Welcome to the Jungle. by Lauren Short

image1Wealthy heiress Rose O’dell is kidnapped and held for ransom, and it’s her ex lover Nick Thane who rides to her rescue. But Rose is far from a wilting damsel and Nick has his hands fall convincing her to trust him, even when they are running for their lives.

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
Lauren Short is 25 and has been interested in romance novels since she was 16. Welcome to the Jungle was her first and is close to her heart.
She lives in Australia with her husband and two rambunctious kittens.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I was tired of reading romances where the woman is fragile and wilting. Rose isn’t like that, she is cunning and resourceful. And I wanted to place a ‘baddy’ that she helps to defeat, rather than just sitting back and waiting to be rescued.

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Sample from Book:

The ledge was a good few feet off the ground, hidden, shady and well protected from animals. He knew he’d be able to make it up there easily, already being able to grasp the side when he reached up. Rose, and her little 5 foot frame, would need to be lifted.
So he’d have his hands on her body. Nick gulped.

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