Cowboy Bought And Paid For by Crystal Chance

Mackenzie may be irresponsible, but she’s not stupid. She’s a college student with big dreams. And she may not be the luckiest gambler, but she’s certainly not as desperate to earn back lost money as her cowboy boss may think.

He’s is a hot looking rancher with a bad attitude. She likes to look at him, and finds herself tempted to flirt, but she won’t take things any further than that. Besides, she wouldn’t hang her hat with men like him in the first place. He’s much older than her and he’s got other commitments. Big commitments!

Sure, she needs his money and that’s a fact. But that’s all she needs from him. So she’s agreed to do a job for him that will pay very well. Enough to pay back the money she needs for college. But the job requires her to step out of her own personal boundaries by offering her fertility to serve as his surrogate.

Mackenzie is in for the ride of her life on this nine month journey to earn back her college money.

Publisher’s note: This story has a HEA ending. It is intended for mature readers.

Targeted Audience: 18+

Author Bio:
Crystal Chance is no stranger to writing romance novels, but until very recently, she was reluctant to share her secret passion with the world. She used to think that creating love stories from her college years were merely fascinations that most would consider “weird”. Later, she would discover that this interpretation of her writing was simply a biased opinion of others who are quick to judge the work of artists.

It is interesting to note, that she began her college years with a major in landscape architecture. However, she quickly realized that her heart just wasn’t in it, and that she was truly a story-teller.

As a relatively new author, Crystal gets pure joy and satisfaction from writing about the characters whom have lived in her mind since she was a child. These are characters which she has kept very still, until now.

Upon interviewing Crystal, we’ve recently discovered that she writes primarily from the early memories of a relationship she had when she was still a virgin at 15 years old. “Chance” was his name, and this young man is where Crystal gleaned inspiration and originally penned her surname. Of course, her stories are not non-fictional in nature, but variations of what “could have been”.

Although Crystal doesn’t take the form of traditional romance authors, she delights in sharing her fantasy of writing some very passionate, but romantic “love stories”.

You’ll find steam in her books, but you’ll also learn more about the characters and their particular nuances as they come to life in her compelling stories of love and sometimes betrayal. Her stories are stories of “Chance”.

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