A Strange Place to Die by Pagna C. Wick

In Imperial County California, the rich & famous and elderly, are receiving ransom letters demanding large sums of cash in exchange for their safety, from someone named The Maverick. After a death of a friend, and victim of The Maverick, Private Investigator Cassia is hired by Mr. Kessler, a wealthy old man living in Imperial County, and victim of The Maverick. Mr. Kessler is burdened with illness and chooses to live his remaining life with his riches and a hot young wife. Cassia speculates Mr. Kessler knows who is striking fear and murdering those who do not meet The Maverick’s demand. Prying information from Mr. Kessler, Cassia investigates one charming individual whom nobody seems to dislike. What Private Investigator Cassia does not know is, the lifestyle of the rich & famous will rub off on her for all the wrong reasons.

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
Pagna C. Wick is a mountain climber from Montana. When not climbing he is an active reader of Shakespeare and many other modern English writers. He also enjoys a good laugh and frequents comedy clubs and his favorite television show is America's Funniest Home Videos.

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