Dancing Backward by Thomas Lavalle

Kelly was rich, beautiful, spoiled and born bossy. For Christopher, she’d decided that absolute submission to her will was the destiny he secretly craved. In any case, it was the destiny he was going to get.
From the moment Chris sees Kelly across the dance floor, he is as helpless as a marionette in her hands…
At a distance, she was impressive; close-up she was lethal. She reminded Chris of Tinker Bell all grown up, with her pixie-cut, white-blonde hair and a tight-cinched lime sweater dress that emphasized reckless curves above and below…
“I’m looking for a guy who will follow my lead—not only on the dance floor, but in all things. How do you feel about that?”
Little does Chris dream what lies in store for him when Kelly makes him her dancing partner — that this is only the first baby step in what will be a prolonged descent into complete and utter submission.

Targeted Audience: Adults who enjoy playful female dominance

Author Bio:
I used to think I was the only guy with a superior wife. Gradually, then, I started noticing that all the other wives in our social circle were also superior to their husbands–far superior–in all the ways that really mattered: charm, grace, social sense, common sense, judgment, wisdom, spirituality, financial acumen, playfulness, dependability, nurturing–you name it!
Gradually the obvious truth dawned–that women are simply the superior sex. I have now learned to celebrate this revelation in every way that I can and to take my proper place proudly at the feet of our ruling goddesses. DANCING BACKWARD is my small fictional and fanciful tribute to female supremacy, and I hope to add future titles in the coming months.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Dancing Backward is a product of a submissively fevered imagination, and that I have been beset by such erotic imaginings from the age of 4. All through my boyhood and adolescence, I have had fantasies of surrendering to and serving the goddess-like girls in my school classes or in extracurricular activities. In fact, these fantasies have continued throughout my adult years, though I do my best to pretend to be "normal," whatever that is!

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