attorney’s office as she teams-up with Miller to catch the killer of a rock star. No secret is safe. And no heart is immune. He’ll get inside of your head… And you’ll love every moment.

    Rock Star Down: A sexy tale of suspense with an uncanny edge. Book One in The Psychic Registry.

    Length: Approximately 215 pages.

    ***Contains adult stuff: foul-mouthed cops, brutal crimes, lusty women, and the men that they love.

  • Relationship Advice For Women – How to Find, Attract & Catch Your Prince Charming by Sophie Kane

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    Get Any Man You Want

    You are about to discover how to become a powerful, seductive, sexy woman. Whoever you are, I’m certain you know love relationships are indeed one of the most important aspects of life.The fact is that the amount of success you achieve both in your love & sex life is determined by your ability to get attention, spark attraction, and make any man fall in love with you.

    My goal is simple. I will help you develop your attraction skills so that you can easily achieve abundance, choice, and above all things, happiness and joy. Together, we will go to the roots of attraction and seduction and transform that knoweldge into an simple step by step guide that will change the way you relate with men forever. So let’s go for it!

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn When You Read This Book

    What Do YOU Want

    What Do Men Want

    Where & How to Search for the Right Man

    Why Being Feminine Is Essential to Skyrocket Your Love & Sex Life

    How to Become a Feminine, Strong, Confident Woman

    How to Spark Attraction

    #19 Tips You Can Start Using Right Now

    How to Keep Him Interested All the Way

    Much, much more!

  • The Billionaire’s Bet: A Seductive Deal by Clarissa Wild

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    Enjoy this hot night of play with a dominant billionaire!

    Julie Valentine’s soul searching turned out to be a bad case of the author blues. Having just broken up with her boyfriend, she goes to a casino in the hopes of relaxing and getting her mind straight, while rekindling her passion for books, but not even a nice glass of wine seems to work. Writing steamy romances requires more than just leisure time.

    When she meets the billionaire Dominic Fury, a handsome blue-eyed kind ladies’ man, his charms win her over. Maybe spending a night with him will give her plenty of inspiration. It turns out Dominic has a seductive request for her, one she cannot refuse.

  • How to Ride Your Cowboy by Jenna Rain

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    He’s broken her heart before…but now he may be the only one who can heal it.

    I grew up in this small town, and I know just about everybody here. They’re all coming to my wedding in a few weeks. After that I’m moving to New York City with my fiancé, so I want the wedding to be unforgettable.

    That’s why I have to talk to Cam Thatcher. Heart-stopping gorgeous, but cruel and cold, he took over his family’s ranch after his father died. It’s the only place in town I can rent a horse-drawn carriage–just what I’ve always wanted for a wedding.

    I used to love Cam, but now I hate him. He hates me and everyone in town right back. So why can’t I stop thinking about him–and why does he keep looking at me like that?

  • An Invitation to Ecstasy by D. Barger

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    On the verge of her thirtieth birthday, accountant Meri’s roommate receives an invitation that will change her life forever. The party of the year with very simple rules, no drugs, no alcohol, and don’t use your real name, an orgy where every sexual fantasy can be realized. She spends a passion filled night in the arms of a stranger. When faced with the reality of, who she gave her virginity to. Past insecurities cause her walk out on him.

    Dot com billionaire Ash was jaded, but something about Meri made him long for things, he had never wanted before. He wanted to experience everything with her, to guide her. They are torn apart when a misunderstanding leads to betrayal. Ash will do whatever it takes to earn her trust.

    When jealousy and tragedy threaten to keep them apart forever, will they find ecstasy in each other’s arms?

  • Three: A Family Affair by Michelle Devon

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    When Brad has to go away for business, he asks Paul–the man he trusts most in the world, his best friend–to keep his wife, Jolie, busy, and to look after her while he’s gone. But when Brad’s job puts him on the road more than he is home, Paul and Jolie’s easy camaraderie becomes tinged with desire and lust, at least on Paul’s part.

    Paul confesses his feelings for Jolie, fully expecting Brad’s wrath, and he isn’t disappointed when Brad doesn’t take the hastily-share revelation well. Brad, however, once the shock wears off, has other ideas for Paul and Jolie, assuming the two people he loves most in the world agree.

    If he applies a little lustful logic, will Brad’s idea save their marriage? Will it save Paul and Jolie’s friendship? Will these feelings between them all rip this once peaceful and loving family apart? Does Jolie even feel the same?

    So many questions and potential pitfalls that put more than a decade of friendship, a year of marriage and a family relationship all on the line. The answers can all be found in THREE: A Family Affair