Queenie’s Teapot by Carolyn Steele

A post-Brexit, post-Trump romp through the world of what-if…
In a world where democracy has been declared no longer fit for purpose, a cohort of randomly selected British Republic citizens receive their call to serve in parliament. As the strangers gather to learn their tasks for the next three years, the Cabinet Support Team try to fit jobs to skills—but Queenie can’t do nuffin’. Naturally she becomes head of state. Together the new government muddles through, tackling unrest on the streets and a spot of global bioterrorism in addition to their own journeys of self-discovery.

Targeted Audience: 21 – 80

Author Bio:
Carolyn has been a psychologist, a paramedic, a proof reader, a patisseur and several other things, not all of them beginning with P. A trucker, for example. She began writing the day she decided to try and see the world…doing both just to find out if she could. When excerpts from her first travelogue were published by the Rough Guides she decided to keep on doing both. It made a change from teaching CPR to nightclub bouncers and designing wedding cakes.
Carolyn maintains that she is either multi-faceted or easily bored, depending on who is enquiring.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Queenie's Teapot is a combination of two ideas, one that's been rattling
around in my head for years and one that occurred to me in the queue to
check out of a grocery store. I've long maintained, mostly late at night
after too much to drink, that politics is self defeating in that the people
who want to run things are the last ones you should trust to do it. 'Make it
like jury service' I'd announce. 'Pick people at random, they couldn't do
any worse.' Then I watched a lovely older lady at the checkout one day,
chatting and joking with all her customers and I wondered what would happen
to her when the machines finally took over completely. So, the story is a
'what-if?' about a world where democracy has been dumped for random
selection, and our protagonist is, of course, a lovely old checkout chick
who was made redundant by a machine.

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Thirty Days Have September by Bibi Paterson

Cover 30DHSSet in London and Brighton, Thirty Days is a fabulously provocative romance that gives you a very steamy love affair between a hot guy and an unsure heroine, baked goods and some rather unexpected twists and turns along the way.

“I try to think of what I felt like before I met Taylor, but it is as if that girl no longer exists.”

Shy and unassuming, Abigail James loves to bake. She dreams of opening her own dessert café but instead she spends her days working as a data analyst and sneaking in her cakes as the company’s ‘diet assassin’ on the side. Taylor Hudson, the enigmatic owner of Hudson International, has been captivated by Abby’s innocence and quiet charm since the day she started working for the company. However, his history with women is marred by personal circumstances and he has vowed to stay away.

A chance meeting sees Abby’s world turned upside down when, drawn in by Taylor’s chocolate brown eyes and unexpected kindness, she starts on a journey of attraction that will see her heart and soul laid bare. While their attraction is mutual, both Abby and Taylor have their own inner demons that they need to overcome if their relationship can move forward for them to find their own happily ever after.

Due to the nature of the content this book is intended for mature audiences.

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
I am a former marketing executive and mum to a gorgeous little girl currently residing just north of London. I recently spent a year living it up on the beaches of Western Australia and my hobbies include consuming copious amounts of coffee and chocolate, building cardboard castles and creating stories in my head.

Inspired from a young age, my love for literature started with Enid Blyton and her Secret Seven. Since then a voracious appetite for books has brought my a world full of heroes, love, murder, betrayal and the odd vampire thrown in for good cause.

Having long admired those brave enough to put pen to paper, or in this modern age of computing, keyboard to screen, I have finally found the stories that I am brave enough to tell.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I have always made up stories in my head, right from when I was a little girl, but have never had the opportunity to sit down and immerse myself. After our return from spending a year in Australia, I found myself in a position of suddenly having the luxury of time. Abby and Taylor’s story had been rattling around in my brain for about six months and then, finally, I had the opportunity to sit down and write it out.

Whilst Thirty Days is a work of fiction, there are many emotions and scenarios that have played out in my own life. Having an outlet to work through these, even just on paper, has helped me maintain my own sanity.

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Fame Games- The Escape by Ali Stetson

photo-3Lahnna Kris is a world famous pop star but with her 30th birthday fast approaching and, as she stands on the brink of a year off, it’s time for her to re-think her life plan. Back home in England, surrounded by her family, she begins to re-acquaint herself with old friends and their ‘real life’ problems and realises that she too needs to start laying down some roots. The problem that Lahnna faces is, ‘how do you quit a job, when you are your job’?

Having seen many celebrities attempt the retreat from fame only to end up drawing more attention to themselves, Lahnna concocts a plan that will not only see her stepping out of the spotlight but see Stacey, her body double, stepping firmly into it.

Targeted Audience: 25-45

Author Bio:
Ali Stetson now lives in middle England with her family. She writes short stories, flash fiction and articles but her novels are where her true passion lies.

“I like ‘easy-reads’ and light hearted novels where you can escape to another place and forget about the everyday pressures that sometimes become overwhelming. I escape into my own world when I’m writing and it’s exciting to share that world with others.”

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The idea of celebrity fascinates me. I have spent a little time in this industry working as a PA and it always amazed me how manipulated celebrities lives are. They seem to have the freedom to do whatever they want but from what i could see the more well-known they were around the world, the smaller their own world became. Friendship circles had to be very tight, going out had to be planned to the minute and finding love and spontaneity in this environment is almost impossible. I often wondered how i might handle that situation which is what led me to write this book as my way of exploring what i might do if it were me.

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The Love Spell by Heath Buckley

LoveSpell-CoverTake four modern day Wicca witches, a new neighbour with marriage difficulties, an unspoken affair and a triple strength customised spell that goes wildly out of control and you have the ingredients for a funny, fast paced drama comedy called ‘The Love Spell’ from local writer Heath Buckley.
Marjorie, Anita, Francis and Dorothy are four best friends who share a secret; they are modern day witches and the leaders of a coven in the leafy London suburb of Oak Dale.
With a major festival approaching, their lives are turned upside down with the arrival of new neighbours who present them with a dilemma that will change everything.
The women have an incident in the past to atone for and so they decide to act the only way they know how with unexpected consequences that will touch them all.
As if that was not enough they must resolve the situation before Halloween and stop a national newspaper reporter from exposing them all in this hilarious tale of friendship, redemption and above all, love.

Targeted Audience: For women who want a cool fun book with strong characters and a good story

Author Bio:
My name is Heath Buckley and I have written for as long as I can remember. I was born in 1968 and creative writing started in childhood with a love for words and literature and grew into a profession – I was a journalist for many years winning several awards for my work on various UK magazines.
As I grew and my interests expanded into politics and current affairs, both in the United Kingdom and abroad, then so did the subject of my writing. I write the kind of books that I like to read – fast paced thrillers that have both a familiar British and personal characteristic and an international perspective. I write books with strong characters immersed in bold storylines and they are, as far as it is possible to do so when writing fiction, based in reality.
It is said that everybody has at least one book in them, one conscious string of imagination and creativity that can be translated into words and sentences and paragraphs with characters and a story – I have a lot more than one and I look forward to readers finding them on this platform.
I have presented my books before many paper publishers over the years without success and yet here on Kindle what is great is that it is the public and the marketplace that decides what works and what doesn’t.
I live in London, one of the most dynamic cities in the world and a location famous across the world. I use it all the time in my books and I love it.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
This was certainly one of those books where the characters came before the story. Marjorie, Anita, Francis and Dorothy are very individual women and whilst they were fully formed in my mind, the environment in which they would come to life took a while to present itself.
I wanted to write a book about a group of strong minded, diverse and compassionate women whose characteristics readers would be able to identify with. Their back stories grew and grew the more I thought about them but I have no idea where the idea of the coven and the central theme originated from. It was probably a passing comment or perhaps it was the feeling that there had to be more to these women than the comfortable suburban world that I had created for them.
I will confess immediately that I have had no experience of witchcraft in any of the many and diverse ways in which it is practiced and so this presented me with an obvious challenge. I am also sure that I have made mistakes concerning some of the Craft’s practices, and for these I unreservedly apologise. The Coven Confederation and the Wicca World Authority are entirely my creation and the events and characters in the book are, of course, fictitious.
However, it only takes a short trawl on the internet to discover that the Craft is alive and well throughout the world.
I have tried to write a funny, interesting and entertaining book and I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. And remember you can always contact me via my Facebook page or by email at heath_buckley@hotmail.com. Also my Amazon Author Central page is: https://www.amazon.com/author/heathbuckley.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Heath Buckley
London June 2013

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