The Game by Cordelia Winters

Elle’s new Dom has a sexy new game he wants to play with her. She just hopes he’s not playing with her heart, too.

Targeted Audience: 21+, adults

Author Bio:
Cordelia Winters is a librarian and a pervert and enjoys nothing more than reading or writing erotica. She lives both in upstate New York and in a constant state of sexual frustration. She’s addicted to chocolate, men with large cocks and lingerie she can’t afford.

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Sample from Book:

I tried to relax as I stood there, waiting. He didn’t disappoint. The flogger’s soft leather thongs slapped gently against my ass, then down my legs. It was an odd sensation, it always was, and I knew that he was being gentle with me. Again and again, he brought it against my flesh, focusing on my buttocks before moving on to other parts; my upper back, thighs and then, with a stinging whip that had me squirming, against my buttocks again, hard and fast.
It didn’t hurt, so much as sting, and I found myself enjoying the intensity of it, the way the flogger’s tips danced across my skin. He whipped it across my buttocks one more time and I sagged in place, biting my lip to keep the smile off of my mouth.
Jeremy stepped up behind me, wrapping his hand in my ponytail again. He tipped my head back and nuzzled my ear. “You liked that, didn’t you?”
“No,” I lied, sticking out my lip in a pout again.
“I’m going to end up biting that lip,” he huffed as I thrilled at the prospect. Mmm…yes…bite me…

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