Unmasked by Linda Penn

Tanya is a recently divorced woman used to having money, loses everything and has an urgent need to earn money in order to survive. Her previous work experience centred round pleasing her husband and organising his life in the frenetic world of the media. She realised that there was a market for the kinds of things she was good at and it was legal, just. Naughty yes. Sexually orientated, definitely. Tanya knew from personal experience that helping people to unmask was a good thing.

Tanya’s big idea would allow her to meet people like her who secretly didn’t fit into the world for some reason, using what she called Therapeutic Respite, providing personal assistance to clients, in whatever form they needed, provided it was legal. The instinct to survive, to cope with whatever life throws at us is strong, and when she was dumped by her minor celebrity husband, the arrogant, ex professional footballer Danny Armstrong, Tanya needed to dig deep into her reserves and fend for herself.

Old contacts from the world of media assist her with her ‘big idea’ – turn a spare room into a theme room and offer bespoke services. Paying clients unleash their real selves to ‘ Delith’. Delith earned the money for services rendered and Tanya managed the business. Therapeutic Respite offered a safe place where everyday masks were removed and they could be themselves.

Targeted Audience: adults

Author Bio:
Not your average author. I write in several genres but all my books concentrate as much on the characters as the story.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Everyone has problems and some can only be helped in a very special way. Unmasked tells the story of Therapeutic Respite and why Tanya decided she could make her bespoke sexual service work. Everyone needs to unmask sometimes.

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