His Sexy Little Bitch by Samantha Ashley

Do you have a dream?
Amber believed her dreams got fulfilled when she quit her Lawyer career and became a professional photo model, always having her life filled with fun and excitement.

But when she has to face the cold reality of having to pay off her student loan in a very short amount of time, she is prepared to do anything for it.

Her co-worker tries to be helpful, by referring her to her wealthy cousin Ian, who is supposed to hire Amber as his new lawyer. But instead, he has in mind much dirtier job, Amber agrees on almost immediately.

In just a few short days, she is swept into the world of domination and submission, serving as Ian’s new sex toy. Her life gets turned over, when she realises, she now has her own forbidden dreams, filled with loads of hot, hardcore sex.

Will Amber be able to handle her newly discovered lust?

His Sexy Little Bitch is extremely hot erotic BDSM anal stand-alone!

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
Samantha Ashley is a naughty girl, always ready for a new adventure. She loves to experiment with new things and meeting new people. She also strongly believes sex is something nobody should be ashamed of.

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