Author Interview: Ms. Pantha Jones

Author Interview: Ms. Pantha Jones

About the Author
Ms. Pantha Jones is a native of Gary, Indiana married with 5 children and three Step-children. She hopes to pull her readers into every story by their hearts, minds, spirits, and souls and vividly paint a picture, that they could easily visualize in their heads. Ms. Jones is here to write about her readers’ wins, losses, happiness, triumphs, dreams, nightmares, and neighborhood, their lives’ through sympathy and empathy.

An autobiography is supposed to be a recollection of your life from your point of view, however, tarnished or embellished it might be. I, however, have no need nor want to tarnish my truth or exaggerate my truth; I only want my life to be heard by ears that are going to understand my voice. I only want my life to be seen by eyes that are going to mentally see my options. I only want my life to be felt by the skin that absorbs the essence of my struggle. I only want my life to be tasted by the mouths of those whose tongues can savor an acquired taste. I only want my life to be smelled by those whose noses inhale a nonjudgmental atmosphere. I may have lost some in my requirements for this journey that I will navigate you through. You may turn around at this very moment and wonder what guile I have to demand criteria for the mindset of an individual. But to fully capture me, fully capture the essence of me. I want your third eye to gain the wisdom of empathy, empathy for a life you may not empathize or sympathize with. I only need your mind to supersede your level of thinking in this journey.
Now, that I have told you how tall you have to be to ride this ride. I warn you to keep your hands in, your mouths closed, your minds open, stomach strong and seat belts unfastened just in case you want to jump ship when it gets to real for you. You may proceed with caution! MY STORY IS SOMEWHERE IN MY BOOKS.

What inspires you to write romance books?
If I had to pinpoint this book as a genre the first impression would not have been romance, my readers have put my novel in the genre of Romance. So who am I to go against what my readers take from my book and that is Romance.

Tell us about how you write:
I write in scenes with background music and the music has to go with the mood of the scene. I sit and visualize my stories as movies, I am the actress, I am the director, the writer, the music director, I do the wardrobe, make-up and set up the locations all in my head. That formula works for me and it has not failed me yet.

Do you listen (or talk to) to your characters?
I believe I do both. In order to understand your characters, you have to talk and listen to each one, or one character's personality can end up being everyone's personality and you don't want that. It is not realistic to unhumanize all or your characters by given them one personality. The real world is not like that if I was writing in the genre of fantasy or science fiction that would be an okay way to go but at some point, even in fantasy and science fiction, someone is going to have to stand out by the end of the story.

What advice would you give other writers?
Research, study and read about your genre not just from a writers standpoint but as a brand and business of being a writer.

How did you decide how to publish your books?
I felt as if I had no choice but to do everything myself, I was first with a publishing company that basically shaft me , I have not seen any money from that labor of love. I did not pursue him legally because I still had my rights to my book and I republished my book under my own publishing company. Of course, my trust in other's regarding my writing career was void. So, I self-published and opened my own publishing company.

What do you think about the future of book publishing?
With technology advancing every day, it's up in the air. But, I do long for the days that I could go to the bookstores and hold a book in my hand.

What genres do you write:: Romance, Women Contemporary fiction, Crime, Thriller, Urban

What formats are your books in: Both eBook and Print

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