Mystery & Suspense

  • Long Flight Home by Cassandra Cripps

    0 out of 5

    I live my life by rules – too many fucking rules. But, it’s the only way. I messed up once. I slept with the wrong girl.
    Never again.
    The rules are my life, my guide. Until she walks in, and one by one, they all crumble.
    She doesn’t slowly creep her way in like a worm. No, she soars in, like an eagle, refusing to be ignored and digging her claws into my heart. Leaving me vulnerable, wanting more.
    Wanting her.
    Home. Happiness. The words used to mean something.
    Until that night – over a decade ago. When they were stolen from me and my parents forced us to move.
    Now, I’m back in Alaska, flying bush planes for Homer Air. And, I’ll fight every step I take until they are real again. The only problem is the reclusive fisherman whom I can’t stop thinking about, despite us fighting every time I see him.

  • Broken Cowboy: The Montana Men Series Book 1 by Jamie Schulz

    0 out of 5

    *** 2022 RONE Award Finalist & Global Book Gold Award Winner ***
    To fulfill a dream, city-girl Addie Malory purchased a rundown farm. One stress-filled day, she stops to help a wandering stranger in need of a job and a little TLC.
    Dangerous events have life-long cowboy, Cade Brody, wanting to protect and defend the sweet woman who’d taken him in.
    When the violence stalking Addie escalates and the demons of Cade’s painful past return, can their newfound love survive, or will the menacing threat destroy them both?
    Get your copy of this series-starter that’ll have you swooning and keep you guessing until the HEA end!

  • Discovery: Part 1 of the Inheritance gay romance novel series by Ryder O. Cox

    0 out of 5

    Every family has one. That weird relative that the whole family ignores, doesn’t talk about, doesn’t invite to gatherings, etc. For Theodore Cain, it’s his Uncle Harold. Sure, Uncle Harold took care of Theo when he was younger, babysat him in his mansion when his parents couldn’t find anyone else to do it, but Theo doesn’t really remember that part of his life.

    So when Uncle Harold dies suddenly in a car accident and leaves everything he owns to Theo, he’s more than a bit surprised. But he and his boyfriend, Jun Liu-Chen, need a place to stay, and the mansion is more than spacious enough for the two of them. But when Theo starts hearing odd noises coming from the study after a few months, he starts to think that the place is haunted.

    The truth is much worse.

    In a small hidden room, Theo finds a naked man behind bars…

    Content Warning! This book contains:
    gay male rough sex
    mm gay kinky romance
    gay kidnapping (rescue only in this book)
    gay polyamory menage
    gay forced sex slave kidnapped (rescue only in this book)
    spanking fetish
    gay bdsm play
    dubious consent / dubcon
    mentions of human trafficking

  • Killer Love: a new m/m gay mafia crime enemies to lovers romance novel by Ryder O. Cox

    0 out of 5

    Harris McGuire and Dalton Gardener are both assassins utilized by the mafia. Dalton is one of the highest professionals on the totem pole, known for his precision and planning, who works for the top crime family in the area. Harris, on the other hand, is a brutal yet efficient freelancer who various mafia outfits have been known to contract. The two assassins’ paths cross on occasion and they enjoy a friendly rivalry, with Dalton teasing Harris for not ‘settling down’ to work with a single mafia family and Harris thinking that Dalton is the more stuck up and limited of the two due to the mafia’s rules which he must follow to a T.

    But one day, unbeknownst to each other, they both receive peculiar assignments – to kill the other assassin. Dalton’s comes from his mafia boss, whereas Harris’ is from a strange anonymous (but wealthy) client. The two men chase each other around the city attempting to complete their jobs, each using his own skill set to the best of his ability.

    But when Harris corners Dalton in his home, it’s not fighting that he has on his mind…

  • Uncovering Lily by Rene Webb

    0 out of 5

    Can the billionaire win her trust, and rescue her?

    While studying abroad, I was drugged, kidnapped, and imprisoned . . . in a Hong Kong brothel. After several failed attempts to escape, I know my time is running out. My innocence is about to be sold to the highest bidder.

  • Breath of Malice by Karen Fenech

    0 out of 5

    It’s a game of cat and mouse. And she is losing . . .

    FBI Special Agent Paige Carson hoped she’d be able to start a new life in small-town South Carolina. But when a senator’s sister is murdered and a blank postcard is left next to the body, Paige realizes that a killer from her past has found her–and is sending her a very personal message.

    From the moment he hired her, FBI Special Agent in Charge Sam McKade knew Paige was hiding something. Prompted by this recent threat, she finally opens up: one year ago, she caught the eye of suspected serial killer Todd Thames. Now he’s come back to pull her into his game, whether she wants to play or not.

    As the danger increases, Paige and Sam give in to their growing attraction, and he vows to protect her no matter the cost. But the murderer will stop at nothing to get to his intended prey, and the strong arm of the law–and the shelter of her new love–may not be enough to save her.

  • Blackberry Road by Jodi Lea Stewart

    0 out of 5

    Biddy Woodson, one of twelve siblings in a sharecropper family living in 1934 Oklahoma, has learned how to sass and vinegar her way through life, even when it takes a bit of cussing to get through those hellish stacks of after-meal dishes.

    Trouble blows in one afternoon when a beloved neighbor is murdered. A single piece of evidence sends the sheriff into the nearby woods to arrest Mr. Leroy. Biddy knows that the kindly gentleman wouldn’t hurt a fly, but she’s convinced the sheriff looks down on sharecroppers and poor folk. She sets her jaw to see justice done for Mr. Leroy, but she finds herself up against more than she ever imagined.

    In that fateful summer of 1934, haunting and terrifying sounds coming from the woods lead Biddy into deeper mysteries, despair, and shocking truths. Help comes from an unlikely source, but can life ever be the same on BLACKBERRY ROAD?

  • Angel Tango: Beyond the Line of Duty by Mitchell Megaley

    0 out of 5

    Still mourning the loss of his best friend and fellow operative, Angel Organization’s biggest badass, Craig Walton, is once again called into service to save the day. His new partner is Claire Hope, the surviving member of the husband-wife duo William and Claire Hope, the best team in Canada’s secret service before William was killed in the line of duty.

    Confined to a desk and raising the son, Claire has now been forced back into action and into a new partnership that upends the lives of both Claire and her new partner. You see, Craig has never met a woman like Claire. Smart and incredibly beautiful, Claire makes Craig’s heart race and forces him to rethink the very principles that have guided him his entire life.

    For Claire, the attraction is mutual, but Craig’s recklessness makes Claire understandably hesitant to commit personally or professionally. Nonetheless, the pair must now face Monroe Cornwall, a psychopathic Englishman with revenge on his mind who finds Clare’s son to be the perfect target. Will Craig and Claire save the day and live happily ever after, or will this be another mission marked by tragedy in more ways than one?

  • A Wretch Like Me by Heidi Cuda and Marcia Fritz

    0 out of 5

    The Beautiful And Shocking Story of Judy Ray Herzog

    With tear-stained cheeks, Judy watched her father—a charismatic grifter from a prominent Mormon family—beat her tiny mother into a shadow of a person. Her mother’s unhealthy obsession with her sex-addict husband would set a precedent for Judy’s choices.

    This Groundbreaking Work Leaves Readers Dancing On Teardrops

    A Wretch Like Me is a compelling survival story about a remarkable woman, the lengths she went to eat, the marriages and beatings she endured never to go hungry again. And how despite all the pain, she danced through it all.

    A Hard Story Told With Unflinching Realism

    A Wretch Like Me is being hailed internationally as the first book to delve into “hunger porn,” a genre author Heidi Cuda and co-author Marcia Fritz are credited with exposing by bridging the connection between hunger and sex.

  • Replacement by The Blakk Dahlia

    0 out of 5

    from the Heartbreak Diaries Series

    The Grieving Heart | We all Mourn Differently…
    Natalie and Adam have genuine love. Dealing with the scrutiny of an interracial relationship, her parents not approving of her career choice, and normal relationship troubles; they survived it all. Until life hits them hard, sending Adam away and Natalie is forced to move on with her life.

    As she grieves the romance lost, her coping method is to forget it ever happened. But deep down, she throws herself into searching for a man to take his place. Recreating the scenario of how they met with different men didn’t pan out the way she’d hoped.

    Meeting the final replacement in a hot lawyer, Chris. The organic connection gives her what she’d been searching for all along. But life doesn’t go on without strife. Hidden agendas and secrets threaten to ruin Natalie’s will to love again.

    Will her heart EVER fully recover?