The Devil Cometh by D.L. Perello

In 19th Century England, a woman’s lonely solitude in her late father’s estate is invaded by a stranger at her door, a man wounded and pleading sanctuary. As she nurses him back to health, she’s disturbed by nocturnal visits to her bed by a demon creature who seduces her and gives her rapturous pleasure. Is there a connection between her visitor and this monster intruding on her dreams? Has she given sanctuary to the devil himself?

Targeted Audience: Adults

Author Bio:
Living in California, D.L. Perello has previously been published in Ruthie's Club and also has mainstream short fiction published in various publications under another pen name.

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Sample from Book:

“Why were they…” she stuttered hesitantly.
“Hunting me? Not because of something I did. It’s because of who I am.”
“Who you are…”
“I’m the son of a bastard. I threaten their divine order or some nonsense. Please don’t ask me to explain fully. I’m tired and I feel as though…” His eyelids sunk and he swayed to one side.
Lizzie steadied him. “Sir, you must lie down. You must be cleaned and warmed. Can you walk?” She pulled his arm around her shoulder.
“I believe so,” he replied with a sigh. He stood with her help and took steps forward into the house.

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