The Bitch Majestic by Judith Chambers

By day she is a thirty-two year old business woman.
By night she is a dedicated homewrecker.
The dreaded “other woman”.

Don’t judge her before you’ve read her story.

The Bitch Majestic is an erotic and darkly romantic journey into adultery, sex magic, and high society lust and Judith Chambers is the ultimate female predator, beautiful, wealthy, intelligent, with almost zero empathy for the men she seduces or the wives they leave behind.

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
I'm a former marketing exec from the Cotswolds in South Central England, but I gave all that up to write erotica and dark romance, and so far I haven't had a single reason to regret my decision.

I don't write easy, let-you-off-the-hook "bubblegum" romance. I like to fill my books with real people, nuanced relationships, credible dialogue, the kind of stuff that makes the tension seem so much sweeter for being so much more believable.

Having said that I do declare myself a fan of all types of romance, and I'm an avid reader of high-brow erotica, I love alpha males, sweaty couplings in dimly lit rooms, and lots of raunchy talk. I have a tropical vocabulary, filled with hot sweaty vowels and moist juicy consonants.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Every woman has a little of the character of Judith Chambers in them, every woman has a dark side, I based a lot of the stuff in The Bitch Majestic on real life experiences, but then again a lot of it is pure fiction, and I'll darned if I ever tell you which is which.

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Black Bible: Book of Lilith by Tina Bell

BB-Book-of-LilithTwelve years ago a horrific tragedy struck, claiming the lives of a secret coven of witches on campus. Now, the re-discovery of magic and an ancient spell book leads university students on a disturbing and wildly erotic adventure featuring bloody, arcane rituals, damsels in distress, and fantasies made real. Will the cost of this new power be too high, will lust consume them all?

Targeted Audience: Erotica fans

Author Bio:
Tina Bell is a new author with great hopes and dreams. She longs to take fans on a journey of tun and excitement as she turns writing into a full-time career, and then into something even more.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The book was inspired by what is probably the most famous adult anime ever made. A friend challenged me to use some of the ideas but come up with something with more interesting characters and a much richer storyline. And it had to be really, really naughty.

This book was a challenge because it was the first full-length novel I’ve published. It’s also a new genre for me. I hope the book will prove successful enough to propel me into my next novel, an erotic supernatural mystery.

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