Author David Lieder Shares Their Story

Author David Lieder Shares Their Story

About the Author
David Lieder is an investigative journalist, novelist and also writes on some non-fiction topics. Past accomplishments in music include being a classical concert pianist and contemporary composer.

What inspires you to write romance books?
I am romantic at heart, so it is natural for me to put some romantic themes in my novels.

Tell us about how you write:
I write by creating back stories and writing an outline of plots, then I collect actual photos of what my characters look like and I put the photos in a “cast” list in my manuscript at the bottom. I create a glossary of terms at the end of my manuscript, terms that are exclusive to my book. This helps me visualize the characters and stay consistent with the world view and terms that are in the book’s world view. I then choose a music soundtrack which can include tracks from many places, and I use headphones to listen to that while I write. When I need a break from writing, I get some coffee and sit and imagine what comes next in the story line. In the end, my story is more like a movie in my mind, and the writing is my best attempt to tell the story.

Do you listen (or talk to) to your characters?
I don’t talk to my characters. Do people really do that?

What advice would you give other writers?
My best advice to other romance writers is to study some grammer and then ignore what writing coaches say. I find it interesting that most writing coaches out there have never written a commercially successful novel. I also find it interesting that most of the classic novels of the past are written in styles and approaches that break the rules of writing.

For example, many writing coaches say to never put your moral view in your story, and to never preach or try to put across your opinion. That is absurd. David Copperfield, Oliver Twist and Uncle Scrooge of The Christmas Carol would roll over in their graves if they heard that advice. In fact, most classic novels in history were all about putting a moral point of view across. So the point is that writing coaches are out there trying to make money by coaching people or offering editing services. If you really want to learn how to write, then read a novel that has endured the tests of time and is still considered a classic.

Then decide how you like to tell a story. Write a story that interests you and that you enjoy writing. Other people will enjoy reading that one.

How did you decide how to publish your books?
I am an expert at ePub creation, so I decided to add art and photos to my novels. This gives it some visual dynamic that might help some readers see my imagined world. I do feel it is important to describe your world in detail. Yes, the reader can use their imagination at times, but that does not remove the writer’s responsibility to describe the world and tell the story.

What do you think about the future of book publishing?
I think it is going to get better and better.

What genres do you write?
YA, drama, paranormal romance, sci-fi

What formats are your books in?
Both eBook and Print

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