Deadly Transformation by Rosalie King

Kelcy Steeples undergoes an extreme transformation on a TV reality show and conceals her fame to avoid unwanted attention. At the pinnacle of life when she finds success, danger leads Kelcy to question whether the show was a mistake. Will she forfeit the love she’s always craved? Or will she fight the instinct to run from adversity?

Trudie Carlyle relocates from the UK to America with her husband. Newly wedded, she is jealous of every woman with whom her husband interacts, including his new secretary, Kelcy. Trudie has lost three men in her life, including her father, and vows to stop anyone who poses a threat. She must abandon notions of suspicion before fear destroys her marriage.

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
Rosalie King lives in Texas with her husband, children, and pets. Her earliest memory of a gift for writing dates back to the 5th grade when the teacher complimented her on an assignment while distributing graded papers to every student in class. Rosalie lived in Italy for two and a half years and spent time abroad traveling in Europe. Through her experiences, she gained an appreciation for diverse nationalities, cultures, and languages. The combination of these elements, as well as Rosalie’s imagination, have led to a creation of stories rich in content and emotional satisfaction.
“Rosalie brings a new voice to Romantic Suspense by creating multi-faceted characters who battle challenges and then some. I find my breath being held just a little too long, my heart racing a little bit faster, as she takes me on a journey to perilous lands.” – KC Frantzen, Author of May the K9 Spy series.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
A portion of this novel is based on a true story. My friend allowed me to interview her, video camera and all, so that I could include it in my Romantic Thriller.

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