The Dark Priesthood: Confessions of Malevolence #1 Lover Undefined by Sai Marie Johnson

woman-19290536The Dark Priesthood: Confessions of Malevolence is a series about the Sanguine Lineage, and coven. The main character, Queen Deviaun Sanguine is first introduced to readers in this premiere story in the novella created by Sai Marie Johnson. In this story Deviaun is positioned as queen of the Malevolent Order, and some thereafter faces the grave threat of being overthrown by her twin sister, and her very own son. A gothic story with erotic elements this tale is sure to get lovers of vampire tales enthralled all the while bringing a new take to the typical witch, and vampire coven make up.

Targeted Audience: 18+ Paranormal Erotica fans

Author Bio:
A mother of four children including a daughter, and three sons Sai Marie is a creative mind who enjoys a plethora of activities. Married to a Veteran, and owner of a dachshund she likes to spend her days writing, reading, and discussing the art of the quill, pen, or keyboard. With a wide variety of subjects Sai doesn’t consider herself a genre writer, but rather an author of whatever happens to come to mind. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing as of September 2014 Sai writes everything from poetry to scripts in every category from Non-fiction to fiction including children’s stories, erotica, historical romance, and sci-fi. She really is so varied that it’s hard to put her in any category.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I was inspired by dark noir erotica based on covens, and demonic entities that I had researched. It was my take on a mix between witches and vampiric elements which came together as a Caballi demon sect.

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Sample from Book:

Deviaun stood staring blankly at the door just as Vicious turned to stride away. In disbelief she closed her eyes, and began to speak in Latin, “Stupri scortis per circuitum. Me domum.” In a matter of moments Deviaun found herself walking along the dark corridors wondering to herself about her kinsmen. Only one seemed to stand out in her mind. Only one seemed to still show any amount of commitment, but so much time had passed between their last meetings. She found herself growing lustful, and needy. The vampyric qualities of her species were undeniable, and needed quenching. Days had flow by without the sweet scent of blood to satisfy her rising thirst; thirst for the taste of life source running through her victim’s veins, but more than that her thirsting lust. The fantasies within her mind becoming more and more sadomasochistic in nature with every day that she denied them, but no lover could be found. Heated flesh of once beauty so desired cease to burn becoming icy as the days went on. Ashy skin began to appear where fair not mottled once was, and her body felt like it was freezing daily on and on it went. The taste of honey petaled cunny flashed into her mind picturesque scenery brought back vulgar memory to mind, but oh how tender and succulent the flesh of those aching feline lips against his hungry full ones? Ravishing, and then the other too such beauty were hard to ignore. Fiery passion, and hardcore imagery played through her head. Each sadistic time it happened she felt more alive, but having retired for an age it seemed she needed one more try. Hard erect male confidence that eagerly wished to oblige, but even if such were not obtainable a sweet morsel of female heat would fascinate her oh so much.

And then one day he came to her, she had been standing silent in the cold, damp corridor of the eastern wing of the Sanguine home. Dancing azure iris had replaced previous chocolate hue as she stared at the window down at the rocky path below. Oddly she was thinking of trysts once had within the graveyard that sat to the right of the path, a horde of skeletal, leafless trees were the only thing that blocked it. Silence engulfed her, thoughts having swept her away from where her body stood. Perhaps it were her commitment to the Order which had kept her long from engaging that carnal hungry cry which raised within her heart. Release, it keeps screaming; fire raging through her veins with ferocious intensity, but no way to extinguish until now. His voice met her ears in a low hiss, “Hello dear one.” Was that what he truly said? She thought her ears deceived her; pivoting upon the balls of her feet gaze ran to his own eyes and familiarity sat in. Instant recognition overtook Deviaun giving her an insight of what likely drew her visitor in. Alit desire was curious to find out more about this, to regain her color; crimson cheeks, and lips which for now remained pale.

She didn’t turn to look at him what would be the point; she knew who he was, and he knew who she was. Without a flinch she kept her gaze sealed upon the graves below her, and silently he approached, “I stayed away for a reason,” she knew he had and she knew why, but the groans within the night never settled well for her; the banshee shrieking, and moaning roar of her sister as shocks rocked her body from screaming orgasm. Indeed, she was jealous, and always had been. For some reason everyone all seemed to look at her sister Vicious first. Oh, fair Vicious even she had fallen in love, and lust with her sister. The taste of her heated flesh against her hungry lips; dripping with the mixing flavor of juices, and blood. She relished it just as much as any of the others did. Pure sexual hunger ran through her veins as she thought of her squirming beneath her like a succubus whore who could not help but beg for more.

Footfalls upon wet cobblestone alerted her that he was closing the distance between the two of them; he grabbed her from behind, and whispered in her ear, “Care to play a game?”
Such mocking words would surely entice the fair Deviant; a true libertine by all rights Deviaun loved sadomasochistic play. Sex, and blood were her two very favorite things. She dared not whimper fast enough the begging utterance slid from her pouting lips confessing the things he already knew,” Oh, yes we shall play.” The projection of clones was an ability many of their kind had inherited and he used this to his full advantage. One appeared in front of her while the other remained behind with his arms wrapped around hers. She leant her head to the side leaving open view the vein pulsating within her neck. An offer his oculus would quickly come to target. Predators the two were equals on different fronts. Alpha, and beta; wolves fed, fucked, and bled hard, and they lived up to the name. The one male began his assault upon her form ravishing hands taking claim of whatever they slid across. His desire was growing stronger by the moment, and he would take whatever he wished. She adored it. Every last second of the torture at his expense fueled her need for carnality all the more. A beast had been unleashed which in actuality never should have been caged up. In a quick motion he slid her from her feet, and carried her through a door to an old storage room, which happened to have a plain white feather mattress lying within the center. He tossed her on it quickly leaving no time for argument. The true form released his shaft from the restricting fabric of his pants, and her wicked eyes widened in amusement upon seeing the height of stature to which it had risen.

Phallic statues were put to shame by the etched perfection of that throbbing prick. Oh, how she wanted it buried within her. Thoughts flashed to her sister as she imagined her there too. What wicked joys it would bring her sinful sadomasochistic mind to have her strewn out before her writhing, and moaning in tune with their own. What a serenading symphony ran through her head as her own groaning whimpers filled the air. The true being slipped his hard rod into her tight haven in one fluid motion tearing her flesh apart as it wished to brutalize the vaginal walls that adoringly caressed it.

One of our games, dear aunt?” His lips carried the classic smile before he approached her from behind. His green eyes stirred at the thought of a night with her. Such emotion was tied between this. A male, still young in his family, formed all, but the most twisted bonds with both females of his family. To which this one had carried his attention of late. His left hand found its place by the curve of her thigh while the right rose to softly embrace her throat. To which both would be used to pull her back into his form. Her body down to the last curve felt so natural to him.

“Only if I get to taste both your blood, and cum mixing in my mouth? Can you promise that? “She grinned slipping her pale pink tongue outward to trail upon the bottom of her lower lip. She mused at the thought of another game, and the late night session had been what she had been on the prowl for. As his hands pulled her into his body she slid her right hand upward to grace the edge of his cheek, and there she began to draw her fingers downward across the smooth plain of his skin as if teasing the flesh with promises of more to come*

“Hm, You have become such a filthy whore, Aunt.” His games both mind and body simply for the one moment to which both would have such the utter desire. His thoughts carrying through the ultimate course as his left hand slowly, softly, grazes across her skin. His fingers lightly teased her flesh with abandonment. His lips then found themselves just at the back of her left ear. His voice suddenly milky sweet and just as smooth, “Will you give in tonight, Aunt? Will you cave and accept all I give?” His tongue slowly slid from his half parted lips only to touch against the tips of her ear lobe. Even though he teased and insulted the feeling of the stiff muscle at his groin would speak more so of his intentions tonight.

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