The Representative by Matt Minor

A terrorist attack on the Texas border, attributed to Mexican drug cartels, coincides with the federal government’s passage of a sweeping amnesty bill. This becomes fodder for the Texas Legislator, which pressures a weak governor to create a Select Joint Committee on Immigration Reform.

A handsome, charismatic former rocker and poet, John David (JD) Dothan unexpectedly wins his district when the long term Republican candidate goes down in disgrace. The night of the election the representative-elect hires a youthful, inexperienced, Tryphena Taylor as his Chief of Staff.

Quickly befriended by the Vice-Chair of the new Select Joint Committee, the freshman representative finds himself sitting on this prestigious yet controversial body with his “first love,” Senator Rachel Logan. Together, JD and Rachael become the public face of the committee’s contentious legislation.

Through a maze of liars, deceivers, egos, and the weight of his own romantic emotions, Dothan must navigate. But he is being pulled not only towards the ugly reality of power, but his own redemption as well.

Targeted Audience: 25-65

Author Bio:
Matt Minor presently serves as a Chief of Staff in the Texas House of Representatives. He has worked as a political campaign manager and is a well-regarded public speaker. Matt has authored official state publications, oversees syndicated editorials, is a speechwriter and district radio legislative commentator.

Prior to his life in state politics Matt was a professional musician and entertainer; his numerous recordings receiving wide critical praise. Matt practices numerous other arts including the craft of poetry; an interest that has brought academic recognition.

Matt Minor lives with his wife Stacy on their ranch property in Wharton County, Texas. He maintains an apartment in Austin.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
For a long time I wanted to write an artist dropped into an anti-artistic environment. I began with a notion, or epigram: If the nature of art is a search for truth, the nature of politics is the concealment of it. I’m also interested in star-crossed love. Dump these things into the Cauldron and you get a poet in the legislature and his first love happens to be there as well.

I started tinkering with the Representative in February of 2011. I put the manuscript on hold till I had a tour of the Texas legislature. I picked it up again after the 83rd session and it took about seven months to complete.

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Sample from Book:

Everything but Tryphena.
The thought of her caused him to discard the bed sheets. Suddenly, he felt hot. Before retiring, he had set the thermostat at 70 degrees. He could hear it kicking on and off. Rising from bed, he reached up to feel the vent. The air blowing was cool. Lying back down, he stared into the blankness. Tryphena…
Tryphena lay in bed in the guest room just down the hall. Although she had a phobia of spiders and bugs, which she always feared from rooms seldom occupied, she had stripped completely naked before slipping under the sheets. Why am I naked? Is it because that I know he is near? Instinct took over in the woman and her sleek fingernails found their way to her inner thighs. How tired she was. Between the hum of the air conditioner and the cadence of the sea, which were audible in intervals, she was gently being lulled to sleep. I don’t have the energy to make myself cum. But she could not fall asleep. I wonder where Rudy is. He had so much potential. Is he still working at the restaurant? Why don’t the men I like ever seem to have their shit together?
JD…John David…I think I like John David better. Even when they have it together it’s not together. God I hope he hasn’t thrown his life away. Goddamn it. I have fallen for another fuckup…but he’s so creative and charismatic and, even though he’s insecure, he’s confident and vice-versa. I want to go to him. How can I? What can I do? I want to be in his bed.
From his bed, Dothan felt his cock getting hard. He remembered the time she had put her hand on his neck; how he had wished she would massage his shoulders. The times he was hit with a waft of her perfume, the warm scent of her breath…
Tryphena was sitting on the edge of the mattress. The moisture between her legs both excited and disturbed her. What am I doing? I need to pee! Maybe I can walk down the hall naked to the bathroom…maybe he’ll come out of his room…maybe I’m a fucking idiot.
Fool or not, inertia lifted her beautiful bare form: the legs leading her to the door; the long slim fingers turning the knob; the pretty two-toned feet padding softly down the hallway carpet. Sitting on the toilet, the cool seat and tile were giving her cold feet. After wiping herself, the wanton dampness had vanished. He’ll reject me…you know he will. He likes rich cowardly white women who disappear and drive him insane. She’s so thin. Look at me. Tryphena, still sitting on the toilet, pinched a bit of flesh from her middle. What am I thinking? I will lose my job.
Sneaking ashamedly back to the guest room, she heard something jostle down the hall…
Dothan, in only his underwear, rose from the edge of his bed. He wondered if he could be sued for sexual harassment in his own house. Not that he was intent on pushing himself on his guest, but that he so wished to do so. He knew it was insane, but he wanted to go to her. Standing in the dark at the door of his room, he placed his grip on the handle, while resting his tired head against the door itself.
Tryphena, torn between her need to keep her job and her desire to offer her earthen flesh up to John David, chose the latter. The twenty feet or so from his door to hers, seemed endless, with each step a mixture of hope and fear.
Suspended, separated by only an inch of door, the two stood facing one another, unknowingly. For some time the two remained in this position, listening intently for something. Neither heard whatever it was they wished to hear. After some time they returned to bed respectively.

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