Multicultural & Interracial

  • Killer Love: a new m/m gay mafia crime enemies to lovers romance novel by Ryder O. Cox

    0 out of 5

    Harris McGuire and Dalton Gardener are both assassins utilized by the mafia. Dalton is one of the highest professionals on the totem pole, known for his precision and planning, who works for the top crime family in the area. Harris, on the other hand, is a brutal yet efficient freelancer who various mafia outfits have been known to contract. The two assassins’ paths cross on occasion and they enjoy a friendly rivalry, with Dalton teasing Harris for not ‘settling down’ to work with a single mafia family and Harris thinking that Dalton is the more stuck up and limited of the two due to the mafia’s rules which he must follow to a T.

    But one day, unbeknownst to each other, they both receive peculiar assignments – to kill the other assassin. Dalton’s comes from his mafia boss, whereas Harris’ is from a strange anonymous (but wealthy) client. The two men chase each other around the city attempting to complete their jobs, each using his own skill set to the best of his ability.

    But when Harris corners Dalton in his home, it’s not fighting that he has on his mind…

  • RIOT: A 1960s Love Story by Charles S. Isaacs

    0 out of 5

    A fast-paced journey on an emotional roller coaster, bursting with political and sexual passions.

    It’s the late 1960s. The Vietnam War, the Antiwar Movement and the Black Power Movement are rushing toward their explosive peaks. In the midst of this charged environment, an inter-racial pair of young activists fall madly in love. Awaiting them are excitement, danger, heartache and redemption.

    RIOT: A 1960s Love Story chronicles these lovers’ challenging journey: their coming of age amidst an unpopular war, a racially polarized city, a hostile mayor and ever-mounting threats, all while working through their own deep psychological issues.

    1968 is marked by campus unrest, urban rebellions and assassinations, as well as political violence that thrusts the duo into clashes with Chicago’s police and the National Guard. The suspense builds breathlessly to a heartrending climax during the street protests surrounding that summer’s Democratic National Convention.

  • Blind Seed by Olivia Gaines

    0 out of 5

    At a remote campsite in the mountains of North Carolina, a woman arrives seeking the protection of Boyd Glover, the technician known as Falling Rocks.

    Falling Rocks is renowned for being a careful, meticulous planner who leaves nothing to chance. He thinks everything through, six times over, before making a move or a decision. However, the skills of the accident specialist paled in comparison to their team leader, The Archangel. A leader, three steps ahead of everyone in the game, especially Falling Rocks, who enjoys the life of a loner.

    Charlotte Worthington didn’t want to be under the protection of such a man, nor to be forced into his company, but she needed a change in her life. If the Archangel said this is where she needed to be, then she trusted his guidance. She understood why Falling Rocks was chosen to be her champion, and also realized he was the man the Archangel had chosen to be her husband.

    Too bad no one told that to Falling Rocks.

    The Technicians return to summarize unanswered questions, bring to a conclusion a lingering problem, and start a new adventure. There is always love, laughter, and learning in the next installment of the international best-selling serial, the Technicians. The ground is tilled for a fresh planting, this time, with a Blind Seed.

  • Replacement by The Blakk Dahlia

    0 out of 5

    from the Heartbreak Diaries Series

    The Grieving Heart | We all Mourn Differently…
    Natalie and Adam have genuine love. Dealing with the scrutiny of an interracial relationship, her parents not approving of her career choice, and normal relationship troubles; they survived it all. Until life hits them hard, sending Adam away and Natalie is forced to move on with her life.

    As she grieves the romance lost, her coping method is to forget it ever happened. But deep down, she throws herself into searching for a man to take his place. Recreating the scenario of how they met with different men didn’t pan out the way she’d hoped.

    Meeting the final replacement in a hot lawyer, Chris. The organic connection gives her what she’d been searching for all along. But life doesn’t go on without strife. Hidden agendas and secrets threaten to ruin Natalie’s will to love again.

    Will her heart EVER fully recover?

  • So Big So Black 2: She Couldn’t Say No To Her First Threesome by RR Midnight

    0 out of 5

    In So Big So Black: She Couldn’t Say No, we met Barbara, a sexy, curvy, innocent MILF, who couldn’t control herself with Jones, a black bull of an Alpha male.

    The affair was supposed to be temporary, but without Jones, Barbara’s a cougar in heat, irritable and moody. When she sees the church pastor and secretary up to oral shenanigans, she realizes that life is too short to not enjoy it.

    Barbara finds Jones with Amy, a buxom sexy red-head who is begging for the well hung Jones to scratch her itch as only he can.

    Can Barbara find a way to get what she wants or will be forced to go home to her husband?

    Barbara and Jones are back in this hot, erotic, electrifying tale of interracial lovin’ and a ménage à trois to remember.

  • SECRET DC Book One Awakening to Love by Harper Sterling

    0 out of 5

    Secret Service Agent Mel has done everything right in life. Yet satisfaction eludes her and she’s all but given up on love. Enter Special Agent Levi. He’s smart and quick-witted. He seems aloof, but not for long.

    Attracted in a primal way they can’t explain, Mel and Levi find they don’t need words. They need action. Join them on their passionate journeys through the worlds of romance, politics, and power as they give “Secret Service” a new meaning

  • Beautiful Redemption: A Limited Edition Collection of Second Chance Romances by Stephanie Morris

    0 out of 5

    What happens when your past comes knocking on your door?

    Sometimes love is that magical feeling of butterflies fluttering in your stomach when you see that special someone, and sometimes it’s clenched jaws when you remember the pain that they tattooed onto your heart. Second chances don’t always come easily, but when they do, it can be a beautiful redemption.

    Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride with this collection of twenty-two second chance love stories that will leave you breathless and begging for more.

    If you love happy ever afters, be sure to one-click this amazing collection TODAY!

    Including Stories from:
    Stephanie Morris – USA Today bestselling author
    Jeanne Bannon – USA Today best selling author
    Krista Ames – USA Today Bestselling Author
    JoMarie DeGioia
    Kaye Kennedy
    Allyson R Abbott
    Roxy Wilson
    K.L. Shandwick
    Lisa Wood
    Katia Kozar
    Nikki Prince
    Tessa DeVante
    Vic Leigh
    Sylvie Grayson
    Abigail Sharpe
    Adina D Grey

  • The Forbidden Zone by Aedan Sayla

    0 out of 5

    Earth in the Near Future

    A select few wanted there to be lot fewer mouths to feed. A minority of the population made it happen. The problem is the plan worked way to well.

    Sustainable genocide was the plan, and yet things went way to far. Now humanity is approaching zero.

    They want to breed me to make up for their mistake. To hell with them.

  • Leah’s Perfect Christmas by Catherine Beck

    0 out of 5

    Leah loves the trappings of Christmas, but as a nice Jewish girl in New York, she’s always felt like an outsider looking in. So when she gets invited to a picturesque Connecticut Christmas with her adorable new boyfriend’s parents, she can’t wait. The fact that she’d never quite gotten around to telling him that she’s Jewish isn’t going to stop her—she’s going to finally have the Christmas of her dreams.

    Graham’s head-over-heels for Leah, but he learned early that asking for what he wants just leads to disaster. Now she’s about to be exposed to the picture-perfect, passive aggressive nightmare that’s a weekend at his parents’ house. And he’s terrified she’ll run screaming for the exits.

    In the Westwood household, the only thing stiffer than the drinks and the upper lips is the family pride. Will Leah ever get to experience the magic of Christmas instead of the magic of Pinterest? Or will the combination of cutthroat Monopoly, overcooked goose, and veiled comments be enough to tear them apart forever?

    In this romantic comedy novella, discover that sometimes the true meaning of Christmas is Chinese food dinner with your family on Long Island.

  • Roma Enamorada: Portrait of the human experience by Jimena Yengle

    0 out of 5

    There are princesses who decide to believe. Incurable pragmatists and duchesses empowered in chess.
    Trovators who do not understand love, watercolorists with dilemmas and stress.
    Italian pianists with souls for rent.
    Rome is how you see it.