Author AJ Wiliams Shares Their Story @AJ_Wiliams

Author AJ Wiliams Shares Their Story @AJ_Wiliams

About the Author
AJ is a self published author who lives in Kansas City Missouri with her husband and 2 small children and a small dog.
She has a bachelors in Liberal Studies and a Masters in Business.

After years of working she and her husband made the decision that she would be a stay at home mom and enjoy the years of their children growing up before it was too late.
As a stay at home mom AJ was able to come back to a dream she had as a little girl of writing.

AJ’s first series is the Bounty for Hire Series that is currently out with Book 1 Bounty for Hunter the next book should be out early 2013 which will be about Thomas Anders the middle child of the Anders family, with 2 more books following

AJ is currently working on a romantic fantasy science fiction story called Oracle’s End. She hopes that will be out in 2013

AJ loves learning about new things, playing games with her family and listening to music. She loves romantic movies as well as those like the Lord of the Rings.

She can be found reading to her kids everyday instilling in them the importance of a good story as well as finding her self planted in front of the computer typing away.

What inspires you to write romance books?
I love writing romance in my stories. Who doesn’t want a little romance in their life. Romance in books can inspire a person in their marriage. Inspire them to take control of a relationship for the better. We all want that romance in some form. Writing about just allows me to create a world where everyone get their happily ever after.

Tell us about how you write:
Imagines will pop into my head that I can’t get out and then they are followed with conversations which leads to writing.
I start our with just writing and I let it take it from there. Sometimes the story changes as I write it and other times it will stay right on track.
If I try to outline the story I feel I lose it. So for myself it is just about sitting down and writing, with lots of notes around the house of things I want to add or take away

Do you listen (or talk to) to your characters?
I listen to them. I wrote a book before Bounty for Hunter that is yet to be published and my main character would not shut up. That story changed so much because that character needed things to be a certain way. Because of that I had to change the way some chapters ended or a way a character died. It was horrible. However, I was glad that I listened because it came out better. Just like with Bounty for Hunter. Keylee one of the main characters is obsessed with Star Trek quotes. I could not get that characteristic out of her. She was fun to write because she would just all of a sudden pop out with a quote.

What advice would you give other writers?
I would advice listen to yourself. You are your worst enemy, but you also know where you want the story to go. These characters really to do talk to you. Their lives start to mean something. It is up to you to find their happy ending

How did you decide how to publish your books?
I actually emailed a couple of self published authors and main stream published authors to get advice. Each offered something different. I chose self published to get a feel for the market. From here I will make my decision whether to day self published or eventually try main stream publishing

What do you think about the future of book publishing?
I foresee self publishing taking off more than what it already has.
With that I think that main stream publishing is going to be changing their submission requirements because there are lots of great books out there that are self published. It is just a matter of time

What genres do you write:: Contemporary, Romance, Fantasy,

What formats are your books in: eBook

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