Author Nikki Noffsinger Shares Their Story

Author Nikki Noffsinger Shares Their Story

About the Author
My name is Nikki Noffsinger and I am the author of Cursed Awakening published by XoXo Publishing with cover art by Kayden Mcleod. I write all sorts of stories but my favorites are all inspired by my love of fantasy and the paranormal. I started at a tender age loving both books and horror movies and writing paranormal romance gives me a vehicle. I am proud to also be part of the XoXo Publishing team.

What inspires you to write romance books?
Everything really. I can find stories everywhere. There are really no boundries when it comes to writing for me. I have enough voices in my head and they suck up just about everything from a fleeting thought to a crack in the sidewalk. I never really thought I would go into romance but I write what I like and who doesn’t want to see the villian sometimes become the hero and get the girl?

Tell us about how you write:
I wish I could give some well prepared thesis on the subject but I have been known to scribble out paragraphs and ideas on the backs of paper plates and napkins. I have a rubbermaid tub that has nothing but notebooks, loose leaf paper, folders, and what not of stories I have written since I was a child. I try to write a story all down on composition notebooks first but lately I’ve been getting used to using my Acer lap top. I wish I was an outliner-perhaps it would make things easier, but the voices in my head staged a coup and they won out. There is no set time. I write when I feel like it but I find that late at night is when I am at my best. I’m a night owl anyhow and being a mom makes me a crazed multi-tasker.

Do you listen (or talk to) to your characters?
Obsessively. We sometimes hold annual summits and Democratic conventions. Some days we’re all gathered around the campfire. They all have a voice and a story to tell and I am only too happy to listen, because if I don’t they take away my chocolate.

Seriously though, my characters might be vampires and men or women who take on animal forms, ghosts, and even a few fairies but they all are individual creations that I breathe life into and as a writer it is my job to listen and talk to them; to get a sense on where their stories are going.

What advice would you give other writers?
Write. Write. Write. Do not ever stop writing. Do not be afraid to fail, because you are going to fail. Not everyone is going to love your story and if you let one or even a hundred rejections snuff your creativity then you really aren’t a writer no matter what genre you choose. Glean all you can from other writers-it’s free advice. Do not fear critiques-learn from them. When approaching publishers, STAY AWAY FROM VANITY PRESSES-DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON THESE PREDATORS, but when approaching publishing companies-follow their submission guidelines to the LETTER! Always keep writing and develop our characters adn stories. If your friends and loved ones are the only ones who love your manuscripts, then you know you need to go back to the drawing board; they’re not going to be the ones who are going to be supporting you financially for the rest of your life. Writing is hard even if you are talented. All great authors for the most part have had to work their way up and very few have had over night success. DO NOT GIVE UP. DO NOT GIVE UP. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! Also know that it is YOUR JOB to market your book and not your publisher. Publishers will help and Indie Presses like XOXO Publishing, will help to an extent but it is your job to get the word out and promote yourself. Use the internet to your best advantage by blogging, doing blog tours, coming to sites like Wanton Reads, and telling everyone you can about your book and how they can get their hands on it.

How did you decide how to publish your books?
After dealing with a vanity press *cough cough Publish America*cough cough* and being devestated at that raw bad deal, an author friend of mine pointed me in the direction of XOXO Publishing where I submitted Cursed Awakening and they decided to publish it in EBook format since Ebooks are getting more and more popular.

What do you think about the future of book publishing?
I think that Ebooks are going to only gain in popularity and are not going to be a passing fad. I also see some changes in traditional publishing as well. I do not want to live in an age where hard and softcover books are no longer available but if there are no changes, that might be what happens. One thing is for sure more and more vanity predator presses are coming out of the woodworks and so are pirates.

What genres do you write?
Paranormal Romance, Childrens

What formats are your books in?

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