The Making it Real Bundle: Books 1-3 by Cailee Francis

Have you ever desired to act on your temptations? To bring them beyond the realm of fantasy into something more? Something real? That’s the premise for the Making it Real series.

Whether it’s two best friends who desire each other, a secretary who fancies and wants to seduce her handsome boss, or secret lovers who want to make their romance known, all capture the essence of how it feels to bring sex, romance or love to that next level, and all are hot, sexy stories in their own right.

This bundle contains 3 short stories by author Cailee Francis for your reading pleasure: Her Lesbian Daydreams, His Sweet Secretary and Their Stolen Moments. These stories all contain strong steamy content and language.

Her Lesbian Daydreams (F/F Erotica): Emma and Liz are the best of friends. Liz is openly lesbian, while Emma has dated men without success. Emma thought she was straight, but now she’s become infatuated with her lesbian best friend. Fantasies she’s long kept hidden lead to a tempting opportunity to make her daydreams come true.

His Sweet Secretary (M/F Romantic Erotica): Tempted by her sexy boss, Ethan, Ruby has fallen hard. He’s attractive, charming and handsome, and as his secretary, it’s her job to ensure he has what he needs. Growing ever-more enticed by the possibilities, Ruby decides to take the initiative and seduce her tempting boss. How will that go? What will happen? Will he be seduced by his sweet secretary?

Their Stolen Moments (M/F Romantic MILF Erotica): A sexy romantic erotica story with a MILF and her secret lover.
Rose is a single mother who’s long missed the company of a lover. That was, until she met handsome, charismatic David. Many occasional meetings fueled his desire to know Rose better. He’s currently going through a divorce, and until it’s finalised, the lovers have decided to keep their romance a secret.

But David has found his way into Rose’s heart and not just her bed, and the time is approaching when the secret must be shared. This day is unlike most others, because David and Rose have a day planned together. A day when they can sate their desires and their longing. A day when they won’t be disturbed and sex is on the cards.

Targeted Audience: Erotica Readers

Author Bio:
Cailee Francis is an author of erotica and romantic fiction. In 2015, she published her first erotic novella, The Theatre of Fantasies. Since then she’s released many erotica short stories including Mischief Incarnate, Mischief Dreaming and Shifter Mischief (Books 1-3 of the Nymphalicious Chronicles). She's also released three bundles – the Winter Warming Erotica Bundle, the Mischief Bundle and the Making it Real Bundle. She plans to release more stories in the near future.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
It was based on a premise I found interesting and that I thought readers might enjoy.

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Sample from Book:

She walked carefully in her heels and with her skirt so short, she gave him a nice view of her stocking-clad legs. They were athletic yet curvaceous, which more or less summed up Ruby’s figure to a T. It was a traditional hourglass shape and everything about her was womanly, and not just feminine. Ethan looked up from his papers as she set the tray down and leaned over to move the items on to his desk. Ruby made sure Ethan had a good view of her body when she did, but she was also subtle about it. She placed the coffee and biscuits down with a smile.
She was doing well until her heeled shoe slipped and Ethan caught her as she fell. Ruby didn’t quite twist her ankle but it was close. This wasn’t her intended seduction strategy, but Ethan had one hand on her breast and the other wrapped around her thigh. He was very close to discovering for himself that she wasn’t wearing panties. Her glasses were askew but didn’t fall off.
“Oh. Oh I’m so sorry!” he said, moving his hand from her breast but not letting her fall. He was half pinned back in his leather chair by Ruby’s body.
“Oh no, don’t be,” she said light-heartedly and climbed up off him. “It was bound to happen sooner or later.”
He paused and looked at her, as he steadied her with his arm. “What does that mean?”

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