Partially Broken Never Destroyed by Nataisha T Hill

Kayla starts a lustful affair with a sexy and intriguing new lover. Even though he has skeletons in his closet, Kayla can’t control the passion that yearns for him.

She also notices jealousy issues with her roommate who becomes a never-ending nightmare. She tries to move on in her life without drama, but trouble seems to follow her even at her successes.

Kayla is carrying a huge secret that haunts her and she knows she will have to deal with it at some point. Her life is in danger as she continues to associate herself with people who carry demons.
In a crazy twist, she ends up discovering she has her own demons.
Kayla’s unresolved issues lead to part II “Partially Broken Never Destroyed 2”.

Targeted Audience: adult women

Author Bio:
My name is Nataisha T Hill and I am the author of a suspense series called “Partially Broken Never Destroyed. It’s a hot and steamy women’s fiction series with romance, lies, deception, and a few twist and turns. There are four parts to this series. I have also released a few self-help books and a relationship guide.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
There are women that I personally know who have or have known someone to go through similar situations such as Kayla. There also are women out in the world who are actually in the process of going through one or more of these situations. Kayla is the typical single woman in search of a good man to settle down with, marry, and have kids. She has a good heart and wants the “ideal” romance badly enough to believe in men even when obvious signs of deception are there.

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Here Comes Trouble by Natalie Acres

me-na-ttp-herecomestrouble-1Ellie Hunter wasn’t looking for a protector, but she definitely wanted a place to lay low and hide. Divorced from her abusive husband for over six months, Ellie goes to Trouble’s gates as a last resort after her ex pays her a “final” visit.

Allister McCall, Ryan Thomas, Derek Swinney, and Bradley Powers have known Ellie for the better part of their lives and the memory of sharing her is stamped in their minds. When Ellie arrives in small town Trouble, the men jump to all sorts of illicit assumptions.

Once Ellie reconnects with Allister, Ryan, Derek, and Bradley, Ellie’s life is seemingly complete, assuming her ex-husband will let her live in peace. With Navy SEALs training behind them, Ellie’s men are confident Ellie’s ex will finally let her go but if he refuses there will be hell to pay. One way or another, four men will ensure Ellie is protected, loved, cherished, honored, and adored.

Targeted Audience: Over 21–Adults Only

Author Bio:
Natalie Acres is the author of several bestselling titles including Cowboy Boots and Untamed Hearts, Sex Party, Sex Games and Wanted by Outlaws. Her latest novels, Sex Retreat and Sex Slave are now available at Amazon. These two novels are the newest additions to the popular Siren Publishing series, Cowboy Sex.

For those of you who love shifters, check out the quirky novella, IMPRINTS, a historical wolf-shifter BDSM novella with some interesting gadgets from the Wild Wild West.

Natalie lives in East Tennessee with her daughter and husband. Her son is serving in the United States Navy.

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Robert Manis The Carnal Conspiracies by James Lee Nathan III

title_pageThe future has never looked this daunting. When sex becomes easy love is lost. Imagine a world without sexually transmitted diseases, as long as the inhabitants ingest a pill once a month for the rest of their lives. Here is the complex yet simple truth of the world in 2110. Where a super drug Nomescula, emerges as the new spice for the remaining civilized Peoples. This drug in 20 years has wiped out all sexually transmitted diseases, cured AIDS but also increases population by 15%. Unbridled sex led to unwanted pregnancies, which in turn led to abortions or abandoned children (The Forgotten). With promiscuity abound many have left their morals by the way side, forcing legislatures across the globe to enact various Carnal Control laws. These laws segregate single and married people but open the door for criminal elements to offer sexual liaisons to all who can afford them. New types of crime emerge, Love Control is one of those illegal activities that quickly alarms the NU FBI. As the power of Love Control grows they seek to not only restrict the access of Nomescula, but to absolutely control those left in its wake as well. Their pursuit of political influence and Pulse weaponry make them a menace to society. However their abduction of the Vice Presidents daughter takes their diabolical machinations to another level. Enter Robert Manis, independent consultant to the NU FBI. Robert’s mission will be to subdue these criminal elements wherever he finds them, in a quest to save the VPs daughter, and seek his own retribution in the process. Political intrigue, seduction, sadism, deviant debauchery, espionage, and ritual killings will stand in his way, but Robert Manis is perfect for this time and especially this mission. He has 72 hours to acquire the daughter before the kidnappers go public with an incriminating video of the daughter and members of the cabinet engaged in various sexual acts. Robert Manis has two clear orders; get the girl; and of the rest “Kill them ALL.”

Targeted Audience: adults 21-40, who like a little action, scifi, and mystery with their EROTICA

Author Bio:
The number 1 bestselling author of erotic crime dramas on;James Lee Nathan III was born grew up in Corona and East Elmhurst and graduated from the HS of Art and Design in 1979. He entered the US Air Force shortly thereafter,serving 20 years and retired in 1999. He was stationed overseas for 18 of the 20 years and has been to 40 states and 10 different countries. He loves pugs, jazz, beer, and the company of an intelligent and pretty woman. James is single and resides in Severn, Maryland.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I have always loved the troubled hero archetype. Robert Manis is that and so much more. I wanted to create a world where sexual commerce is more of the norm and if that is plausible, then what type of government and society would we have? Who would reign in the sex cartels to ensure that they did not become too powerful and their political influence kept in check?
There had to be a special type of person; part Bond, some Bourne, a sensually dominant male with a whole lot of complicated emotional baggage. BAM… Robert Manis.

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