Mission: Is Possible (For Your As Only) by Felicity Bond

Move over James Bond. This girl knows how to handle a piece.

Always a full load and never half-cocked.

Someone has kidnapped four beautiful high profile billionaire’s daughters. Using blackmail to influence the vote at the next OPEC summit.

Amanda Martin is the stunning agent sent to find who is responsible and bring the girls back alive.

Follow her on her first complete, full-length adventure for Soft Pussy Publishing. And we mean full-length.

This book contains strong alpha women, hot men, and graphic sexual situations. If this is not something you enjoy, then ‘Mission: Is Possible (For Your Ass Only)’ may not be for you. If you like humorous and sex-fueled international romps then you are in for the ride of a lifetime!

Targeted Audience: Female 21+

Author Bio:
Felicity Bond is an Erotica Author from California. The first book in her collection: Mission: Is Possible (For Your As Only) is available now. Each book is a complete, full-length adventure featuring heroine Amanda Martin. Her adventures as a secret agent are sexy and thrilling. She will do whatever it takes to get the job done. The books are humorous and full of evil bad guys and crazy uber-villains.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Felicity Bond's inspiration comes from a love of all things spy related. Felicity has taken the standard spy adventure and flipped it on its head. Sexier and filled with tongue-in-cheek humor and alpha lady Amanda Martin. Look out for more adventures from the modern-day tough and sexy agent.

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