Mystery & Suspense

  • Left on a Doorstep: The DuPree Dynasty – Book One by Beatrice H. Crew

    0 out of 5

    England, 1896. On the cusp of her twenty-first birthday ball, Victoria Montgomery, daughter of a well-to-do family, learns that she has more in common with the young unwed mothers she helps in her London charity than she wanted to believe when she learns she had been left as a baby on her parents’ doorstep. Now a ruthless baby seller is stalking her to take revenge.

    But when a handsome stranger named Allistair attends Victoria’s ball to compel her to his family’s island estate to be reunited with her ill birth father, Victoria soon discovers she has a history of people trying to kill her. Even her grandmother once attempted to throw her into the sea.

    Victoria develops feelings for Allistair, a man she must trust to have her best interests, as he helps unravel the plot against her as well as the lace on her evening dress.

    The next planned party is a masquerade ball — if Victoria can survive the event and remove the mask of her past.

  • Miscreants, Murderers, & Thieves by Samuel W. Reed

    0 out of 5

    A short story anthology about a vengeful housewife, a murderous M.D., and dangerous super villain and a whodunnit set at the infamous Magic Castle in Los Angeles California. This one-of-a-kind short story anthology has something for everyone!

  • In The Darling Dark by Wrenn McMaster

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    Nineteen-year-old Glynis Albion isn’t like the others in Darling. With uncommon beauty and a history of sadness and loss, she is as isolated as the remote location in which she resides. The pain of Glynis’s past, coupled with the mystery surrounding the disappearance of her best friend, has left Glynis open to a secret. A dark menace that has been watching and waiting, biding its time, until just the right moment.

    Long before Sabelle Sabin became lost to Glynis, she’d been found by another. A being that stalked its way into Sabelle’s heart, compelling her into an otherwordly conflict from which she had never been meant to escape.

    Of course, none of this would have mattered were it not for Glynis’s quirky aunt, Libby, whose youthful alchemical interests ultimately thrust her into a confounding world of divination, danger, and deceit. A precarious flirtation that would prove to have immeasurable, unintended consequences.

    Unaware of the plights that would befall Sabelle and Libby, Glynis knows only that since she lost them, she’s felt trapped on her family’s land in a self-imposed exile. And while the greatest mystery for most folks in town is the strange lacerations that have been appearing without explanation for countless years on the otherwise healthy residents of Darling, Glynis will soon find that the vision she can no longer trust will draw her toward one of nature’s darker creations, awakening a new understanding of what lies in the shadows.

  • The KHAN by E. B. Warren

    0 out of 5

    This action adventure story begins when cashiered ex –Federal Agent David Dunn runs across the trail of an old nemesis, the international arms dealer, known only as THE KHAN. David and his boss, Olivia, follow the Khan’s bloody trail from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Denver, Colorado and then on to New York City. Afterwards the action shifts to the mountains of the Middle East in the Kurdistan region. This action packed hard- boiled detective thriller will hold you mesmerized as the hard-boiled detective ruthlessly pursues his goal of revenge against the Khan. If you like breathless action with gun battles, knife fights, airport explosions, and associated mayhem, this novel is for you.From the American Southwest to urban ghettos, the wastelands of Asia, and the deserts of Mexico, this techno-thriller delivers riveting action and heart thumping excitement.This book is filled with nonstop action as members engaged in the illegal arms trade stop at nothing to deter David in his quest to find THE KHAN.

  • The House Near Fallowfield by James Fillmore

    0 out of 5

    Following the death of her parents, Frankie, a young English woman living in the US, returns to her family home in the north of England. In 1964 the shadow of the postwar still remains. Alone and dejected she resigns herself to reliving past memories of the country and her family. Unexpectedly, from the moment of her arrival, a series of disturbing events takes her on a dangerous journey. She meets Albert, a writer of detective novels, who, searching for inspiration, joins her as they try to find out why her life is in danger. Through this dramatic adventure she discovers the inner strength which she thought she had lost.

    An exciting story of mystery, adventure, romance and betrayal set in the 1960s.

  • Trafficked by Hera Anderson

    0 out of 5

    Isabella has everything to live for; a nice job that she enjoys and a boyfriend in the Army who has promised to marry and take care of her. But when she goes to investigate the sounds of a crying child one night after work, it is against her better judgement and against everything that she had ever been taught. And for good reason.

    Kidnapped and trafficked by a ruthless gang, she is bound and kept naked alongside three other women, waiting her turn to be sold like a piece of merchandise to a wealthy Mexican cartel owner.

    She knows that any attempt to escape will likely result in her death and as she tries to make sense of her situation and make a connection with one of her kidnappers, to try to let him see the human being behind the commodity, she is suddenly confronted by the shocking reality of her situation and how he came to be in it.

    Now, with only her own salvation at the forefront of her mind, Isabella is prepared to do whatever it takes to be free once more and to exact the revenge that is burning fiercely inside her.

  • The Conduit by Phillip Macko

    0 out of 5

    In the 1980’s, a cult known as The Celestial Temple shocked the world when its members died in a ceremonial mass suicide in the mountain community of Bolsiver they formed in Quebec, Canada. Three decades later to the day, an eerily similar ritual leads to death in a sleepy Illinois town.

    Former counterintelligence officer turned author Nathan Badger walked away from covert operations for a quiet life of writing and rock climbing…until the night his missing lover Abby reappears in his driveway, tortured, disoriented, and determined to take her own life. When San Diego Sheriff’s Department Detective Drew Cavanaugh targets Badger as the prime suspect in Abby’s assault, he’s forced to dust off his sleuthing skills to focus on two simple goals: track down Abby’s abductors and bring them to justice.

    Badger’s quest for answers plunges him deep into the nightmare world of his forgotten past. Every step in his investigation leads him closer to uncovering a link between Abby’s abduction and clandestine government experiments. Every discovery unlocks yet more memories he never knew existed. Memories connecting Badger to the events at Bolsiver, and to Paradign, a new age belief system brokering in the re-writing of its member’s perceptions. Memories powerful people will sacrifice anything to keep hidden. Memories placing the lives of Badger and countless others at risk…unless he can piece together the puzzle in time to stop another series of horrific crimes from occurring. Spanning the western hemisphere from the beaches of San Diego to the plateaus of Bogota, THE CONDUIT is an adult psychological thriller inspired by actual events


    0 out of 5

    The software giant finally traces its single largest shareholder to a remote village in India.

    The email message Aaron Todbury received on his phone while watching the sunset, standing at Darling Harbor, numbs him.

    Aaron has forgotten the meeting he had with a stranger in an office in London thirty-five years ago. And the unwitting consent he signed off to escape the unpleasant encounter. He has no means to know the ‘little something’ he refused to accept from that stranger would make him enormously wealthy and earn him a place on the board of a multinational company.

    He has plans to use the newfound wealth for a cause, and his wife Susan is in complete agreement with him.

  • The Academy Saga by CJ Daly

    0 out of 5

    When two mysterious cadets crash into Kate Connelly’s small town, they threaten to reveal her secrets. As a romance blossoms between her and Cadet Davenport, she discovers that he has his own dark past to hide. Kate has to fight her growing feelings for him and her suspicions that he and his elite academy are up to no good. A Readers’ Favorite 5-STAR Enemies to Lovers Romance

  • Bound At Dusk: student teacher dark erotic romance by H. Zilfiger

    0 out of 5

    Star Book, All The Filthy Details podcast erotica reviews, June 2021

    Dark erotic romance set in modern-day Scotland and inspired in part by the author’s real-life experiences. Features themes of bondage, domination and submission.

    “What makes this book stand out is its strong narrative. It kept surprising me from start to finish and it’s also funny at times. Its eroticism sways from sensual to explicit and back. The characters are intriguing and the writing is great. Definitely my recommendation and an author to keep an eye on.” – PATRICIA RAY, Erotic Romance Writer

    “For me, Bound At Dusk felt dark, moody and realistic. The Scottish backdrop, married with its descriptive style, sets the book up perfectly. The book teases the reader initially with a sense of mystery that lures the reader in. Once fully invested, the reward is page after page of unbridled debauchery, written to perfection.” – THE COUNT, Reviewer, All The Filthy Details podcast

    When Edinburgh University student Toni Amahle makes a fatal mistake that places her in the power of Professor David Charles, she must strike a bargain to secure her future. One night. At his command. It is all she fears. And all she desires. Neither could foresee the consequences.

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