Mrs. Bryson’s Dirty Secret by TJ Adams

Twenty-three year old Jeffery Thompson has recently finished with his schooling. Accepting a job from Ellis Bryson will change him forever, as it turns out to be more than he bargained for. The young man discovers at a company Christmas party, Bryson’s wife—Jill—who shows up, dressed to the nines during a seductively, beautiful winter night.

Mrs. Bryson’s Dirty Secret is a face paced, tender novella detailing the hidden love of an affair with the bosses wife. Employed as a draftsman, Thompson worries that the affair will come to light and he will be looking for a job in a downturned economy, when the old man, simply offers him the keys.

Thompson puts Mrs. Bryson through the paces, along with the hot company secretary, Vicky Lansdale.

Targeted Audience: Over 21…Adult

Author Bio:
TJ Adams is the pen name / pseudonym of a California author

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