The Other Side of Anne by Kelly Stuart

The-Other-Side-of-Anne-WEBSITE-USETudor historian Avery Franklin is horrified when his dying father leaves him a most unusual inheritance: Anne Boleyn. Yes, that Anne Boleyn, beheaded queen of Henry VIII. She is a time traveler and is struggling to adjust to the modern world.

Avery tells himself that he has no time for Anne, but then he finds out a secret about himself that leads him to take Anne in. They try to develop a tentative friendship despite fighting their attraction to each other. Can they figure out their lives together, especially when time might be running out for Anne?

Targeted Audience: romance and sci fi fans

Author Bio:
Kelly Stuart has been writing since she was a wee lass. Her B.A. is in English writing, her M.S. in deaf education. She enjoys writing about “gray” issues.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I love history and the Tudors. After reading several books on them, I knew I had to write something about one of the Tudors.

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