Write On! – The Writer’s Help Book by Adrian Magson

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‘WRITE ON! – The Writer’s Help Book’ is written as a source of encouragement for those new to writing, a reminder and lift-me-up, should they feel the need, for those of a more experienced bent. It is not a technical guide to the finer points of grammar, syntax or punctuation, but deals with the various stages of getting the words out of the wood and down on the paper, from the tentative beginnings right through to THE END.

An edited collection of my articles from the ‘Beginners’ pages of WRITING Magazine, I hope this book inspires, encourages, fires up, unblocks and cajoles, from hopeful start to triumphant, rampaging finish, helping scribes of all kinds to write rather than staring defeat in its dark, unwholesome face and downing their own bodyweight in black coffee, alcohol and biscuits.

Starting out or starting up
Keeping it going
Kick-starting your mojo
Ideas and how to get them
Writer’s block… or not?
Problem solving
You as a writer
General writing stuff
Quality control
Submitting your work

Targeted Audience: writers, authors

Author Bio:
Adrian Magson is the author of 14 crime/thriller novels and many short stories and articles. His latest novels are ‘Execution’ (Severn House – May 2013), 5th in the Harry Tate spy series, and ‘Death at the Clos du Lac’ (Allison &Busby), 4th in the Inspector Lucas Rocco series. A regular reviewer for Shots Magazine, he writes the ‘Beginners’ and ‘New Author’ pages for Writing Magazine, and is the author of ‘Write On! – The Writer’s Help Book’ (Accent Press).

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I spent many years learning how to write, trying plays, poems, radio comedy, slogans on t-shirts, slogans on beer mats – and having lots and lots of short stories published, until I finally got my first book deal. During this time I was invited to write a regular monthly column in the UK’s Writing Magazine, which I called ‘Beginners’. It was – and is – a guide to getting down and DOING IT. No navel gazing, no tricks, no smoke or mirrors – simply sitting down and writing. Because until you’ve tried, you can’t know if you can do it or not.

All of it is from lessons learned, tips collected and tried, and lots and lots of experience. But hell, if I can do it…

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