Under The Tutelage of Dr. Landen by Kiera X. Tacey

What’s a girl to do when her world spins out of control?

Vanessa’s best friend suggests she a therapist when it’s revealed that she’s never experienced the Big ‘O’. Begrudgingly, she agrees to go. What’s the harm, right? That’s until she trips right into the arms of Dr. Landen – a tall, dark and distractingly handsome man who seems very happy to help her achieve her objective.

But life throws a curveball that keeps them apart and Vanessa is forced to go on a journey of self-discovery without the good Dr’s assistance. A chance encounter much later reignites the flames and creates the way for a relationship that’s intoxicatingly sexy. However, someone out there has dangerous plans for Vanessa that could get in the way of her happiness. Will Vanessa overcome the cruel intentions set to hamper her mission to fulfillment and happiness?

Delve into Under The Tutelage of Dr. Landen to explore this sizzling hot new series today!

Targeted Audience: Mature (21 and older)

Author Bio:
Kiera X. Tacey grew up writing about everything she could think of and continues to do so. When she's not glued to her laptop, cranking out new tomes, she's ticking global destinations off her bucket list (or trying to, at least). Travel helps her create even more stories mentioning lovely and intoxicating locations. If only it wasn't so costly.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Believe it or not, I saw an ad on Facebook for an app to help men perform cunnilingus better. It was a comedy/joke, but that got me thinking about a woman who had never experienced an orgasm and what would it take to get her there.

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