Godhunter by Amy Sumida

My life has never been normal.
I was born a witch. I know about the power of Nature and how to harness it. I know about a lot of supernatural things but I never believed in god… not any of them. Until the day one tried to kill me.
That was the day I became the Godhunter, though I didn’t know it at the time. Back then, I didn’t know about the God War. I didn’t know about the gods who fight for humans, even though we don’t believe in them anymore. And I certainly didn’t know that I would become the greatest weapon in their arsenal.
But that was before I kicked Thor in his godly man bits.

Targeted Audience: 20-55

Author Bio:
Amy Sumida lives on a little island in the middle of the Pacific ocean with her two gravity-defying felines. She sleeps in a fairy bed, lifted high in the air, and upon waking, she enjoys stabbing people with tiny needles, over and over, under the guise of making pretty pictures on their skin. She paints dark images on canvases in a cave-like studio carved out of the side of a cliff, and fantasy murals on the walls of her home directly above. She's happiest with her nose buried in a book, or in her laptop as she brings her imaginary worlds to life.
She is the author of several books, including the award winning Godhunter series, the Twilight Court Series, the Beyond the Godhunter Series, the Spellsinger Series, Feeding the Lwas, The Magic of Fabric, and Enchantress. She's been writing since she was a little girl, but first decided to pursue it as a career when she gave her High School English teacher one of her books to critique, and, unbeknownst to her, that teacher passed her book around to all of her friends. A month later, Amy was accosted in the halls by a woman she didn't know, begging her to write a sequel. She's been writing novels ever since.
Amy enjoys serious, kick-ass heroines in her literature. "Nothing is more empowering than a woman who faces every challenge with strength and an unfaltering sense of humor, even when she's losing. A heroine who will crack a joke as she bleeds, then get back on her feet, and show the world that nothing can hold her down except for death itself… and even death may not hold her," she says. "Who wouldn't want to be that woman? I want to be that woman. So that's who I write about, the woman I want to be and the men I want to be with." Amy's main characters are strong, witty women, who, in the midst of trauma, will find the nerve to sass a villain, even when they know it may prove fatal to do so. Add to that strong male characters who aren't intimidated or emasculated by the heroine's strength, and you have a dynamic partnership that works well with her ceaseless adventures. Amy's books aren't about women being more powerful than men, or subjugating men in any way, they're about women who can be strong, and yet want their men to have their own strengths as well. More importantly, her heroines have humility and weaknesses that make them not only believable but easy to relate to.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I wondered what gods would be like if they existed, and what they would do to keep power after receiving it for so long.

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The Witch Within by Iva Kenaz

Witch-Cover-Version316th century, Bohemia

After she has been charged with witchcraft, sixteen-year-old Talitha escapes to the abandoned Cursed Lands and seeks the ancient cave of her ancestors. In the deep woods, she starts to remember her ancestral lore of healing and magical symbolism and receives guidance on how to survive from the local spirits.
But soon she’s captured by two men, who were sent to take her to the local justice. One is a brute, but the other one is fatally attracted to her. After Talitha manages to escape them, she finds her ancestral cave, but also another one at the highest peak of the forest where a group of refugee women have established a camp. By facing both the dark and bright side of her kin, Talitha learns that what she thought was her curse, may yet become her gift.

Targeted Audience: women, medieval fantasy readers, fantasy romance readers, readers who enjoy esotericism, mystery and paganism

Author Bio:
Iva Kenaz was born in 1984 in Prague, the Czech Republic. Writing has been her greatest passion since childhood and is significantly influenced by esotericism, spirituality and her homeland. She studied Screenwriting at the Film Academy in Prague and Creative Writing at London South Bank University.
In June 2014 she published her first novel, The Witch Within, and has been currently working on a sequel to the book as well as her second novel, My Melancholic Diary.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The Witch Within was greatly influenced by a book called The Secret History of the Czech Lands, which describes the fascinating long-lost lore of my ancestors and another significant inspiration flourished from studying Runes, Paganism and Sacred Geometry.
The writing process was a truly magical experience for me. I withdrew from society one fall, except for going out for hikes with my dog, and sank into the realm of the tale until the first trees began to bloom. I love to remember those unique moments that granted me the space and time to complete the novel and now I can only hope that others will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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