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  • The Hollyood Hustle by P.M. Fox

    0 out of 5

    A street hustler meets a john and they role-play, the hustler assuming the persona of Hollywood Legends like James Dean and Steve McQueen. as he tries to make ends meet on the mean streets of Hollywood.

  • Sauna Sluts by P.M. Fox

    0 out of 5

    Wyatt Fielding gets invited into a “private” sauna session in a New York City gym where men of all ages engage in pleasurable activities.

  • Shh… It’s Too Taboo: Seven Sinfully Sexy Stories by Terry Towers, Lexi Wood, Sasha Blake, Giselle Renarde, Jade K. Scott, Candi Cade, Saffron Daughter

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    Seven of today’s hottest erotica writers have teamed up to bring you a collection of taboo tales sure to get your pulse racing!

    Introduced by the great Cheri Verset, “Shh… It’s Too Taboo” leads you through seven secret worlds created by seven naughty authors. Don’t be afraid to step into a realm of forbidden fantasy. You know you’re safe with Jade K. Scott, Terry Towers, Candi Cade, Lexi Wood, Sasha Blake, Giselle Renarde and Saffron Daughter as your guides. Let your heart palpitate as you lose yourself in more than 40,000 words of shocking sexual encounters.

    You’re certain to love these seven sizzling stories every bit as much as our characters enjoy their hot and spicy sex!

  • Mother’s Day Erotica Collection by Zania Summers

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    A hot collection of desire and passion from bestselling erotica and romance authors to spark your mother’s day! This bundle features romance stories, first-time encounters, forbidden stories, and everything in-between! Indulge yourself this Mother’s day!

  • Kinksters: 12 Stories of Wild Group Sex, Bisexual Fun and Kinky Pleasures by Giselle Renarde

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    Kinky couples are great, but nothing beats a big group of kinksters!

    In this anthology by kinky queer Canadian Giselle Renarde, a Domme and sub share their anal fetish with an old friend while a sword collector pays five young men to fulfill her sex swing fantasy. Geeky grad students chase tornadoes and tail while an unapologetic cougar gets licked by three college girls. There’s an all-girl waxing session, a vintage clothing enthusiast who’s shocked to discover her lover’s “other woman” is actually a man, and a bureaucrat whose male escorts happen to be angels. To top it all, a room full of lesbians lose it over a tattooed femme in Lesbukake. All this, and so much more!

    Twelve sexy stories are ready and waiting. On your mark… get set… KINK!

  • Innocence Lost (Magical Adventures in Erotic Romance) by Maria Mendelsohn

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    Naked, alone, and nearly dead, a naïve princess is cast adrift to fend for herself in a world of magic and monsters. She is saved by a helpful tavern girl and introduced to the joys of kinky sex. But her past dogs her trail, and the princess must use her budding mystical powers to protect the people who have taken her in.

  • Big Bad Wolf (in the Dangerous Dozen Boxed Set) by Gennita Low

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    Out of the Darkness

    Killian Nicholas Langley has spent most of his life as a member of a covert team, living in the shadows, working among people who accept danger as part of their lives. When an explosion nearly took his life, he thought he'd do well in construction, hiding among the transients, keeping a low profile. However, he hadn't expected a boss quite like Jaymee Barrows.

    Into the Sunlight

    Jaymee Barrows knew the tall, dark stranger with clean hands and smart mouth looking for a job wasn't a roofer. He was going to be trouble…just like the big bad wolf. Best to stay far, far away from him. But the more he got to know Jaymee, the more Killian was intrigued by his new boss. She had secrets he wanted to know about. Her light tempted the darkness in his life. And after tasting her, he wanted more….

  • HIGH TIDE by Maureen A. Miller

    0 out of 5

    U.S. Geological Survey expert, Nick McCord, cannot account for the strange phenomenon plaguing the Windward coast of Oahu. Breaking waves on a windless shore. Dead fish washing up on the sand. The only viable culprit for these anomalies is the new housing development, Manale Palms, and its attractive contractor, Briana Holt. Try as he might to find blame with Briana and her site, the truth remains a mystery.

    Briana Holt portrays herself to the outside world as a woman in charge. In reality she is burdened with insecurities, and one of those insecurities is over six-feet tall. Intent on defending her property from Nick’s suspicions, she starts to dig deep into the peculiar episodes along the coast.

    Nick and Briana’s mutual curiosity makes them allies, and their mutual attraction makes them lovers. Now, as they narrow in on the source of the mystery, they find themselves in a struggle to protect the coast…and their lives.

  • Oh So Bad, An Ultimate Taboo Box Set by Kami Kayne

    0 out of 5

    Ah, how we love the forbidden! When it comes to erotica, off limits, naughty, taboo…the worse the better! Some people just don’t understand the incredible attraction of taboo relationships. But I do. And I’ve invited my friends to help me put together an ultimate box set to make your wildest taboo fantasies come true.

    In this collection you’ll find books by chart-topping authors Angel Wild, Sasha Blake, Carl East, Cheri Verset and me, Kami Kayne. The stories are so blistering hot, featuring a kink so controversial, that I can’t even mention the titles here!

  • Expressions of Humanity by Maja Dezulovic

    0 out of 5

    Expressions of Humanity is a collection of poetry and descriptive accounts about people and for people. Our lives are a result of the way we interact with each other. Our common needs, emotions and thought patterns make us human.

    This is an autobiographical look at different characters, society and encounters with fellow human beings. The book speaks of what we are capable of and the problems we face without neglecting to commend our inherent beauty.

  • Devious Desires by Lucinda Lovington

    0 out of 5

    Desire can be a dangerous drug, potently powerful and difficult to resist. Place such pleasurable possibilities in the hands of a supernatural, and you have a recipe for, shall we say, decadent disaster…

    Sustenance: An Erotic Short: My inner beast prowled inside of me, purring with anticipation as I gazed out, hidden, at the unsuspecting young woman reclining so peacefully in the place she wasn't supposed to be. Sparing her was not an option, for the beast was already entranced by her intoxicating scent, and his will could not be denied…

    Salivate: An Erotic Short: The icy blue of his gaze was overwhelming, bathing my body in a possessive light that set my nerves on fire. Moonlight washed over the forest glen, suffusing the chiseled planes of his body in an otherworldly glow, glinting off of the fangs that had begun to emerge from his mouth before my terrified stare. He was dangerously beautiful, and I wondered, nay, feared if I would be able to withstand the passions of a werewolf…

    Carnal Kisses: Seduced by the Succubus: Tobias had traversed through my dreams for a multitude of nights, driving me mad with lustful fascination. Oh, how desperately I desired to feast on his flesh, to introduce him to the erotic pleasures a body could experience. I would have him, for the force of my need could not be denied…

    Centerpiece: An Erotic Short: Fueled by a hunger born of self imposed sleep, Lenora's desires had blossomed into a desperate desire to feed. Tonight, awakened once more after decades of denial, Lenora would feast. Her immortal progeny had secured for her a mortal prize for her triumphant return to the nighttime world of their society, and with the highest of appreciation she would not let him go to waste…

    Deprivation: An Erotic Short: *an erotic vampire short story*

    She was the perfect pick, a delectable dessert that would satisfy a hunger that had burned within my body for days and days…

    Acquiescence: He was here.

    I could sense him all around me, his intoxicating scent permeating every inch of my bedroom. It surrounded me and seeped into my skin, decadent and utterly dangerous. I knew the price I would have to pay, the promises that must be honored when one called upon an Incubus for aid.

    He would take what was owed to him, and I found myself unable to control the shivers that swept wickedly throughout my body at the thought…

    *word count: 20743*

  • Perfect Need – Seven Tales of Love and Passion by Barbara L.B. Storey

    0 out of 5

    Close your eyes.

    Fall in love.

    Stay there.

    ~ Rumi

    You never know who you’ll fall in love with, or why, or whether it’s a good idea – ask Rowan in A Star, A Stone. A sudden rainstorm – Stormy Weather – or even an exercise class – The Queen of Heaven – can be the spark that creates abandon and exhilarating passion between two lovers. In Dolce, a full-course Italian meal prepared with love whets . . . other appetites.

    The stories in Perfect Need explore what love and passion can become, how they can affect two people for a moment, or for a lifetime; when they tumble into a love they never expected; when they decide it’s worth the risk to stay . . . or not.

  • Sex With Strangers (8 super short erotic tales) by Natalie Foxe

    0 out of 5

    A collection of 8 filthy erotic tales. Sex With Strangers indulges into this mysterious ‘no strings’ world where two sexy strangers come together for pure adulterous pleasure! No relationships, no emotions…just raw sex! Each tale is guaranteed to steam up your screen and make you squirm in your seat. This collection is designed to be quick bites of lust to be read individually or collectively. Ideal for bedtime quickies. Come inside and explore a world many have only ever dreamed of…

  • Stories in the Key of Erotica by Shelley Halima

    0 out of 5

    There has long been a connection between music and sex. For instance, many of us get in the mood for lovemaking by putting on music that strikes a chord with our sensuality. Stories in the Key of Erotica explores that connection in this sizzling compilation. You will be introduced to a talented and diverse group of authors ready to bring an erotic symphony to your bedroom.

  • Nine Loves by Hayet Brach

    0 out of 5

    Nine lives, nine loves, nine tales of passion and desire. Some sweet and romantic, bubbly like champagne. Some hot and juicy, directly addressing body regions south of the waistline. Meet lovers, strangers, unexpected guests and accidental roommates, and read about artful seduction, powerful attraction and opportunities just too hot to miss.

    This book contains 9 stories previously released in four separate volumes, now bundled and offered at a discount price.

  • The 2013 Holiday Bundle (Five of Dalia Daudelin’s Hottest Stories) by Dalia Daudelin

    0 out of 5

    Finish 2013 off with a bang when you read these 5 hot, smutty stories!

    When you act now, you’ll get these stories for a heavily discounted price. After January 5, the price goes back up, so buy now and read at your leisure!

    Scandal: The Rise and Fall of the Birchmier Brothers (Blackmail, Billionaire, Voyeur, Kinky Erotica):Two young men and two young women weave themselves deeper and deeper into drama, heartbreak, betrayal and sex in this series of short erotic stories.

    The sons of Jordan Birchmier, Christian and Jordan, have been at war with one another for years. When older brother, Christian, caught younger brother, Jordan, behaving badly and had their father strike Jordan from the will, the younger Birchmier swore to get revenge.

    That revenge caught innocent Willow, a woman from a poor family that basically won the lottery when she got a job at Birchmier and Sons. Photos of her having drunken sex emailed to Christian dash all of her hopes and dreams, though, when they are used to blackmail him into firing her.

    When Jordan and Willow meet, it seems that romance and a mutual desire for revenge cause them to bond. But the plan that they hatch ends with a shocking twist Willow never sees coming.

    Master’s Obedient Toy (Pushed To Her Limits):Jane’s been with her Master for a while now. She’s learned his rules, and she follows them… usually. One day, while being punished for talking back, she’s nude in the corner when she hears a knock at the front door.

    Another man has been invited to use her while Master watches.

    What Jane doesn’t know is that this is simply the next step in her submission. If she does well, she’ll be rewarded, in ways she never expected. But if she fails…

    Into The Wild (An Erotic Paranormal Fantasy):Danika is good at her job, but her life is boring. She feels stifled and uncreative, slaving away to make websites for clients that don’t appreciate her.

    When her boss’s copier catches on fire and sends the whole building home early, she has to pass through a huge forest. Danika realizes she left an unfinished website on her computer in the building that’s up in flames and panics!

    While trying to calm down, Danika wanders into the woods and passes through an unseen barrier. The world that Danika is forced into is one where all women are witches and their powers are taken… but only through the act of sex.

    Will the King of the mysterious tribe that captures her let her go? Or will he keep her as his sex slave for good?

    Love’s Storm (Stranded With The Billionaire):Chloe has always been the strange girl. She’s not as wealthy as her friends, and certainly not as pretty as her best friend Amanda. She’s struggling to afford community college while Amanda glides through her expensive university with rich boyfriends.

    Amanda’s got an idea to help, though. She’ll bring her friend out on the yacht, and then good times will be had by all. She even brings two hot guys for Chloe to hook up with! There’s only one problem: they’re gay.

    An unexpected storm throws Amanda’s boat against a small island and leaves the yacht’s captain unconscious, Chloe has to make the whole group work together to survive. Things seem to be going well until another boat crashes into the island, too.

    Justis and Chloe immediately have chemistry. But will Chloe allow that chemistry to blossom into something more?

    This bundle also includes A Lover For The Holidays (An Erotic Gay Sex, Professor and Student Story)