The Love Prisoner by Margaret Singh Punj

Amaira… the perfect example of beauty with brains. She is like the fierce warrior princess who will die but never give up. But lately the world has turned upside down for her. She wants to be a theatre artist but when her family doesn’t approve she lands up with a call centre job. She has chosen a path for her which she hates walking and yet walks each day with a stubborn fighter spirit. And here, at the call centre she meets Adrian, one who has traits no less than a mighty warrior Prince…A filthy rich and a hot bachelor. When two big egos clash, war is inevitable. And thus follows a series of sweet and sour and sometimes ugly confrontations. He loves her. He is possessive. She loves him, but does not realize it. As the story unfolds, their relationship status changes from being enemies, to friends, to I-don’t-know-who-you-are, to love. Will Adrian put aside his ego and go down on his knees to propose Amaira? Will Amaira follow the path of love? Who gives up first to fall in love? Is there hope amongst all the chaos and emotional roller coaster? Who will surrender to be the ultimate love prisoner…

Targeted Audience: 21-35

Author Bio:
Margaret Singh Punj an Educationalist, a soft skills trainer, a motivational speaker is also the owner of The Winner’s Academy, a coaching institute for IELTS. She is also the co-author for the help book—“Communication Skills and Personality Development”, which also served as the course book for the syllabus of the subject Communication Skills under Masters Of education, Punjabi University ,Patiala(2015). She is currently mentoring an online course for University of London at Coursera.
Margaret has been a multitalented and a multitasker since childhood. This is why she has more than a hundred certificates speaking on her behalf for her participation and winning streak at various school, inter school and inter college level competitions. She also represents Haryana as the Ambassador of integration for the National Organisation ‘Nehru Bal Sangh’
Her Academic career stands par excellence as she holds first position with 83% in B.Ed. at her college. And beating her own record she topped Punjabi University Patiala M.Ed. department with 90% .
Margaret Singh Punj is married and a mother to a five year old son, Aaric who quietly seems to be following his mother’s footsteps.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
My husband! He is my muse, my friend, my mentor and my toughest critic. Brutal actually.

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