Multicultural & Interracial

  • Cali’s Hurricane by Afton Locke

    0 out of 5

    Despite the racial tensions brewing in Oyster Harbor in the 1930s, three interracial couples have found love. When a hurricane blows through, will hate finally be washed away or will it grow back stronger than ever?

    Jonathan Carter, filled with hate from a childhood incident, cares only about keeping the Klan strong on the island. Cali Waters, still grieving for her husband who died from a Klan attack, longs to use her healing gift instead of being the Carter family cook. When a hurricane threatens the hospital Jon started to build, an injury puts his life in her hands and a chance to heal more than his flesh.

    Jonathan’s sister, Mary, is tired of the sheltered existence she’s lived since being raped. When Jimmy Clark, a black oyster shucker, rescues her during the hurricane, she heals from his gentle love. But if her brother finds out, both relationships will be put to a test fiercer than any storm.

    Oyster Harbor ~ where passion and race collide

  • When I Moan: Russian Stepbrother Romance by Marian Tee

    0 out of 5

    “When I smile, I think about how lucky I am, to have the three hottest guys in town doting on me.

    When I scowl, I think about how unlucky I am, to have three crazy protective Russians as stepbrothers.

    When I cry, I tell myself I’ll never do anything to jeopardize what we have.

    But oh, when I moan…I tell myself it’s just for work.

    When I moan, no one should know I can only feel this beautiful, terrible need to touch and be touched by secretly fantasizing about him—


    The gorgeous Russian celebrity every girl wants to own—

    And the one man I’m forbidden to even want…because he’s the stepbrother I’ve fallen in love with.

    So I just moan, knowing that one day he’d fall for another girl and then I’ll have to close my eyes, hoping that my moans can mask my tears.”

  • A Bride for One Season by Imani King

    0 out of 5

    I’m what they call a hostess, an entertainer at one of the finest bars in Kyoto.

    That means three things: I don’t kiss. I don’t sleep with my clients. And I don’t do relationships.

    My life in Japan has protected me from the sorrows of my past—I’m an island, and I can’t be hurt. If it weren’t for the debt collectors breathing down my neck, my life would be perfect.

    Danilo Yamakawa—half-Japanese, half-Brazilian, all man—strolls into my life with a proposal I can’t possibly refuse.

    He’s brash. He’s pushy. He’s in control, just like his father before him.

    But with Danilo, I can finally leave this country and live without ties to my life back home.

    It soon becomes clear that I can’t be around Danilo without wanting to break every rule—the ones from my job, and the ones that have carefully guided my life.

    With any other man, the solution would be easy.

    But I’ve just agreed to become Danilo’s wife, and the payout is ten million dollars.

    I just hope he doesn’t break me – and the walls that keep my past from crashing back in.

  • Love Song by Nakeesha Cluse

    0 out of 5

    Lia Michels is an aspiring songwriter who is given a chance to pursue her dream. This opportunity of a lifetime comes with strings attached as Lia quickly learns that she will be working with Jordan Arlotti, a hot music producer who broke her heart fifteen years ago. Will Lia take a chance and follow her dream even if it leads her back into the arms of the man she swore she'd never love again?

  • Feline Valentine by Tara Quan

    0 out of 5

    Under magical house arrest in her great-grandmother’s suburban cottage, college graduate and reluctant earth mage Shelley Dupree whiles away most mornings spying on the warlock next door. Though erotic daydreams offer some distraction, she faces long working hours, cash flow problems, and a repeat burglar. On Valentine’s Day, she sets a trap for the mysterious intruder, intent on ending his crime streak once and for all. But her scheming cat familiar foils her best-laid plans, and, with a little help from Madame Eve’s 1-Night Stand service, she discovers a far more dangerous species of magical feline.

    After moving in next to a ramshackle building on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., pastry chef Adrien Chatdurois is plagued by repeat sexual fantasies starring the same curvy brunette. In a state of constant arousal, he devotes his early mornings to grueling exercise and spends the rest of his day handcrafting the city’s best chocolates. When his younger brother stirs up trouble on the shop’s busiest day, the frustrated shifter is forced to pay a surprise visit on his reclusive neighbor. He soon learns not all witches are wart-covered hags, and one in particular might prove the most delicious of desserts.

  • Sexy Challenges 33 Adventures : Create Powerful Energy with Passion, Purpose and Love by Drs Rob and Janelle Alex

    0 out of 5

    Whether you want deep soulful lovemaking or hot-rip-your-clothes-off sex, you can consciously connect to your spirituality, your friskiness, your heart and your lover every time with these 33 unique sexy challenges. Drs. Rob and Janelle Alex are an amazing power couple who help you and your partner open your hearts, souls, minds and bodies through playful, metaphysical spirituality and sexuality.

    Lovemaking is far more than just a physical interaction between lovers. It is actually a sacred journey you and your partner travel together. One of the greatest things about Sexy Challenges is that they’re easy, practical and a lot of fun. And, they lead you on a mystical journey like no other.

    Most couples want to keep their relationship hot and sexy, but aren’t sure how to do it. On top of that, they crave a spiritual connection. However, blending the sexy and the spiritual can seem confusing or even impossible. Drs. Rob and Janelle have created a solution with these almost effortless ideas for you and your lover.

    Plan your sexy date nights with the couples’ sexual planner while creating planned spontaneity. Transform yourselves into vampires or Egyptian lovers. Build a love retrieval machine while exploring an orgasmic reincarnation. Spin the bottle and sensually motivate your partner.

    When you experience these 33 adventures you’ll discover how to create powerful energy with passion, purpose and love. You’ll even learn how to sexually charge your money!

    No matter how you look at it, Sexy Challenges 33 Adventures will set your lingerie, spirituality and intimacy on fire.

  • Blackbird (an Online Romance) by Fran Seen

    0 out of 5

    Fans of MTV’s Catfish will adore this sweeping romance about one girl’s journey to locate her favorite internet stranger.

  • Stuck On A Bad Nigga by Chanel Q

    0 out of 5

    Sometimes you just can’t help getting stuck on a bad nigga…

    Beautiful and dynamic Keesha has never had it easy. Everything she owns she’s had to fight really hard for, including her nail shop business, her apartment, and everyone else’s respect.

    When her boyfriend, D’Shawn, makes a mistake that puts all of that at risk, Marlon ‘The King’ Bryce steps in to save her.

    The King controls the drug trade across Baltimore city, and Keesha finds herself in awe of the gangster. He’s rich, handsome and incredibly dangerous, and he’s there for Keesha when she needs him the most.

    When the dust has settled over the hood, will Keesha be able to forgive D’Shawn and move on, or will she find The King too impossible to resist?

    In this love story, straight from the heart of Baltimore city, who will you end up falling for?

  • The Daily Hazards of a Middle Eastern Wife by Soad Nasr

    0 out of 5

    From wedding night traditions to meeting the mother-in-law, this semi-autobiographical read takes an often fun and fascinating look at the issues Middle Eastern women face in married life…and beyond.

  • The Billionaire’s Waitress 1 by Blue Davis

    0 out of 5

    Will she be the next addition to the dynasty? Nia Jones, an independent black waitress meets Jake Carlton, a sexy, suave business man in a restaurant where she works as a waitress. Does Jake truly love her or is it just a game of lies?

    When Jake introduces her to family and friends, she finds out how unwelcome she is. She must choose whether to stand and defend her love for Jake, or succumb to a life without him.

    Warning: This is a fast-paced BWWM romance that contains elements of erotic sex and violence. Please be 18+.