Neighborly Love by G.R Grayson

Neighbourly-Love-300515For Stephanie an afternoon home alone without the family is an opportunity for some valuable me time. Opting for some topless sun baking with her nose in a book, something she hadn’t done for some years. Things take an unexpected turn when the young guy from next door neighbor, Ryan, jumps the fence to recover his basketball and things mighty neighborly!

Targeted Audience: Adult Erotica Over 21

Author Bio:
I have often been asked by friends:
“How does a suburban housewife become an author of erotica? The stories are so hot, and you’re so sweet!”
I have found I have a special talent. A talent in finding out what people do when the lights are low, the clothes come off and things get wild. I love to share it with you!
You see people walking down the street, at work, at the supermarket, at church and of course at the hairdressers and they look prim and proper and carry them selves as high upstanding citizens who never fever feel the tinges of passion and the heat of lust.
Well I’m here to tell you they do!
When my husband began to travel for business more and the girls at the hairdresser’s were always talking about their latest man, I decided instead of sitting home and being frustrated, I would write down their stories and other tales I hear in the suburbs. I call these stories “Urban Heat” and I think you’ll love them!

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Exploring the wild things that go on in the apparently boring suburbs.

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