The Elder Effect by D. L. Given

Cover-The-Elder-Effect“How long have I been gone?”

“Four years,” he said, moving his hands back to my arms.

A sickening rush started at the top of my head and went down my entire body, leaving my knees weak as I turned my head, dropping my chin shamefully. I can’t look at him! Vance kept his hands wrapped around the tops of my arms tightly.

“We’ve been trying to find you the whole time,” he said. “We couldn’t control it. It was only by chance I caught you. We had been trying to tunnel you–to catch your attention. I saw you a couple times, but I couldn’t get you to take it. I knew you didn’t understand. I thought I had lost you forever, Beverly.”

In 1812 Vikoyri, Norway, an injured stranger, respectfully referred to as the Elder, bestowed a gift on the people of a small village. Centuries later they are only beginning to understand its potential and its price.

Living in modern day Montana and nearly untouched by the aging process, The Elder Effect is still a mystery to them. All they know is that they can tunnel through time and space.

When a dangerous stranger begins stalking the group, they realize a powerful advantage. Will Vance and Beverly bring everyone back together in time to save them? Will they be able to defend themselves against him once and for all? With an uncertain future, the mysterious words spoken by the Elder so long ago begin to make sense. Could Beverly be permanently separated from her love, Vance?

The key is where it all began in 1812. Will the stranger destroy their past, present, and future with one final blow? Can Beverly discover how to stop him before all is lost? Will they ever learn the reason for the gift?

Look for Vital Perception, the continuing story of our beloved villagers.

Targeted Audience: women

Author Bio:
D. L. Given lives in Ohio with her husband Bruce

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Of all creation, an important conversation takes place between two superior sentient beings. They look into the palm of a hand at what can only be described as a revelation.
“We must stop this thing from happening.”
“We’re not allowed, our authority to interfere is restricted.”
“But they can, if we give them the ability.”
“What if it doesn’t work… it didn’t before?”
“It has to, there’s no other way. They are good.”
“Yes good, but will they have the courage and perseverance to bear it? They won’t understand.”
“They won’t need to. I have faith that they will do what’s right.”
“Is it fair to use them as pawns?”
“I believe it is… after all, it’s their world.”

Vance smiled and winked as he walked past Marissa and I standing by her and Taegan’s small house. I continued to stare at him, ignoring Marissa’s grumbled tone.
“We should have said we wanted to go to the wedding. You know since we stayed here we’ll be digging potatoes the whole time,” Marissa complained as she reached for a basket, handing it to me.
“Yeah, I know, I just didn’t feel like being gone for days, besides Vance wanted to help Johan.”
I nodded toward the large fire and framework some of the men had built to hang and dry meat for winter. Three reindeer carcasses lay on the ground, needing cleaned and sectioned.
“We’re going to need it.”
Marissa paused, looking up at the sky. “We still have weeks, it wouldn’t have mattered if we went too.”
I looked down at the painful cracks in my hands and at the embedded dirt around my nails. My hands could have used the time to heal.
“Next time,” I answered, grabbing another basket.

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