Aunt Claire or The Country Weekend by Alcazar

A young couple arrives at an isolated country mansion to spend the weekend with an aunt they did not see for a long time. The house is strangely altered and unusually luxurious. Is it because it is used as a filming location by an American company, as the aunt keeps telling them? Or is there more to it than meets the eye? And what about the strange noises in the night? It leaves them profoundly puzzled. And when they start to investigate the strange happenings they suddenly find themselves in mortal danger.
They manage to rescue the aunt from the clutches of a ruthless adventuress who is not afraid to kill. When they interrogate her, it turns out this woman does not operate alone. The identity of the traitor comes as a rude shock to the aunt. She wants revenge and reveals herself as a first class dominatrix as she plans a severe and humiliating punishment. And as she carries out that punishment, other and totally unexpected developments occur in and around the country mansion. Developments that will force the young couple to play roles none of them could ever have foreseen. Roles that will change their lives forever…

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
Alcazar is a widely travelled author who currently lives in Europe. Working as an international consultant, he translates complex technical subjects into everyday language. He is the author of several professional books, training courses and a large number of articles.
Over the past years he has applied his writing skills to bondage and BDSM stories. Alcazar's life-long interest and active participation in BDSM gives his stories a real authentic feeling. They are all written against the backdrop of countries and cities in different parts of the world. He also has a fondness for letting his stories end with a wickedly unexpected twist…
When reviewing one of his stories, a steaming blend of BDSM fantasy and actual technological possibilities, one critic wrote:
'… he has succeeded in making something totally outrageous sound entirely plausible‚Ķ And he has done so erotically…'

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
A visit to what once has been a "stately home" and the dark, brooding atmosphere of that house and its surroundings. I suddenly imagined the things that could have happened here, in this isolated spot. After that I started adding things to the framework. Love, passion, betrayal, crime, bondage and domination, punishment…

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