The Angel’s Covenant by Lynn Landes

Elina will never forget the dark angel who came to her village and killed her family. She holds his image close to her heart, waiting for her chance to avenge those she loved. She does not know why she was chosen to save humanity, only that she is in a race against time itself. The Fallen will stop at nothing to get to her. Malach is her guardian angel chosen to protect and train her. She should not have feelings for him. In the quiet moments they hear the whispered question “Are you Shadow or Light?” It is the question they struggle with every day. Each stolen glance and soft touch brings them closer to breaking the Angel’s Covenant.
Malach is an archangel chosen as the Guardian of Hope. His promise was to protect and guide her until she is ready to reunite her people. When his brother chose to fall to earth, he betrayed them all. Why would an angel choose to fall from Heaven? Trouble is brewing amongst the angels. Some feel that humanity is the problem, but Malach knows the truth. Humanity is the key to peace. Elina is the only hope they have against the dark angel, for he is building an army bent on ruling Heaven and Earth.

Targeted Audience: 21

Author Bio:
Lynn Landes is the author and independent publisher of The Angel’s Covenant Series. Her stories span the spectrum of Romantic Fiction from Paranormal, Romantic Suspense to Christian Fantasy. If you like fantasy, temptation and adventure you are sure to love The Covenant Series.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I remembered a dream my son had about shadow people. He woke up crying and pointing at the wall in his bedroom and he said the shadow people were watching him, and they had wings. I started researching and found similar stories in every country!
I wrote a poem called shadow girl and it turned into a series!

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Sample from Book:

So much death and so much life and she can have neither. Elina sighs and slips away in the middle of the night for a break; alone she lets her tears flow. If she spoke her thoughts out loud, would they all run screaming from her? How it possible to be so alone, when surrounded by people? These traitorous thoughts haunt her when she is supposed to be sleeping. Elina goes to the top of a mountain, hoping for a reprieve. Her soul is heavy with the cross it bears and some days, she feels weary. So much has changed, so quickly.
“How are you?” they ask. What would they think if they knew she was bone tired, weary, and exhausted. “I’m sorry,” she whispers to her maker. “Strengthen me so that I can do what you ask.” Enough with the pity party Elina, she tells herself.
Standing on the top of the mountain, listening to the wave’s crash against the rocks below she wishes once again that she could fly, just pause time and take a moment to be free.
“I told you once; all you had to do was ask Elina. Whatever you desire would be provided,” A deep voice says behind her.
Afraid to hope, Elina turns slowly and looks at him. “Malach, how did you find me?” She asks not bothering to wipe her tears.
Malach steps close and whispers, “Ask me Elina.”
She takes a step back from him, close to the edge of the cliff and looks excited, “Really?
“Ask me,” he replies stretching his beautiful blue wings behind him. He reaches for her and his hands rest on her waist. Still he waits. Chills erupt over her entire body at his touch. Her smile could light the night sky, “Why didn’t I do this sooner” he wonders.
Elina steps into the warmth of his body and boldly asks, “Malach will you fly with me?”
Her only warning is the tightening of his hands on her waist. Thrusting his wings downward, he shoots into the night sky. She swallows her scream, and wraps her arms and legs around him. Elina clings to him, buries her face in his neck, and feels his laughter, “You could have warned me.”
As he reaches altitude Malach slows, and soars across the night sky. “Where’s the fun in that Elina?” he whispers in her ear.
“Not funny Malach,” daring to lift her head; it is not the beauty of the night sky that takes her breath, but the feel of his body pressed to hers. His long black hair brushes against her face and she finds her hand sliding up the back of his neck. She savors the feel of his silky hair, as it runs through her fingers.
His green eyes lock onto hers, and she leans in close to his neck inhaling. “Why do you have to smell so good?” she wonders. Slowly she unlocks her legs from his waist and allows her body to slide down his.
The feel of her breasts on his chest dragging down his body, causes every muscle in Malach’s body to jump and his grip tightens. Fascinated by the beauty of his chest and the runic cross tattoo covering his heart; she traces the lines. Beautiful, she sighs in her mind, distracted by the smell and feel of him, she thinks; Malach do you taste as good as you feel?
“Elina” he growls at her. The smile on her face tells him that she knows exactly what she is doing.
“What? You deserve it, scaring me like that.”
He twists her body around in his arms as he thinks, two can play at that game and he jerks her back hard against him. “Careful what you wish for Elina,” he whispers picking up speed, and she finally sees as he does. He feels her excitement, and it joins his own as they dip downward and soar just above the ocean. With a slight turn, he drags the tip of his wing causing a wet spray to shower her in a mist of cold salt water.
“Hey!” she squeals delighted by his playful side.
Malach reads her mind and slows his speed. He drops low enough for her to see her reflection in the water below. She traces her fingers on the surface of the sea and laughs. Adjusting his wings, he catches an updraft and raises up high enough to see the moon reflected on the sea. Elina sighs deep and whispers, “Thank you, Malach.”
Chilled from the sea breeze and wind she snuggles back into his chest seeking his warmth. She wiggles as she tries to get closer. He leans down close to her ear and says, “Enough, Elina,’ and nips at her ear. She jumps at the feel of his hot breath and teeth and her nipples harden as her body heats in response.
“Higher,” she urges him, no longer caring about anything, but the feel of flying in his arms. Spreading her arms wide, she leans out and enjoys the cold air as he pushes them higher with his massive wings.
Cresting, not daring to go any higher; he stops in mid air, spinning her body around, he is dazzled by the bliss on her face. With her head thrown back, her hair streaming down around her, he laughs at the joy he feels in her soul. Her wet clothes are plastered to her skin, outlining the beauty of her body. When she realizes they are no longer moving, her eyes meet his and her heart stops. “Malach?” she whispers scared by the intensity she reads in them.
He pulls her close and wraps his large blue wings around them, cocooning them in his heat. Savoring the feel of her, he leans his head close to her neck. As he breathes her in, deep into his soul, Malach knows, he will never be the same again. He runs his hands up and down her arms, warming her body and he begins a slow spin.
Elina reaches up, and cups his face in her hands. When she sees the longing in her heart mirrored in his eyes, her heart breaks in two. Malach rests his forehead against her and slows his spin as his feet touch the earth. Unfurling his wings, he sets her on her feet, back on the mountaintop once more. He turns without a word and flies away. The frigid air blows, and her heartbeat returns to normal. She hears him say, “That is why angels do not fly with humans.”

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