• Normal for Norfolk (The Thelonious T. Bear Chronicles) by Mitzi Szereto (co-authored with Teddy Tedaloo)

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    Pub landlords are being murdered in Norfolk!

    Thelonious T. Bear, ursine photojournalist, leaves behind the big city life of London to take an assignment in the Norfolk countryside, where he hopes to find the real England. Instead he stumbles upon gastro-pubs, crazed Audi drivers and murder. As the hapless Thelonious keeps ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time, he attracts the attention of Detective Chief Inspector Horatio Sidebottom of Norfolk Constabulary CID, who’s determined to tie Thelonious to the crimes. Add in a pair of hoods from London’s East End, celebrity TV chef Paolo Louis Black, and plenty of oddball local characters and it all adds up to a madcap journey through England’s most quirky county, where everything is normal (for Norfolk)!

  • Fangsters: Clan of the Jersey Boys by Ryan Field

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    At a glance, Anton Pagano looks and sounds just like any other twenty-something. He lives in a mansion in northern New Jersey with his mom and dad, and he's never had to worry about anything other than his wardrobe, his latest new car, and the secret love affair he's been having for years. However, Anton has more than just the love affair to hide: he belongs to a Sicilian vampire mobster clan that migrated to New Jersey in the late 1800s.

    When Anton's dad, the head of their clan, decides it's time for Anton and his vampire cousin Digger to get into the “family business,” Anton's not all that excited about it. Until he meets a sweet, young human named Leo on his first night at work. They wind up spending the rest of the night together, but things get even more complicated when they bring Anton's secret vampire lover into the picture a few weeks later.

    After a bloody battle with werewolves, and the beginning of what Anton predicts will be an all-out war between two vampire mob clans in New Jersey, Anton and his secret vampire lover decide it's time to consider turning Leo into a vampire so all three of them can be together for eternity. But thanks to fate, nothing is as simple as it looks, and they wind up doing the one thing they ever wanted to do to Leo as a last resort.

  • Chasing Joy by Georgeanna Bingley

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    Joy thought she had the perfect man. Then they took a brief vacation, miles from the outside world, and he changed.

    “If you’re thinking of running, you should probably start now.”

    With those words, a chase ensues that won’t end until Paul has gotten everything he wants. And he wants a lot.

    Chasing Joy is a short story (4,180 words) that includes consensual non-consent (ravishment), bondage, and fearplay.

  • Tumbling Hearts by Kellie Kamryn

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    When his former elite gymnast tumbles after his heart, one man must choose between his sense honor and giving in to desire.

    Anna Fortier has had the hots for her gymnastics coach since the first day he walked through the gym doors. Now nineteen years old, her feelings haven’t faded one bit. Soon to attend University in another province, Anna decides to act like the woman she is, and win his heart.

    Twenty-four year old Ukrainian ex-Olympic gymnast, Taras Volkov, traveled to Canada to continue his coaching career and further his education to provide for himself and his family back home. A man who values honor, he fights his attraction to his beautiful ex-gymnast. When she declares her feelings for him, he takes a leap of faith in re-defining their relationship.

    Life couldn’t be more perfect until a careless winter driver causes an accident that renders Anna blind. Taras vows to take care of her no matter what. But when he discovers his mother has fallen ill back home in the Ukraine, he is torn between his duty to family and his love for Anna. Their hearts may tumble as one, but will it be enough to keep them together?

  • My First Time by Lucy St. Vincent

    0 out of 5

    Sweet, sensual exploration that will have you wishing you could relive (or redo) your first sexual adventure. This is Judy Blume and then some! Follow Elizabeth and Zach to the movie theater, to Zach’s place, and ultimately to her parents’ place while they are gone for the weekend. Their sweet sexual initiation will have you pining for your youthful innocence. And the loss of it.

  • Wrought by Moonlight by Val Noirre

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    “Wrought by Moonlight” is that rare breed of literary erotica that treads the fine line between elegance and sensuality.

    Shakespeare and sex is a heady mixture!

    Enter a night of moon-induced sensual madness and silver faerie magic, when rising blood thickens the flesh and every kind of coupling is possible!

    “Wrought by Moonlight” is an elegant, erotic short fantasy retelling of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

    “Val Noirre” is the erotica byline of an acclaimed writer working in other genres under another name.

  • The Hunters and the Queen by Virginia Vayna

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    The main character, Jolán Vajnbirg, is developing into another being. She has a calling from the sky world. A battle is on the horizon.

    While working on her studies at the Churchill Military Academy in Kinsburgh, England, Jolán Vajnbirg’s final year at the academy develops into a year of competition, aristocratic love, reincarnated spirits, and a calling from the sky world to help save earth from the death and destruction caused by the Order of the Hunters.

    Jolán Vajnbirg is an often reserved, yet occasionally outspoken young woman living in Kinsburgh, England. She has a relatively easy life living in her quiet England town. She has a full-ride swimming scholarship to the Churchill Military Academy. She has a strong mind, she has an athletic body, and she has a loving family and caring friends. Even though her family has a modest income, Jolán makes the best of her situation and excels at anything she puts her focus towards.

    As Jolán embarks upon her final year at the Churchill Military Academy, her life takes an unexpected turn. She has a quaint encounter with Colemund, the Prince of Gallia Belgica, and the two are literally a universal match created centuries ago. As Jolán begins the last year of her studies, she experiences many changes.

    The sky world is steadily preparing Jolán for her future fate. Jolán will need her friends to help her battle the Order of the Hunters. The hunters have upset the universal balance of earth, and the hunters have upset the sky world.

  • Play Me Like You Mean It by Thalia Hunter

    0 out of 5

    Looking for a perfect vacation a young woman’s Tropical Island encounter with an older man, friend of her mom’s, does not go exactly as she planned. Desperate, she turns up the juice, until both sides of this May-December romance are embroiled in a difficult situation that could cost her identity.

    Thalia has a girlfriend, she’s not really into men, so is this a game with her? Will she be forced to take her first male lover since middle school?

    What is young Thalia’s purpose? She wants to be an artist, so why is she pursuing this man, the prosperous and artistic Jason Crag? Why has Thalia put herself in such a position of guilt, and why does it keep her from walking out?

    Is she forced to submit, or does some hidden part of her want such degradation? Her plans turn into desperate moves to stay on top of the situation, but her youth trips her up until she must play her last remaining card, and tempt him with her alluring body.

    An Epic Spiral of Bondage and Submission

    As she surrenders her will, the dress Crag makes her wear to New Years Eve in Honolulu leaves nothing to the imagination. And his curt order that she wander through the

    acked nightclub allowing anyone to fondle her is like a scythe that cuts deep into her self-respect.

    Why does she submit? Why should such treatment leave her dripping wet, inflamed beyond reason? Is this her dive into depravity? Will her bound body win him over? Or does he see through to her true purpose and identity?

    Will this wealthy and educated man help her, or will nothing change at all, except for the dark fate of one luckless girl?

  • Hung in the Middle: A Journey of Gender Discovery by Alana Nicole Sholar @Alana_Sholar

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    At the young age of 8-years old, Alana Nicole Sholar (born as Alan in Kentucky in 1961) realized something was ‘wrong.’ However, the word ‘transgender’ is NOT a household word in Kentucky.

    Alan lived and worked on some of Kentucky’s now-famous thoroughbred farms (where he even trained to become a jockey), while hiding, and running from, the secret within — struggling with his difference well into his mid-30’s before he became aware there were others like him.

    Determined to hide the struggle within, Alan is a fast driving, hard drinking, pill popping guitar player with a sex addiction that leads to multiple partner encounters and the consequences.

    On the way to becoming Alana, with the first step being a legal name change in 2005, she imagines what it must be like to be with a man. When the opportunity presents itself she struggles with making a decision to do something that, once done, could never be undone.

    Much more than just a story of gender discovery, which is powerful in and of itself, “Hung in the Middle” is a story of triumph over life’s challenges. Although the challenges may differ, Alana’s story is an encouraging resource for anyone traveling their own personal journey of self-discovery . . . and we ALL seek to discover ‘self.’

    Chapter 1, Alana’s ‘Interview with the Author’ video, and more at

  • Naked Montreal by Laura Roberts @originaloflaura

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    Meet Francesca “Frankie” Parker, Montreal’s only guide to the real Underground City. It’s not just a mall – it’s the people and places that the guidebooks don’t want you to see. Sex shops, strip clubs, burlesque festivals, and much more await in the Sin City of the North. Curious? Let Frankie be your guide in part one of this new series.