• Ascent – A Castle O Story by Faye Hunter

    0 out of 5

    Raylen and Jett Stark love a good party, but their social circle has become more about diapers and potty training, and less about exotic adventures and dancing the nights away. A chance encounter introduces them to a new type of party, one fueled by sexual desires. Joining the ultra-exclusive Lifestyle club, Castle O, Raylen and Jett experience the most erotic night of their lives. But fantasies become nightmares when boundaries are pushed too far and the secrets of the night are revealed in the day. Will a night at Castle O make their relationship stronger or destroy the one thing they value most – their love?

  • A Tease – A Castle O Quickie by Faye Hunter

    0 out of 5

    Alyssa was hired to create a work of art for Castle O, an exclusive Lifestyles club, but on the night of the big reveal life resembles art when the Castle O members show Alyssa their appreciation… the Castle O way.

    Alyssa is an artist with an appreciation for the naked human body. When her boyfriend, Walker, gets her the commission of a lifetime working for Castle O, it comes with a tantalizing glimpse into the secretive world of swingers. A world Walker belonged to before she entered his life.

    What she sees piques her curiosity and on the night of the big reveal she is offered the chance to experience Castle O, and the Lifestyle, for herself. Will she enter this sexually charged world with Walker at her side or will it prove too much and send her running from the only man she has ever loved.

  • Sloane Monroe Series Boxed Set by Cheryl Bradshaw

    0 out of 5

    Enter the world of Sloane Monroe in Black Diamond Death…On the slopes of Park City, Utah’s newest ski resort a woman is found dead. At first glance, it has all the makings of an accident. But what if she was murdered? Although skeptical, PI Sloane Monroe takes the case and learns not everyone is who they seem, and some will go to any lengths to protect their identity. SINNERMAN: PI Sloane Monroe has solved every case that’s come across her desk with the exception of one—the brutal murder of her sister Gabrielle. Three years have passed without a trace of the serial killer until today, when a young woman’s body is discovered on a patch of dirt in front of the local supermarket. Will Sloane exact her revenge before Sinnerman slays his next victim, or will she be too late?I HAVE A SECRET:It’s been twenty years since PI Sloane Monroe has returned to her hometown of Tehachapi, California, but when a former classmate is stabbed and tossed overboard during the high school reunion cruise, Sloane isn’t about to allow a murderer to run free in her own backyard. But in a town where everyone is harboring secrets, how many more men will die before she discovers the truth?

  • Fifty States of Grace by Jason Wellnitz

    0 out of 5

    Austin Trenton is walking towards a warm, bright light.

    Is his life over?

    No, it’s just beginning.


    Today he walks out of prison. He’s been in for the last eighteen months. Before the incident he was the pastor of a large and growing church. Then an old man approached him after a service for a favor. Austin impulsively agreed to help, a decision that changed everything.

    Austin’s been framed and has no idea who or why. He’s lost everything while in prison. Just as he reaches the end of his endurance, sitting in his cell, he finds a letter from his Grandfather hidden in an old book. As he reads, hope returns. His Grandfathers has set up a special project for him. A project that will take Austin to each of the fifty states.

    Today his life begins again.

    This eBook is the introduction to the Fifty States Of Grace series, a crowdsourced series of short novels set in different U.S. states. Help decide the next state Austin will visit at or Help shape what this series will become!

  • Mothers, Daughters, and Other Mysteries by Heather McPhaul

    0 out of 5

    Leann Conklin is thirty-something and still looking for her life’s calling. She has tried several careers, but found nothing that, well, sticks. This is in steep contrast to her famous mother, daytime soap star Ava Gerard.

    When Leann stumbles onto a murder case, she finds her life suddenly in danger. Worse, her mother, Ava, has paid her a surprise visit in the Big Apple. Together, the women must work to solve the murder or lose their lives trying.

    Fans of Stephanie Plum will love MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, AND OTHER MYSTERIES – a story of mystery, suspense, and danger with plenty of quirky humor that will be appreciated by mothers and daughters everywhere.

  • Raggedy Ann Heart by Heather McPhaul

    0 out of 5

    In 1970s rural West Texas, 12-year-old Lindy Logan has big dreams. She wants to become the next Karen Carpenter. She strives to acclimate to a new 7th grade class. And she fantasizes about killing her little sister, Jo. But all of these desires lead to her biggest dream of all – acquiring her momma’s unconditional love. Because Momma was once second runner-up in the Miss Texas pageant and twice named Most Beautiful of Turnip High School, Lindy is certain the path to becoming Momma’s favorite child is for Lindy to become famous herself. The only obstacle is 8-year-old Jo, a dead-ringer for the gorgeous Liz Taylor, seeking her own conduit to fame. If Jo gains fame first, Momma will focus all her love on her youngest, and Lindy’s greatest fear will be realized – that she is a nobody. In Raggedy Ann Heart, the Logan sisters deal with budding hormones, imaginary friends, and even Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, all the while competing with each other for the ultimate prize – Momma’s love.

  • Dazzled by Silver by Lacey Silks

    0 out of 5

    Private Investigator, Gabriel Silver is healing from a deadly loss, burying himself in work and avoiding relationships of any kind. When he agrees to help a friend who’s tangled up with drug dealers he has no idea the job will change his life.

    Samantha Connor is recovering from a terrible relationship. She’s on the prowl for a hot hook-up, with no strings attached. When she meets Gabriel, she thinks she’s found the perfect man to fulfill her deepest yearnings. But Gabriel turns out to be more than meets the eye.

    Soon, she’s knee-deep in his latest case and on the run with Gabriel and her sexy friend Kendra. As they plot to trap the drug dealers, Samantha and Gabriel begin a thrilling game of cat and mouse. With growing feelings, danger at every turn and seduction on the table, anything can happen.

    Can they both let go of their shattered pasts long enough to find true love, or is Gabriel Silver about to find out that history repeats itself, and lose everything he ever cared about?

  • The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club by Duncan Whitehead

    0 out of 5

    Something is not quite right in the leafy Savannah neighborhood of Gordonston.

    As the friends and fellow members of her afternoon cocktail club gather to mourn the death and lament the life of their neighbor, Thelma Miller, not all is what it seems.

    As friends vie for the attention of widower and mayoral candidate Elliott, jealousies surface and friendships are strained. An old woman with a dark secret plots her revenge for a perceived wrong done over thirty years before, a once successful children’s writer is haunted by memories of the past and aspiring model Kelly Hudd has just won the trip of a lifetime.

    Soon secrets are revealed and an intertwined web of deceits and lies surfaces in the middle class neighborhood where a killer lurks, but is anyone really who they seem to be? A mysterious old man in Argentina, an Italian count parading the streets of Paris and a charitable nephew recently arrived from India add to the remarkable assortment of characters in this story of intrigue, deceit and revenge. What is the secret a retired accountant is trying to hide and just why did former showgirl Carla Zipp really have plastic surgery?

    As twists and turns lead the reader to a conclusion that they won’t see coming and a sucker punch ending that will leave readers breathless, the Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club’s top priority remains the need to chastise the culprit who refuses to ‘scoop’ after his dog walking sessions in their treasured park.

  • The Killing League by Dani Amore

    0 out of 5

    Retired FBI profiler Wallace Mack uncovers a competition among active serial killers and learns that he and a woman whose life he helped save, are the grand prize.

  • Up with Lo by Roman Dee Hellwigi

    0 out of 5

    It’s one thing to be down, but to be lonely, alienated and surrounded by inferior, but enviable, peers is something else. Lo’s is a unique world, built on infinite time and finite friendships. Elusive kindred spirits; some gracefully feminine, some haphazardly masculine- all are temporary by design- coming and going from his so called playground until they’re swept away by the endless sea of time to drift safely on the warm, calm waters in his heart.

    Jack, Lo’s best friend in 21st century New York City, recommends a change of scenery. “Look big guy– All of this endless eternity shit is a real buzz kill… Find yourself a new zip code!”

    Feeling melancholy and too disillusioned with his remarkable situation to resist Jack’s advice, Lo reluctantly moves his favorite barcalounger into a penthouse apartment in Harlem, half past it’s prime, but a quarter ’til his unforeseeable future.

    A future that scrutinizes the blood and guts of second chances.

    Lo befriends his curious downstairs neighbor, young Antoine, along with three different women; women distinctly shaped by their culture, generation, and uniquely personal experiences, but complete in their dedication to the adolescent black boy with a deformed hand and a fearless soul that smells distinctly of warm popcorn.

    Lo’s bond with Antoine and his mother, Clementine- a woman who’s innate female essence reminds Lo of “Sin mixed with Sunday morning”- quickly begins to tear down and rebuild his obsolete, monotonous existence, mentally and physically, from the ground up, in an unimaginable way.

    A way that sends Lo pin-balling back and forth through time and place on a violent, sensual, sentimental trip. In search of answers to a mysterious antiquated object, found purely by accident, while mindlessly going through the motions of just-another-day-at-the-office at Sotheby’s.

    The discovery forces Lo to revisit people and places long gone from his past.

    Some loved and cherished.

    Others stone cold dead by his own hand, and buried unmercifully in the vast graveyard of his subconscious.

    Retracing events and reluctantly taking accountability for who he once was, who he still is, and the sacrifices he’s willing to make for the taste of a life admired from afar, a life that so many men take for granted.

    Full of gnarly passion, brazen human emotion, raw awkwardness, chummy dynamics, quirky hope, deep seeded secrets, and plain old fashioned embarrassment, devotion and homegrown redemption.

    Lo’s journey through a modern day present to reflect on his increasingly relevant but ancient past takes on a life of it’s own, reminding the reader that the devil’s in the details, and escorts us, bourbon in hand, to a scintillating place that any decent, hard working mortal man would gladly give what’s left of their 401k to visit.