Her Forbidden Fantasy by Michelle Dare

Jackson Solt is the Founder and CEO of Solt Industries. With his jet-black hair and steel blue eyes, he’s also the hottest man Celeste has ever seen. That’s also one of the reasons why she needs to stay away from him.

Celeste knows she shouldn’t lust after her boss. Being his Personal Assistant is a great job, but she wants so much more from him. When she senses Jackson feels the same heat toward her, she decides to test a theory…and takes a risk that could cost her dearly.

Targeted Audience: Over 21

Author Bio:
Michelle Dare is a Jersey girl living over the border in Pennsylvania. She started out as a reader, then became a book blogger. She loves the book community and thought to try her hand at writing. She writes contemporary and erotic romance.

She is a married mom with two wonderful children and a German Shepherd, who she considers her third child. She is a lover of books, music, and movies. Her favorite band is Maroon 5 and has too many favorite movies to list. Paranormal romance is her favorite genre to read.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I love reading hot books and love writing them just as much.

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The Sanctuary (Eros’ Edge, Book 1) by Arika Stone

thesanctuaryEve Lauren has it all — an elite New York City wedding and event planning business and a fabulous jet-setting life. When she discovers her fiancé, Jude Wright, cheated, she loses the joie de vivre for everything wedding related and gives up on ever finding romance. She escapes to Helsinki for vacation — a place she describes as “moody and dark.” It’s exactly how she feels after being burned by Jude.

Val Ruska isn’t looking for love. Infamous for being one of the most elusive rock stars to bed, the musician turned brooding artist can have any woman he wants, but doesn’t. Not any woman will do. But he’s intrigued by Eve, a single American woman dining alone, and invites her to dinner.

Val rocks Eve’s world as hard and fast as the music he plays. Eve explores her deepest erotic fantasies with him and finds a side of herself that she didn’t know existed. Their relationship causes Eve to question everything she believes about sex, love, and starting a family. Val can give her everything she’s ever dreamed of, if she’s willing to submit to his desires. But is she ready to give up her life in exchange for his? Reality sinks in when she returns to New York City and Jude seizes the opportunity to win her back—but Val isn’t so eager to let her go.

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
Arika Stone is an erotic romance author born and raised in New York City, but she currently resides in New Jersey. An expert in the wedding industry with over twelve years of experience, Arika has seen it all: from glamorous balls to rustic, intimate affairs. Several years ago, she caught the travel bug and visited Europe but fell in love with Finland–and fell in love there too. Filled with wanderlust, she’s always dreaming of her next trip and her next story. Join her on her next adventure and get lost between reality and fiction.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I traveled to Finland many years ago and fell in love with the country – the people, the food, the culture, the music. I also met a musician who I befriended and traveled all over the country with over the course of 5 years. While the book is mainly fiction, there is a bit of reality from my travels thrown in too.

I also was inspired by Finnish music, some songs are moody and dark, but mostly about love and life. This is my little ode to my love affair with the country.

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Theater Voyeur: Lights by Annelise Fox

theater-voyeur-lights-FINALLights is the first book in Annelise Fox’s Theater Voyeur series of erotic thriller novellas set in Amsterdam.

Lisle and Andreas are in trouble. They have both lost their jobs and are about to be evicted from their apartment. A night out in Amsterdam results in an enjoyable session of exhibitionism and they find their solution: a live sex show at the Theater Voyeur!

The show is a great success and becomes a regular highlight in the city, although fame comes at a price, pushing both Lisle and Andreas further than they are willing to go and putting both their lives at risk.

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
Annelise Fox was born in the Netherlands, and though she currently resides in the UK, her heart is still in Amsterdam.

Theater Voyeur: Lights is her first novel, allowing her to give full rein to her darker side!

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A Kiss From Moët by Lorain O’Neil

Smash-Moët-covShe’s young. Gorgeous. Cursed.

And she’s so not going to put up with it.

Moët Arkady is a Lecora –cursed by an ancient swamp magic so that any man she kisses could end up not only possessing HER but a lifetime of fabulously good luck to boot. Not exactly helpful when returning home after years of banishment BAM! Moët’s plane crashes right into the swamp that created the curse in the first place. So when Moët must play good Samaritan to a drowning passenger, what was that? A kiss? Better not be, because he’s Moses Gentry, the indomitable Gentry in The Consortium v. Gentry Refinery, the biggest most dangerous legal war these southern Parishes have ever seen, the one that will decide whether the swamp itself lives or dies.

And she’s the new Court Monitor who has to decide the whole blasted thing.

If Moët rules for the Consortium, Moses Gentry will lose everything –like he’s gonna let that happen. But if she rules for Moses, the Consortium’s rich and powerful members could be headed to prison –and they sure don’t intend on going. Since Moët’s predecessor resolved the dilemma by ending up alligator bait, and her former high school sweetheart is now the Consortium’s lead attorney and pretty great at stealing kisses, Moët could sure use some good luck herself.

And that wily old swamp still has its magic not to mention some truly surprising plans for the intrepid little Lecora –and whoever wins (and whoever loses!) The Consortium v. Gentry Refinery.

Because when they least expect it, a bit of swamp magic could just seal this deal… with a kiss!

A Kiss From Moët is a 72,000 word humorous romance/adventure standalone novel.

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
Lorain O’Neil is the author of Coquina Hard [Historical Fiction Standalone], Alien Advantage [Humorous Adventure Standalone], The Dangerous Path of Loving Jaesha [Very Dark Erotic Humorous Standalone Thriller], Angelique Rising [Humorous Standalone Dark Thriller], A Kiss From Moët [Humorous Paranormal Standalone Romance], The Liar Charms [Humorous Standalone Thriller], and co-author of Bedmonsters are Cool [Humorous Standalone Fantasy], all available on Amazon.

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30 Below by Wendy Stenzel Oleston

30-Below-Book-Final-REVISED-Cover-4-draftSex. Faith Quinn didn’t have much experience in that department, at least not until she met Lucas. But then again, a lot of things changed when he stepped into the picture. They fell in love the moment their eyes met and as wonderful as it felt, it also set in motion a chain of events that would ultimately change the quality of their lives forever. Honesty, trust and stress-free living become nearly impossible to find as this couple willingly steps outside God’s design for sex and marriage. This leaves them asking the question: what would things have been like had they followed the wise design of their loving Father from the beginning?

30 Below is the first in a series called “Degrees of Discernment” which follows Faith and Lucas through other life issues that cause their moral temperature to rise and fall.

($.99 is a Kindle sale price. Price goes to $2.99 on October 1, 2014)

Targeted Audience: 21 and up

Author Bio:
Wendy Stenzel Oleston currently lives in Janesville, Wisconsin, with her husband, Ryan, and their two children, Brett and Caroline. She is a very proud recovering alcoholic who thanks God every day for the freedom she has found through Him. Wendy has a very specific goal in her writing: to give something of value to the world instead of taking something valuable away.

Wendy is a digital designer and enjoys running. Wendy loves to travel and has been all over the world. She is a dynamic public speaker and welcomes any opportunity to share her life story with those willing to listen.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I wanted to write a book with steamy yet respectful sex between a couple. I also wanted to show the contrast between jumping into a relationship without knowing a person and taking your time to let a relationship build naturally. In addition, I wanted to bring awareness to mental illness and how people who are afflicted can live perfectly normal lives and deserve love and respect just like anyone else.

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Cherry Ice by Melanie Amaline

cherryicecoversmallCher, young and new to love, meets her true love at work. An erotic debut from Melanie Amaline, full of sensuality and sweetness. Explicit content.

From the pages of Cherry Ice:

“I make a noise and wrap my arms around his neck. He smells like cherry cola and cinnamon. I can’t remember anything so sweet. His hand is running up my thigh and in between my legs.”

Cher and Jason may have found their one true love among the bottles and magazine racks of Freestate Deli and Lotto.

Targeted Audience: New Adult

Author Bio:
Melanie Amaline is an erotica author with a taste for the dark and the explicit. She is interested in writing fiction about sex, love, relationships, and difficult people.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
My recollections of my late teens and early twenties–I remember the half-mad, shadowy quality of relationships at this age and the intensity of desire.

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How To Give A Blow Job by Isabelle Livingstone

coverLove is a battlefield. Get your ammunition here.

“…If you are just starting out, this guide can give you all the details you need to give good head (mind-blowing head)! If you already think you know most of it, this last section on how to deep throat might surprise you!”
–Liliane Bird Erotica Review

“What most women find a taboo topic and unworthy to discuss out in the open, Livingstone tackles with panache and style…If you think there is nothing to talk about when it comes to giving head, you couldn’t be more wrong. Knowledge is power and in this case, you end up having both!”
– Hanna Banks, Writer and Reviewer

Giving Good Head- Do you have the Guts to Gear up!?

Then you’ve hit the jackpot.

Oral sex. Love it, hate it, or confused by it. Either way you
have to admit, mastering it may just give you domain over the world…or your world anyway!
Whether you are a novice or a BJ Queen: How to Give a Blow Job will answer all the questions
you’ve ever had or give the inspiration you need to ignite the flame again!

How to Give a Blow Job covers the following aspects of oral sex:
The “12 Most Common Questions About BJs”
Eye-opening true psychological reasons why men love blow jobs
The nuts and bolts of fellatio and men’s anatomy
The location of the ever-elusive male “G spot”!
Specific techniques and positions from beginner to nobility status- that you will not find elsewhere
Fun and amazing oral sex positions
Performance anxiety: yours and his – and how to help.
AND added bonus that will reveal all the sensational secrets of the pros on how to deep throat.

Once you master these techniques- there will be no desire you can not fulfill!

There will be no questions of how to please your man in bed.
Its the ultimate answers to any of your ‘how to have oral sex’ questions.
And, it is far above anything you’ve ever been taught on how to deep throat.
Its basically the bible and stuff.

Dont forget to use the ‘look inside’ feature amazon provides us with. You can check out the content for yourself and then you will be guaranteed to know what you are getting into and the value you’ll receive! Its a great ‘try before you buy’ feature.
You also don’t need to have a kindle to read the kindle version. Just use this app: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=kcp_pc_mkt_lnd?docId=1000426311


Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
Isabelle lives in an apartment overlooking the riviera. She writes and paints nude everyday and does not exist.

She enjoys observing human interrelations and has a keen ability to draw out their motivations and desires through their shroud of delusions. Sort of like sucking out snake venom from your blood, and almost as helpful.

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Throbbing Meat by William Scott

Some friends engage in sexual activity in an adult movie theater for money

Targeted Audience: erotica

Author Bio:
I am a writer of fiction, etc.

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Lolly Learns a Lesson by Cara Cane

Lolly-Learns-a-Lesson-Book-CoverWhen sexy college student Lolly Lane comes to Professor Artemus Hooper and demands a better grade, he decides to make her earn it. Lolly agrees, but each one of his demands seems kinkier than the last. Will Lolly submit to every request?

Content Warning: This novelette contains explicit material much too naughty for this description.

Themes explored in this short story: Submission, spanking, rough sex, dirty talk, bdsm

Targeted Audience: Erotica Readers Who Enjoy Explicit Stories

Author Bio:
Cara Cane is an erotica author dedicated to writing explicit stories for passionate readers.

Her first release, Lolly Learns a Lesson, tells the story of a sexy college student who submits to her professor’s kinky demands.

Cara’s latest erotic release, Submissive After Dark: Explicit Sex Stories Collection, features four red-hot stories designed to arouse your carnal desires.

Cara’s upcoming series, Menage Maid Service, follows two modern and sexually adventurous women who provide Cleaning with a Tryst – emphasis on the tryst! The first steamy installment of Menage Maid Service will be available soon through Amazon and wherever hot, sexy books are sold.

Connect with Cara on Twitter @CaraCaneBooks, Facebook, Goodreads, or CaraCane.com.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
A love for erotica

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Dorothea’s Feet by William Scott

content_4985109_DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL-CopyStory of a call girl/stripper who pleasures with her legs and feet while living a double life in the church

Targeted Audience: erotica

Author Bio:
I am a writer of erotic fiction among other subjects

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