The Security Tails Book 2: Man In Uniform Erotic Novella by Ameillia Xanadu

Intrepid security officer Josh returns for more erotic passionate encounters. A thief ends up being the site manager’s naughty daughter. A lonely wife’s attempt to steal time to create passion fails when her husband is forced into overtime leaving her longing for satisfaction. A lady truck driver’s boyfriend dumps her over the phone and she seeks a quick rebound playmate. All of which has been caught on video by the tricky assistant manager. Can Josh turn the tables on her and earn his freedom?

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
Howdy people of the world! My erotic literature background is that of the naughty librarian that is a bit frustrated that no one really notices me behind my glasses and non-trendy clothes. Thus, I have to read a lot of romantic novels and have a very active imagination. Whenever I see a hot guy browsing the classic literature isle I want to drag him back to the microfiche room so he can ravish me in between the shelves full of reels! My stories are my attempt to give back and add to the erotic arts of the world. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them for you.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
This is a continuation of the fantasies inspired by a security, this time centered around a lumber mill which was something I grew up in a nearby town. Many of the young men that visited my library were from that mill and I fantasized about them too.

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Sample from Book:

When she released her vice-like grip on his head and sat up he pulled back and she leaned over to give him a wet kiss. She then pushed him back from the desk with one foot and stood up before she took her bra off and let it fall to the floor. Her pink little areolas reflected the slight amount of light in the room and she brought them right down so he could pay them some attention with his mouth. He licked the left one before he sucked it into his mouth and nibbled on her nipple. She let out a little squeak when he applied this pressure. He pulled out a condom from his wallet and she took it from him. When he moved over to the other tit she tore open the condom package and slipped it on before she moved so she could straddle his penis. At first she just rubbed her pussy up and down it so that her wetness added to the condom’s lubrication. She purred with delight as she felt his member push up against her clit. She brought one of his hands up to play with the free tit before she decided to take his cock into her pussy. She moved so just the head was inside at first and then slowly moved back up. She then hovered there with just the tip inside to tease him before she lowered herself back down to half his length. He felt her warm pussy juices flowing down his shaft and wondered if he should have prepared for this with a towel. She slowly moved up again and then hovered like before which drove him a little crazy because he wanted to thrust back up into her. He knew she wouldn’t have allowed that since she had already stated she wanted to be the one in control of this encounter. She moved down him again to about three quarters his length and repeated. The action was a tease that was driving him crazy and by the naughty grin on her face she knew it. She wanted him to beg her to quit playing around and fuck. They were both rather sweaty and he began to try to take off his uniform shirt. “No, you stay clothed,” she ordered. He could taste the salt on her boobs while he sucked them. He sighed heavily because that meant his uniform was going to be rather wet from their perspiration. She continued her long slow strokes for quite a while. Her tits bounced with each thrust and she moaned with pleasure.

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