Deliverance (Dark Desires Book 2) by Kourtney King

Valerie was trying to be hopeful. Vlad would find her before it was too late.

That thing called hope faded as she was jetted away from the place she called home. The man who’d kidnapped her was nice. Kidnappers weren’t supposed to be “nice”. She wasn’t complaining, but she didn’t trust him. Valerie prayed that Vlad found her soon before her captor decided to drop the act.

The Impaler – that’s what Valerie’s abductor had called him.
He was ready to put away the title.
He was willing to step out of the game.
That was until they took away his only reason to turn over a new leaf. No one took what belonged to him. And if she did not return in the same condition that she had left that morning, then they would learn first hand exactly how ruthless he could be.

Targeted Audience: Mature Audiences: explicit sex

Author Bio:
Kourtney King is an author that draws inspiration from the tragedies of reality to give life to her romances, basing them on real-life events.

Her constant musings of passers-by – from the average college student to the elderly – are her inspiration once she sits down to write. Ms King's stories are woven into sensitive subjects that she is passionate about and she thoroughly researches to portray a sense of realism in her fiction.

Through her writing, Kourtney hopes to provoke thought, strike a debate, and challenge you to question your beliefs about the world and the people living in it.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The first book in this series was a very "safe" read. The couple was finally heading towards a happily ever after, but what happens when the man you love is responsible for weapons getting into the wrong hands in war torn regions? Deliverance takes a sharp turn when Valerie is kidnapped and the man who has her is a client that Vlad had turned down.

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