Hard Choices by Joan Farraneau

She was his first love. He was her plaything.

Ten years ago to the day, Sean Hartwood left Forton, Texas with a promise never to return. Now, despite his promise, he’s back, back to the one place he swore he’d never see again, back to the same tired streets where his heart was broken so long ago.

For ten years, Sam Atley has dreamed of picking up and leaving Forton. Married to an abusive alcoholic and stuck in a dead-end job at the local diner, she’s lost all hope of leading a happy life in this backwoods town where nothing ever seems to happen. That is, until one morning when a handsome, mysterious stranger appears in town. From the moment Sam sets eyes on him, she knows her entire world is about to change.

But can love flourish when secrets abound and the past comes crashing into the present? Sometimes, the answer isn’t so simple…

Hard Choices is a standalone 53,000-word novel complete with HEA.

Targeted Audience: 21 plus

Author Bio:
Joan Farraneau is a lover and liver of all things erotic. When she's not penning her next fantasy, she enjoys spending time with her rambunctious golden-doodle, eating copious amounts of grocery store sushi, and lying down for entirely too long and watching television designed to rot your brain. Her second full-length novel, Flash Photography, is in the works.

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His Sexy Little Bitch by Samantha Ashley

Do you have a dream?
Amber believed her dreams got fulfilled when she quit her Lawyer career and became a professional photo model, always having her life filled with fun and excitement.

But when she has to face the cold reality of having to pay off her student loan in a very short amount of time, she is prepared to do anything for it.

Her co-worker tries to be helpful, by referring her to her wealthy cousin Ian, who is supposed to hire Amber as his new lawyer. But instead, he has in mind much dirtier job, Amber agrees on almost immediately.

In just a few short days, she is swept into the world of domination and submission, serving as Ian’s new sex toy. Her life gets turned over, when she realises, she now has her own forbidden dreams, filled with loads of hot, hardcore sex.

Will Amber be able to handle her newly discovered lust?

His Sexy Little Bitch is extremely hot erotic BDSM anal stand-alone!

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
Samantha Ashley is a naughty girl, always ready for a new adventure. She loves to experiment with new things and meeting new people. She also strongly believes sex is something nobody should be ashamed of.

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Stealing Emma by M.C. Roman

Stealing_Emma_200x300Emma Blake is ready for a change from her monotonous life in Los Angeles. So when her boyfriend Roy suggests they go to grad school abroad in Spain, she’s all for the adventure. New city, new life, new friends. What could possibly go wrong?

Max Durant is excited to be back home in Madrid and take a much needed break from his hectic life in London. He was looking forward to a new challenge in school…until it materializes in the feistiest girl he ever met on a basketball court. There’s something about her that simply makes his blood boil and he becomes instantly hooked. But then his world comes to a screeching halt when he realizes she’s already taken.

Despite the obvious warning signs and potential disaster, Emma and Max become close friends when they’re forced together as partners in the same study group. When the lines start to blur and things begin to unravel, Emma must decide if she should hold on to her past…or take a risk in her future.

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
M.C. Roman grew up in Mexico City and currently lives in Brooklyn with her funny sexy hubby. When she’s not reading or writing, her hobbies include daydreaming, watching shows on Netflix, and cooking home cooked meals from Blue Apron.

Teaching Mia is M.C.’s debut novel after many years of interest in creative writing. It has since garnered over 2.5 million reads online and was featured on IndieReader Insiders’ Next Picks. Enseñando A Mia (Spanish Edition) has been a Top 100 Best Seller on Amazon Spain during several consecutive weeks and is a Hispanic fiction and contemporary romance Best Seller in the United States.

M.C.’s newest novel in the series, Stealing Emma, released August 5th, 2014. She is currently working on translating it into Spanish as well as writing her next novel, Chasing Sofia.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I was inspired to write Stealing Emma after I completed the first book in the series, Teaching Mia. I was very drawn to Max’s character in the first book and felt that there was a whole other story hidden within him. I started to develop his character a bit further and before I knew it another romantic hero in the Durant family was born. I was also still very inspired by the setting of the books, which is based on my experience during grad school while living in Spain. My time there was so rich and intense, I felt that there were more aspects to explore and showcase through a second book.

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