Tell Me Something by Aubrey Bondurant

The sexual tension is palpable; the erotic path they’re on is inevitable.

Haylee Holloway has experienced more grief than a twenty-two year old should have to endure. When she moves to LA for a fresh start and takes a job as an assistant for an advertising company the last thing she expects is to have to step in last minute during a photo shoot as the model. Her bikini line and weight are suddenly open topics of discussion, and a client’s million dollar campaign is hanging in the balance. To cap it off, the multi-millionaire, gorgeous owner of the company shows up and takes charge.

Josh Singer, the owner of Gamble Advertising is private, intense, and hard to read. His voice is sexy, his eyes are smoldering and when he learns of Haylee’s goal to save money for law school, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse:

To move to New York City and work for him directly as his assistant.

Haylee’s dilemma: how does she travel the world with a hot boss whose voice alone conjures up an erotic fantasy and not completely make a fool of herself? Frustrated with Josh’s mixed signals, Haylee finally puts it all on the line. Blurring both their professional and personal lives can they keep things temporary as planned or will they both realize some things weren’t meant to end?

Targeted Audience: Over 21

Author Bio:
Aubrey Bondurant loves to write, read and travel. She’s former military and lives on the East Coast with her husband and boys. When she isn’t working full time at her day job, she puts fingers to keyboard to craft a story. She had a goal to publish her first book before she turned the big 4-0 after writing for almost twenty years and having nearly thirty “unfinished” stories. She may have missed that by a tad, but has finally fulfilled that dream with Tell Me Something! She loves the idea of an ending with each book and sequels for the intention of giving the supporting characters a story of their own.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I’ve been writing for over twenty years and have over 30 unfinished books. I’ve never done one in the first person until this one and the style just seem to really fit my personality and enable me to finish this one first. I enjoy both erotic romance and chick lit sense of humor and this book is a cross between the two.

I promised myself that I would finally publish my book by age 4-0…I missed that by a year, but it was important that I not lose sight of that goal!

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Sample from Book:

We got into the car, which was better than a cab at this hour, and drove in silence back to the hotel. We were seated with our legs touching, and I could feel the heat between us. Wordlessly, we made our way up to our floor, and I waited for an invitation to his room.

“You should get some sleep, Haylee. I’ll see you in the morning. We’ll plan on touring the construction site and then be off for Hong Kong tomorrow afternoon.”

I tried to hide my hurt feelings at the rejection and decided to go for it. “I’m not tired, Josh.” As I moved closer, he stood his ground, looking down at me. I could feel his breath catch when I put my hand on his chest.

He closed his eyes, and I could almost feel his inner turmoil. “Haylee, there are some things you don’t understand.”

He was right. “Enlighten me, then,” I pleaded with my eyes.

He was on the verge, I could feel it, but then he backtracked, putting his hands in his pockets as if to keep himself from touching me. “Good night.” He turned away.

Watching him go to his door, my tears threatened. Rather than take a chance that he would see them, I turned on my heel and went back into the elevator.
Hearing him call after me, I purposefully ignored it. I wasn’t stupid enough to go traipsing around Mexico by myself, but I needed to clear my head.

Once I got to the lobby bar, I ordered a margarita and then took it to the balcony. I sat in a lounge chair, thankful that I was alone with the night. The sound of the ocean was peaceful, and I kept thinking about what Roberto had said. There was no way I was being too subtle. I had practically thrown myself at the man. How much more aggressive could I possibly be? Clearly he wasn’t interested, I concluded.

“Haylee, what are you doing?” Josh’s voice came from behind me. I heard the distinct sound of the lighter and saw the puff of smoke as he walked towards the railing.

“Please don’t smoke around me.” My voice was flat and I didn’t bother to meet his eyes.

“Haylee, you don’t need anything more to drink.”

Looking up, I met his agitated eyes. “Maybe you don’t remember; I’m a grown woman. You quite obviously are only my boss and I’m off the clock.” I was being petty but didn’t care at the moment.

“That’s right, I am your boss, and I’m ordering you to go back to your room.”

Downing my drink in one last gulp, I stood up a little unsteadily.

“Jesus,” he muttered.

Looking at him defiantly, I responded, “As you wish, Mr. Singer.”

I was about to walk away when he tugged my arm back, and suddenly his mouth was crushing down on mine. The taste of smoke was strong, but my desire was stronger as his tongue expertly explored my mouth. My tongue shyly met his and his hands grasped either side of my face, holding me in place. I was completely at his mercy and lost in the moment until he pulled away.

“Haylee, you need to go back to your room. We can’t do this. I know you don’t understand.”

My emotions were heightened and I felt the sting of rejection. To make matters worse, he was speaking to me like a child. “Obviously, it is my inability to understand. What an incredibly condescending asshole thing to say to me.”

“You’ve been drinking.”

“That’s right, I have, and maybe that is going to give me the courage to put it out there.” I fished through my purse and held out my hotel key card. “Here is my extra room key. I’m going to bed. I wish you’d join me. If you don’t, then we go back to merely professional in the morning. If you do, well, we’ll figure it out. Just do me a favor and brush your teeth first. The cigarette thing is a real turn-off for me.”

Turning on my heel, my heart beat double time in my chest the entire way up to my room. I had never done anything remotely like that in my life.

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