Author Brian Terenna Shares Their Story

Author Brian Terenna Shares Their Story

About the Author
Brian Terenna grew up in Doylestown, PA. He is a fantasy, science Fiction, multicultural romance, and paranormal romance writer. His first fantasy novel is, “Talent Storm,” a dystopian post apocalyptic fantasy. His second novel is “Kissing the Intern: A Multicultural Romance.”
He runs a book review blog called, “Revolting Road” (The original name to “Talent Storm”, and a Youtube meditation site called, “The Calm Life.”
He is an avid chess player, a vegetable gardener, and he meditates regularly.

What inspires you to write romance books?
I’ve always enjoyed romance on television and in movies. I decided to write, "Kissing the Intern" when I reconnected with the love of my life and co-author, Julia Perez.

Tell us about how you write:
I am a disciplined writer. When I’m working on a project, I write almost every day. I like to audio record my writing and then I transcribe the scenes into Word and improve them. I plan extensively before starting a novel, including a full plot outline and detained character personalities.

Do you listen (or talk to) to your characters?
I like to play act the characters with my writing partner. I think that it makes your characters more real and it allows you to make them come alive on the page.

What advice would you give other writers?
Learn your craft. Writing romance is much different than other genres, and you must understand how to make the reader want the characters in your novel to get together.

How did you decide how to publish your books?
I like to self-publish because you get full control and more royalties. It’s all about marketing. If you can market, then you don’t need a publishing company.

What do you think about the future of book publishing?
I think that self-publishing and indi-publishing will increase in the future.

What genres do you write:
Multicultural Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

What formats are your books in?
Both eBook and Print

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