The Red Side of Dr. Greene: An Alpha and a Virgin Romance by D.G. Collins

Meet Dr. Alexander Greene, the hottest gynecologist in Evanston. A tattooed 30-year-old bachelor with a twisted mind…
An influx of pap smears raids his clinic almost every day. Women swoon over him, wishing they have gynecological problems just to be examined by the unbelievably hot physician.
Their female fantasies and head games always get on his nerves, but yet, he is obsessed with their bodies. In short, he hates women but loves to fuck them till they lose their voice.
The question is: Is he capable of falling in love?

Meet Emily Maxwell, a 20-year-old college student majoring in psychology. She’s immature, innocent, and most especially, virgin.
She believes she has ovarian cancer and will die soon. She took an appointment with a female gynecologist, but there seemed to be a mistake…
And now she’s in great trouble.


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WARNING: The Red Side of Dr. Greene is a full-length standalone erotic-romance novel which promises a happily ever after. Just be sure to have some cold water, ice cream, air conditioner, or whatever, just to cool yourself off when you read this book. Enjoy!

Targeted Audience: above 21 years old

Author Bio:
D.G. Collins is a nurse and a writer who currently lives and works in Qatar.

She loves to scribble her emotions, dreams, and fantasies down into paper ever since the first time she fell in love, and had been an active contributor in some school publications during high school and college years.

She had also been ghostwriting romance, erotica, and erotic-romance books for three years, three of them became one of best selling books in their respective genres here in Amazon, before finally deciding to write her own full-length novel and publish it for the first time.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I have always wanted to write a romance book that will have the chance to be made into movies someday. Right after the Fifty Shades of Grey's success, I stopped ghostwriting and started writing this novel and self-publish it for the first time.

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Sample from Book:

A loud, long honk pierces the silent night. I squint at the sight of the headlights of a gray Lexus sportscar that are glaring at me. Trying to quickly assess the situation, I cup my mouth upon the realization that I’m actually in the middle of the road blocking the fancy car’s way. As I scurry for the sidewalk, a man emerges from the car. Despite my embarrassment, I cannot help but glance over my shoulder in curiosity as he approaches me.
He’s wearing a black undershirt that hugs his toned upper body, and his well-worn rugged jeans cling to his thighs as if they were made just for him. I notice what appears to be full sleeve rose tattoos on his muscled arm and another one I cannot make out in the dark peeking from the left side of his…nice-looking chest.
Oh my… He looks like he just jumped off the cover of a GQ magazine.
Suddenly, the cold night air feels so humid. My eyes trail up to his face as I get a better view of him. Sweet sister of a frog, I have never seen someone this attractive before. His facial features are so perfectly manly they appear to have been carved out by a master sculptor. And no, I’m not exaggerating. My pupils had to have dilated even more as I realize that, holy shit, he indeed is a modern day Adonis. Dark stubble marks his jaw line, which is so defined and sharp that I may slice my finger upon touching it.
Just like in the movies, my world stops as I continue to gawk at him. Everything in the background blurs away as he walks, his black boots lifting effortlessly as if he’s the king of the underworld.
Wait, what is that? My eyes curiously linger on his noticeable crotch bulge. It’s unusually bigger than those of most guys I have seen—not that I often check them out but, whatever. It’s like there’s something massive underneath…I pull my eyes back to his face in an instant when I feel something down on me twitched.
He rakes a hand through his dark tousled hair and pierces me with the sexiest eyes I have ever seen, literally gleaming in the night. I catch myself nibbling my bottom lip as I drink in the sight of him.
He walks closer and closer towards me, leaving only a few inches between us before he stops. I can now tell that he’s well over six feet. My heart is racing inside my chest, and all I can do is stand there like a statue – wide eyed, mouth slightly open, totally looking like a complete idiot.
I gasp and hold my breath as he leans his head down next to my ear. In the most sensual and masculine voice I have ever heard, he whispers,
“Get the fuck out of my way.”
For some reason, I feel myself warming up and something between my legs starts to get really…wet.

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