No Honor Between Brothers by Deborah Tadema

Everyone has at least one weakness. Mitch Wilder’s is women. He has always been fussed over, coddled and protected by them. As a teenager he was the star football quarterback, always surrounded by girls, as he used his good looks and popularity to his advantage. By thirty-nine years of age, he hasn’t slowed down. Mitch still sneaks from bedroom to bedroom.

When his father dies in 1967 Mitch’s world starts to fray at the seams. His father’s will states that Mitch has inherited the shipping company, which Mitch has been running for eight years, ever since his father retired. But up until then the company had remained in his father’s name. While the inheritance isn’t a surprise, the stipulation that Mitch must hire his stepbrother, Tom Fleming, is. On top of this, Tom will own half the company within five years. If this doesn’t happen the company will be sold and the proceeds will go to charity. Mitch sees no choice but to hire his brother.

Other than the fact that Mitch hates Tom, he has also discovered that Tom had an affair with the woman Mitch loves, Claire Lester. He comes up with a plan: to convince Claire to marry him and keep her away from Tom.

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
Deborah Tadema received a diploma in “Short Story and Fiction Writing.” Following this, she completed three levels of a creative writing course. She currently belongs to a writing group and has her work critiqued on a regular basis.
Deb grew up in Port Stanley, Ontario, the eldest of six children. She met her first husband in high school, moved to St. Thomas and had two daughters. Many years later she gained two stepsons when she married her current husband. They have nine grandchildren. Deb and Harold now live near the village of Bayfield.
Aside from working in manufacturing positions, Deb has worked in retail and in a garden center. Now, she spends a lot of time devoted to her writing.
Author of White Clouds On The Horizon, Taken Twice, and No Honor Between Brothers. Soon to come, Abandoned Honor.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I loved how much trouble my characters got into. This book shows of everyday struggles with addictions. Everyone has some kind of addiction. Whether they are aware of it or not. I thought I'd show some in this book.

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Fifty Shades for Couples: The Real-Life Guide to Living the Fantasy by Casey R. Alexander

Are you the ultimate Fifty Shades of Grey fan? Do you want to relive the erotic magic from the best-selling novel?

Fifty Shades for Couples: The Real-Life Guide to Living the Fantasy is the straightforward, unabashed script for lovers who want to recreate the steamiest scenes from E L James’s book, Fifty Shades of Grey. No mere introduction to mind-blowing sensual romance, this sexy playbook provides specific scene notes, props, and spicy suggestions for acting out your favorite fantasies.

Review: “The book that will save your sex life! Too many couples are scared to ask for more. Finally, a sexy play guide for mind-blowing sex, a deeper connection with your partner and more–faster than you can say ‘You. Are. Mine.'”
–Dr. Chris Donaghue, PhD, LCSW, CST, author of Sex Outside the Lines: Authentic Sexuality in a Sexually Dysfunctional Culture

Targeted Audience: Over 21

Author Bio:
Author, blogger, and rogue solution seeker, Casey Alexander inspires couples to reconnect intimately and fall in love all over again.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
After reading the Fifty Shades series, so many women wanted to know how to implement that kind of sexy energy and connection in their own lives. I wrote Fifty Shades for Couples to help couples spice up their own intimate relationships.

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A Date with Fate by Tracy Ellen

Book Description
Welcome to the world of Anabel Axelrod!

Hold on to your seat for the beginning of a fun ride! This is not your traditional romance wrapped up in a nice box and tied with a HEA pretty bow. A Date with Fate is the debut novel by Tracy Ellen, and the first volume in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod ongoing series. Experience action, sex, wit, romance, mystery, mayhem, friends, family, flashbacks, fantasies, much laughter, and an “OMG!” cliffhanger–all in one roller-coaster ride of a wild weekend!

Smart and sexy bookstore owner Anabel Axelrod is happily satisfied with the routine of her life. She enjoys her work, the occasional company of good friends and family, and casual dates with men that are willing to follow her ironclad rules on dating.

Not too tall, deliciously dark, and definitely not handsome, the mysterious Luke Drake is a new man in town. When they meet, Anabel realizes Luke is the same man that she saw briefly in her bookstore months ago. They had never actually spoken, but sparks flew and worlds collided when their eyes clashed across the room that day.

It soon becomes apparent Luke has set his sights on Anabel, but he is no follower of rules and control is his middle name. Falling crazy in lust and sharing her darkest desires with an experienced man like Luke was definitely not in Anabel’s plans. She loves being single and will allow no man to control her, but Luke has persuasive ideas of his own.

But Anabel’s intense desire for Luke Drake is not her only concern. The slutty wife of a friend has gone missing, an employee at her store is attacked by an abusive ex, and the man who broke her heart years ago returns to town. Anabel’s orderly life dissolves into chaos. In A Date with Fate, the question remains–will the sassy, blonde bookseller follow her own rules to stay single, or will she understand that life is never simple and a certain mesmerizing complication may be worth the risk, even if it kills her?

The next two books in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod series, Courted by Karma and In Love by Design, are available for purchase at all major booksellers. Adieu to Destiny is available for preorder and will be released in November 2014.

*This series is meant for the entertainment of an adult, mature audience. Please do not buy/read my books if scenes containing strong sexual situations, moderate violence, and explicit language offend you.

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The Horny Heart? by Paula Jacobsson

hony-heart-Jlook-inside-v2TopRight10_SH20Show me ONE person who doesn’t want to have an amazing and breathtaking sex life! Not that everybody considers sex to be the most important factor in life, but when we do engage in sexual activities we want to experience the stuff that rocks our world and leaves us lying in bed spent and happy with a silly grin on our faces. I know I do. But, how do we go about it? Well, as far as I have understood the majority go out to buy some new spicy underwear, a sex toy or two, watch porn together or something to that effect. In many cases that might help to put some zing back into the relationship for a short while, but the effect doesn’t last and instead of rushing back to the store for some more supplies they need to turn back inwards, towards their relationship. The media feeds us with a zillion different outfits, looks, toys and porn-inspired scenarios to make us believe that’s what’s missing. They couldn’t be more wrong because the most important factor to a fulfilling and awe-inspiring sex life is….wait for it: INTIMACY. Read that again. Intimacy. Some say you can read this word as: In-to-me-see. And that’s just it. When you relate to someone intimately, you know them deep down, you can read their eyes and gestures for an update on the mood right now, you know their dreams, innermost needs and wishes, there is absolutely no end to the possibilities and dimensions that you can experience together. This doesn’t mean that every sexual encounter need be an earth moving experience; sometimes it’s ok with the wham-bam-variety. Why doesn’t intimacy sell? Well, it takes time. There is no quick-fix and we live in an age where instant gratification is key. On the other hand many also recognize that these quick-fixes leave us with a feeling of emptiness. Porn shows us a warped version of “reality” by presenting always-ready-to-go-solutions where all the participants at all times are a hundred percent focused on sex and nothing else. Newflash! Nobody in the real world lives or functions like that. If they’re emotionally healthy that is. If you want to settle for porn, that’s your choice, but be aware that you are settling for something that can never be anything but a cheap and sadly lacking copy of the real thing. You have this extraordinary possibility of really living, right here, right now, don’t sell yourself short. So, instead of spending precious time on running around trying to find the aphrodisiac that is missing in a sex shop or on the internet, spend time together with your partner, as well as with yourself, make an effort to get to know each other better, listen attentively, tell each other about vulnerabilities, needs, sorrows, joys and dreams. In fact use every waking moment together to find out something more about your partner, look at it as an adventure, a treasure to be excavated, lovingly. The book “The Horny Heart?” is an outspoken, inspirational, easy-going but still serious reminder that we need to make conscious choices in order to have the fantastic and enriching experiences we all dream of.

Targeted Audience: From 21 and upwards

Author Bio:
Paula Jacobsson was born in Stockholm, Sweden, part of a middle class family with two older siblings. She graduated from school without any specific plan on what to do “when she grew up”. At the age of 19 she was “discovered” by Stockholm’s most prominent fashion model guru and her work as a model took her to Germany, Japan and the US. In 1981 she was a finalist in the Miss Sweden contest.

Her career has since mainly been focused on marketing within various organizations and a variety of positions. After becoming a mother her interest turned more into quality of life, creativity, health and wellbeing as well as spirituality. In 2007 she was asked to write a booklet on psychosocial work environment and stress management and found the work so stimulating she decided to write more. In 2010 she released a book (Jobbigt – så funkar jobbSverige) on the Swedish labor market together with her colleague Pernilla Wadborg challenging the Swedish government by describing the many challenges and possibilities from a personal viewpoint questioning and promoting a change of values in politics.

Paula prefers to write and lecture around creativity, holistic health and the power of love. Despite the fact that you may find an outspoken sharpness and sometimes even cynicism in her wording her warmth and sense of humor is what characterizes and dominates her writing.

Paula lives with her daughter, Lina 23 and her two cats, Ingvar & Texas outside Stockholm.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
My daughters questions and queries during her teens as well as the ongoing debate and discussion in media as regards the areas of sex, porn and love.

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Fucking Right! Oral Fixation by Layla Leone

71QZpfCvH-L._SL1500You love your lady and you’d do anything to please her, but the thought of going down on her fills you with absolute terror. That’s ok – plenty of guys feel the same way, so you’re certainly not alone. But in the pages of this unique guide to oral sex, you will find everything you need to scramble over the embarrassment hurdle and hone your technique.

You’ll find out what makes her squirm with pleasure, what will turn her on so much that she’ll barely be able to resist you and what tips, tricks and techniques you can use to tip her over the edge every single time.

You’ll be able to try some exotic positions and adventurous techniques that you may never have even heard of – not to mention that you’ll leave your woman begging for more. As the starter course for an evening of intense pleasure, what could be better than training your tongue to give her the most intense orgasms she’s ever felt?

Targeted Audience: Adults

Author Bio:
In her ten years as a sex expert and therapist, there are few tricks that Layla Leone hasn’t seen and experienced. Renowned for her in-depth work with couples to help them spice up their sex life and learn to love all over again, Leone wanted to spread her wisdom further. She is now also a successful author of sexual guidebooks that bring her hard-earned expertise to the general public.

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Leaving London by Garry Crystal

New-CoverTemporary jobs, temporary friends and temporary relationships. Temporary can easily become a comfortable lifestyle if you linger in London too long.

Moving to London means you’ve now become one of the eight million players on a large, vibrant and sometimes dangerous stage. This is a city that offers something for everyone whether you’re looking for love, money, work, fun or simply a way of avoiding life. Drink, drugs, sex, relationships and the daily grind – just another day in London. Leaving London takes place within one year in the city, a year where two people, who weren’t looking, find each other among eight million other inhabitants.

Narrator Cal finds himself living in the city once again, trying his best to traverse the metropolis by having only the maximum fun with the minimum of effort. The city has other plans. Mugged on Christmas Eve, daily office politics and a suicidal flat mate all conspire to add to his constant hangover but it’s Sofia who makes the biggest impact on Cal’s year. It’s easy to find someone in London but trusting someone, that’s a different matter.

Leaving London is an anti-romance story for the analyzation generation. A humorous and often dark look at everyday life in a city where a year can be a life changing experience.

Targeted Audience: 21 and up

Author Bio:
Garry Crystal is a freelance writer living in the UK. His short stories and articles have appeared in print and online including Expats Post, The Andirondack Review, Turnrow Journal and Orato. His first novel Leaving London is available from which the short stories in The Last Busker in London and Other London Tales were taken.

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Lucia’s Lessons of Love by Lucia Demasi

b154“Lucia’s Lessons of Love” has been called the “love manual” for single men and women. This is not your typical relationship book with long, drawn-out or complicated answers. Lucia gets to the point immediately and bottom lines each answer in a fun, easy-to-read “Q & A” format. Think of it as the “cliff notes” for love, dating and relationships.“Lucia’s Lessons of Love” answers questions like: Why is it that whenever I like someone they don’t like me, and the ones I don’t like are crazy about me? (pg.27)
What does, “I love you but I’m not in love with you” mean? (pg.58) Shoud you compliment a woman, especially an attractive woman, when you first meet her? Ignore my advice on this at your own peril. (pg.50) What do men want? No, it’s not sex. (although they want that too) (pg.38) Where is the most romantic place on earth? (you’ll be surprised) (pg.20) Does “the one” really exist? (pg.13) Do I have to play hard to get? (pg.48) Why do I always attract the wrong people? (pg.26) What’s the fastest way to connect with someone? (Bill Clinton does it all the time) (pg.28) What does it mean when someone says they “need space”? (pg.63) What are the top three dating mistakes? (pg.31) What does it mean when a woman says “nothing” is wrong? Is it really true? You’ll stop a lot of fights by finding out the answer to this. (pg.66) When does a woman know if she wants to sleep with a man? (pg.34) What are the reasons men don’t ask a woman out? (even if they’re interested) (pg.41)

Targeted Audience: 22

Author Bio:
Lucia is an internationally known dating/relationship expert and TV personality. She hosts “The Art of Love” on L.A. Talk Radio, is a keynote speaker and syndicated columnist. She hosted “The Art of Love” TV show for 3 years in Los Angeles. Born in Italy and raised in Canada, this modern day Renaissance woman has enjoyed a whole host of careers. As a teenager, she had a stint as a truck-driving soldier. After 2 ½ years in the Canadian army she moved back to her native Italy to pursue a modeling career.

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SFAIH-2-WEB-smallFour years of daily passionate loving, near the ocean, in the car, during moonlight days and sunset horizons, coupled with glasses of rum punch, came to a halt when thick lipped, Linus Hyacinth, emigrated from St. Lucia to Canada in October 1972 in search of greener pastures.

In the midst of trying to adjust to the extreme changes in climate, he searches for work as an architectural draftsman. Miserable and missing his lover, he worries about her loyalty amidst a sea of man-peckers. He writes her weekly professing his love and his desire for her to join him.

Nine months later, June 1973, the naive Claudette Alexander, sets off on her journey in pursuit of love and prosperity. In Canada, love takes on a different direction as she tries to adjust to Linus’ broken promises, culture shock, racism and single parenting.

As she embarks on the sea of love, she encounters stormy weather and her heart gets as frigid as the North American winters. It will take a special man to crack through her icy heart.

After four failed relationships, she meets Malcolm James. He is quiet, patient and soft spoken and has loved her when he first met her as a teenager. He has yearned and longed for her. Crossed the ocean, and had his fair share of failed relationships.

But Malcolm needs to break down these walls and bore through her icy heart to rescue her from herself and get to the sunrise as she battles kidney failure.

Targeted Audience: Ages 21 – 70

Author Bio:
Claudette Alexander is obsessed with love and romance. As a teenager growing up in St.Lucia she was fascinated with the Mills and Boon series and always envisioned some Prince coming down some mountain to rescue her heart.
Her other passion is fighting for the rights of the underdog. She did a good bit of fighting as a union president. These days she is fighting to empower people with knowledge on how to live happily with chronic conditions.
Her first novel SUNRISE FROM AN ICY HEART: A MEMOIR is about her journey to find the right man to love her and the joys and headaches of raising loving sons.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I have always been an avid reader of books and had the desire to write children’s books. I also wanted to write about the love I shared with the fathers of my son so they could know the love that preceded their existence.

Raising loving sons is such an uphill battle with tears and joys and I wanted to motivate single parents to smash through the fence of fear and fly.

As someone on dialysis for ten years I also wanted to offer hope to people living with a chronic condition and inspire them to live happily while managing the card they have been dealt with.

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Pleasure by CM Deveraux

Pleasure-High-ResolutionHe’s trying to kill me.
He’s going to kill me.
And there’s nothing I can do to stop him.

Ten years.

Ten long years enduring her husband’s I’m-staying-late-at-the-office-honey-but-I’m-really-not bootie calls, and Sasha Chase is finished playing a naïve, little housewife. The marriage is over. For her. The only problem? It’s far from over for Damon.

On the day Damon is served with divorce papers by Sasha’s hunky, ginger-haired lawyer Gideon O’Shea, Sasha knows better than to let Damon inside her house, but he sounds so desperate and broken, sobbing outside her door like a neglected child. In a moment of forgiveness, she unbolts the door, letting him in.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Targeted Audience: 21 and over

Author Bio:
Most people think I’m an introvert, the quiet girl, the one lurking in the corner of a high-end coffee shop, sipping my chai tea, glancing at them, glancing at you. I certainly look the part. To see me, you’d think I belonged in the forest, running free with a group of sweet-faced fairies, instead of sitting in front of my laptop, feverishly penning my next racy scene.

Maybe I am introverted. Or maybe, just maybe, I’m a proper girl sometimes, and an entirely different girl other times. Read my books. Tell me what you think.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Each part in my five-part series has a message about believing in yourself, standing up for what you believe in, etc. I wanted to write stories about empowering women.

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Expressions of Humanity by Maja Dezulovic

EOH-cover-resizedExpressions of Humanity is a collection of poetry and descriptive accounts about people and for people. Our lives are a result of the way we interact with each other. Our common needs, emotions and thought patterns make us human.

This is an autobiographical look at different characters, society and encounters with fellow human beings. The book speaks of what we are capable of and the problems we face without neglecting to commend our inherent beauty.

Targeted Audience: 18+

Author Bio:
Maja is a South African/Croatian writer. She spent her childhood in South Africa and her late teenage years in Croatia. After that, she spent some time hopping between Africa and Europe. Her lifestyle has allowed me her gain varied insights about life from different people and places. She has many interests, which come through in her work.
Her first book, the 360 Degree Heart – a poetic anthology, was published in July 2013, followed by her second anthology, Expressions of Humanity, in December 2013. Right now she is working on another anthology, a songbook and a dystopian fiction novel.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
This book was inspired by observing the way we interact with each other and having gratitude for the people who have come in and out of my life. The smallest deed can have a huge impact on someone’s life. We are all interconnected.

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