The Security Tails Book 1: Man In Uniform Erotic Novella by Ameillia Xanadu

Josh was a recent junior college graduate that was desperate to find work so he takes up a job in security at the local county fair. He is thrust into a position of power with little training and supervision. On his first night he learns quickly that there are wild women that are hot to trot when it comes to a man in uniform. On his second night he was bored to death before he risks his job as the gatekeeper to satisfy his carnal cravings. On the third evening he saves his best friend’s sister from harm and struggles with her advances before giving in against his better judgment.

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
Howdy people of the world! My erotic literature background is that of the naughty librarian that is a bit frustrated that no one really notices me behind my glasses and non-trendy clothes. Thus, I have to read a lot of romantic novels and have a very active imagination. Whenever I see a hot guy browsing the classic literature isle I want to drag him back to the microfiche room so he can ravish me in between the shelves full of reels! My stories are my attempt to give back and add to the erotic arts of the world. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them for you.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The hunky security officers always made my panties wet, but I could only fantasize about what they'd do to me. Here are just a few of my lust-filled fantasies put down in writing for you to enjoy.

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Sample from Book:

Josh shook his head with a naughty grin. “Not just yet,” he replied before he had her turn around to face the showerhead. He then pulled the shower wand off its holder and used his other hand to switch it to the massage setting. She gave him a doubtful look before he moved it so that it was down near her crotch. The alternating jets of water began to hit her clit and she soon understood. She spread her legs wider so she could get more stimulation down there and she helped adjust the angle so that he held it in just the right spot. Soon her moans grew more frequent and louder. He used his other free hand to stimulate her nipples while he nibbled on her right earlobe. A few minutes later she began to convulse and leaned back on him while she yelped with pleasure. Her own fluid quickly streamed down the side wall of the shower. He held her with the free arm and switched the shower head back to normal before he put it back in place.

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