New Atlantis Bundle Bk 1-3 by Nhys Glover

na3dExplore the Utopian World of New Atlantis in this Reduced Price Bundle

Experience the pleasure of the first three full-length novels in the New Atlantis series in one ebook. Over 165,000 words to enjoy as you explore the Utopian world of New Atlantis in the year 2330 and meet the time travelling Retrievers whose task it is to repopulate the decimated planet with people from the past.

Meet Cara, the 45 year old teacher from 2011 New York, who is offered a new love and a new life in this fabulous future world. But will she stop rocking the boat long enough to keep what she’s gained? Meet Jac, her gorgeous Retriever, who finds love for the first time in hundreds of years, but discovers he may lose it if he’s not willing to change himself and his whole world in order to keep her.

Then journey back to Sydney Australia in 1968 and meet Jane, the plain little shop assistant who jumps off a ferry to save a boy’s life and wakes up in a beautiful new body in the future. But does Julio, the bad boy Brazilian she idolizes, love her or just the body she now inhabits?

And finally, join Faith as she engineers an audacious mission to 1942 to rescue 150 children from a train heading for Belzac Death Camp in Poland. When things don’t go as planned, she find she must Retrieve Luke, a US commando, who saves her from the Nazis. But this savage warrior has no place in her peaceful world, and even love and a whole new life in the future won’t keep him from doing his duty and completing his mission.

˃˃˃ Sensual Romance
For women who like their love scenes steamy yet wholly romantic

Targeted Audience: Adult women

Author Bio:
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What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I was inspired to write the New Atlantis series by the desire to escape my rather boring life. I’ve tended to live a less than boring existence up until the last few years, so I found I got bored when nothing was happening. So I thought, what would my perfect life look like? And so I started creating that life in my imagination. In that life the world was a peaceful utopia where life extended indefinitely by using cloned bodies, and you could do anything you wanted, even time travel. And of course, that perfect life would have to have romance, so I started creating gorgeous, somewhat flawed men to populate it. Bit by bit, that world became real to me, and even though I thought I’d finished the series, I find I’m back there again, because I love New Atlantis and the people in it so much I just can’t stay away. My readers tell me they have the same kind of response to it.

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